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“It’s a sodding cocktail!” January 19, 2006

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“Coffee in, effort out. Now repeat!” That was me yesterday on MSN. Today it’s “Money in, worries out!”. Alhamdulillah my bank account is as of this moment recovering from a severe thrombosis. Thrombosis due to a money clot at the cash point machine. Yes, it was so bad that it got to the point where my debit card was just as good as another piece of cardboard. So,what’s a girl to do? A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. And that is, use her credit card instead! Bertuah punya budak. Haha. Now I’m okay. And I hope I’ll stay that way in three months to come. Amin.

My life’s regaining its colours, now that essays and tutorials are out of the way. For the next two weeks when my fellow University mates will be sitting for their exams, I’ll be cruising in and out of the lecture halls merely attending career programmes which to my relief do not require any preparations whatsoever. So basically I’m quite the lucky bitch here. Haha. Anyone fancy a trip to Soton? Let me know okayy! Lela is coming this weekend insyaAllah. So yay!

My YM sessions with my football trainer have become more and more…I don’t know, educational? motivational? Whenever he says stuff like “Can I pull this off?” or “I’m scared”, I’ll go “The best way to predict the future is to invent it -Alan Kay-“. Or “If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you can’t solve it, then what is the use of worrying?-Shantideva-”

Yeah, kinda in a quote craze. Have to be supportive la right? And whaddaya know. The table’s turned now. I buzzed him saying, “Should I make coffee and finish the cases or should I sleep early and wake up early tomorrow and do it?”. And guess what he said?

Foy : “Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Whoaaaaaa. Somebody has learned to find his own quotes! Haha. Another one.
Jid : Malasnyee. (Sarah : I’m so lazy)

Foy : “Success is often hardwork rather than talent.”

Ehcece. Dah lawan tauke nampak.(he’s beaten me)

Despite the exam fever, my flatmate Sarah is still having a good time. Yesterday she went out to this pub quiz and in the middle of the quiz she received a text from her ex-boyfriend. The whole thing is so funny. I’ll just copy and paste our conversation on MSN.

Wait, how do u do that? I can’t seem to paste it. Oh, sod it. I’ll type it out. See, the extent I would go for you people. 😛

Here goes,

“omg – alex text me earlier asking me what i was up to and i had this cocktail called “sex on the sofa” so i said i was having sex on the sofa and he text back saying “are u kidding me?” and i said “well i’m not now but i was earlier. I’ve finished now.” and he thought i was actually texting him i was having it. I text him back saying “it’s a sodding cocktail – do u really think i’d be doing that in the middle of a pub quiz? and he didn’t” LOL!!!
You see, you see what men are like? What did your mum tell you? Only the truth!!

Next time Sarah, save the man from an early heart attack will ya?


2 Responses to ““It’s a sodding cocktail!””

  1. Sarah Says:

    Ha ha ha ha. I promise I am doing work at the same time as confusing males and losing pub quiz’s!!! Seriously though – goes to show what he thinks of me really doesn’t it! Which…I feel has to be added…is NOT what I’m like at all! I’m a good girl who behaves herself!! (Most the time!!) And any heart attacks would be his own fault for thinking bad of me! Karma…or something like that! (I do have a heart somewhere!)

  2. jido Says:

    Sarah – Honey, you don’t need to justify yourself. I already love you the way you are. *smooch* haha.

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