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Serious stuff January 21, 2006

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The Jews are our enemies, am I right? That’s what I’ve been told all this while. I’m not so sure whether the people who have told me such things actually knew what they were talking about. Because I have just discovered that there are great differences between the Jews, Judaism, and the Zionists. And to mix them up all together and to treat them as a single entity is, I must say, a very broad generalisation. And I absolutely hate generalisations! Why do u think that most people in this world perceive us Muslims as terrorists? It is because of this very narrow minded way of thinking. It is because they are ignorant to the precepts of Islam. Don’t mind them, what about us? We’re doing the exact same thing to the Jews. I’m not saying that we should all be more sympathethic towards the very race which is trying to disrupt us. It’s just that it bothers me that our hostilities aren’t supported with valid reasons. Are we even supposed to be hostile at all? I’m not sure myself as my knowledge is very limited. To make it worse, it’s been shadowed by vague explanations of why we should “hate” the Jews.
The very people whom we should be careful of are the Zionists. Not all Jews are Zionists. Zionism is an ideology. Judaism is the religion of the Jews. Jew is the race. You tell me what religion preaches its followers to look down on other human beings as “two-legged animals” and therefore not fit to inhabit the world? None comes to mind am I right? Even the rabid Jews are against this very ideology. The massacres of the Palestinians and the tortures brought onto them are the works of the Zionists. They are the conniving bastards. Not all Jews come under this category. Eventhough the Torah had been desecrated by the works of the Jewish forefathers, it still preaches peace and harmony and does not legitimise the killings of innocent lives (I’ve been told the opposite before).
That’s why it struck me odd when some people say that the Jews were born to be evil. What?!! Oh yes, I’ve heard this so many times before and it just doesn’t make sense. I myself have once used this theory to explain it to my mum why the Jews are thought to be so evil. And poor mum went “oooohhh, macam tu ye”.

All this is what I surmise from a video in Harun Yahya’s website which my football trainer found after spending so much time in his room due to his leg injury. See, a blessing in disguise. 🙂 The video breaks my heart. It shows all the happenings the Palestinians went through during the wars. The video is quite graphical,so if you don’t have a strong stomache just listen to it. There are so many other interesting videos on the website; there’s this one on the end of time and another one on the secret behind matter (very mind boggling though). The videos have made me realise why we were born into this world after all. This world is just like a tree in a long journey to another place. We stop and rest for a little bit under the tree and then we go on. Do you see just how short it is?

Having said that, I have to say that I am not very knowledgable in this area. I’m far from being knowlegable. So don’t judge me as someone who is trying to show of her godliness for I’m not. You know how things like this can sound so poyo and everything. I’m just passing on what I think people should know(if you don’t know about it already that is). And do correct me if i’m wrong on any of the things I’ve written. Harun Yahya’s website is worth your time and God bless him for such an amazing work!


17 Responses to “Serious stuff”

  1. erin Says:

    hmm…i baca ur post baru i perasan..tapi kan actually sama je la cam muslims yang berjihad sampai tahap bunuh orang kan?yang cam kat iraq tu kan?hmm..tu la jid..dunia nak qiamat..hey! u buat apa je weekends?i got test tomorrow!! (>____

  2. jido Says:

    erin – i tgh sakit perut now! gastric. that’s y tak tido lg. nway, ape yg sama ngan org kat iraq tu? sorry, pagi2 slow sket. lel’s coming on sunday. so will be bringing her around town. all the best for your test tomorrow! u can do it!

  3. honorable_eye Says:

    askum. I’ve watched almost all his videos. Yupp…They are all great plus you can download them for free. They are basically documentary based islamic films. Help to widen your knowledge & mind a lot.

    Mainly about nature, prophecies, ideologies (such as darwinism, communism, nazism, satanism etc…) plus the story of the perished nations (this film shows peninggalan sejarah yg mmg sebijik being told in the Quran. Even the archeologists rujuk Quran to find out about these nations. I remember about this one nation, called Pompei. They are homosexuals. The archeologists found out that all the bodies were well preserved. We can tell what they were doing when the slow flowing lava came. Many of them sedang melakukan zina, some tgh makan, some tgh tidur, some with expression terkejut & etc. Azab from God was so sudden sampai diorg tak sedar & tak sempat nak lari pun. Hence God preserved their bodies so that will be a lesson to the next generations, i.e. us).

    But above all, by watching all these, make us becoming closer to our Lord, (God’s willing) the greatest creator of all creations. Worth to watch all these films rather than watching somethg yg tak berfaedah I guess=)

  4. honorable_eye Says:

    erkkk…sorry bagi comment lebey2…mcm buat satu entry lak =)

  5. jido Says:

    ainun – you can go on writing as long as u wish my dear! I want to see the one on Pompei lah. Bunyi mcm menggegarkan! Adoi, sakit perut lagi…

  6. sherot Says:

    I’m quite confused about the Jews as well . Orang asek cakap the Jews are bad sampai subconciously we actually believe that is true. And kalau jumpe a Jew mesti ada this uneasy feeling. That’s bad, huh? I thought Islam always encourage us to husnu’zon(berbaik sangka). Yang kelakarnye ada gak orang yang blame EVERYTHING on orang Yahudi. I think most of the Jews have better things to do.

  7. jido Says:

    Sherot – Are u still confused now? Hopefully not! 🙂

  8. adam Says:

    jews arent bad. thats just a stereotype they have in malaysia. dont think they feel the same way at other places. if im not mistaken (i’m not mistaken 😀 ), the jews and muslims lived together when the christians were slaughtering the jews back in the dark ages. they contained the jews in the slums and the jews werent allowed to travel to other places besides the dark alleys.

    things have changed now, we see the jews oppressing the palestinian muslims over in the middle east and thus, the stereotype of ‘hating’ jews comes back. what we should be really hating isnt the jews… but instead we should hate occupiers. whether it be jews, rwandanians? or other races we should always go against the stronger bullying the weak.

    whoa. cam tulis karangan la plak. good game.

  9. jido Says:

    Thanks for sharing adam!( I don’t know any other Adams, so I’m guessing it’s cik kinut’s Adam) Yeap, come to think of it I’ve only heard from the Malays about this Jews-hating thing. And as for going anti-whatever. You’re right, not just the Jewish occupiers per se, but the other bullies too.

  10. honorable_eye Says:

    I think people have debated much on whether jews are bad or not. Different people look at things differently because we are what our surroundings have taught us.

    Looking at this issue in the perspective of Islam, Allah has stated in the Quran about the Jews (mainly in the second chapter), who once had been preferred by God to the mankind and jinn [2:47]. But unfortunetaly they turned away from Islam, hence they are referred in Al-Fatihah (1st chapter) as those who earned God’s anger [1:6]. Only then God replaced them with the people of the prophet Muhammad. In conclusion, Jews are regarded in the Koran as bad because they broke their covenant with Lord. Even after all the favours that God had bestowed upon them, they did turn away from God. (The Koran tells about the Jews in great details). Hence “God has cursed them for their disbelief” [2:88]

    Eventhough they are the cursed ones like all other disbelievers, doesn’t mean that we should treat them with evil. In fact in the Koran;

    [22:40] They were evicted from their homes unjustly, for no reason other than saying, “Our Lord is GOD.” If it were not for GOD’s supporting of some people against others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and masjids-where the name of GOD is commemorated frequently- would have been destroyed. Absolutely, GOD supports those who support Him. GOD is Powerful, Almighty.
    [22:40] orang2 yg telah diusir dari kg halaman mereka tanpa alasan yg benar, kecuali kerana mereka berkata,” Tuhan kami hanyalah Allah”. DAN SEKIRANYA TIADA ALLAH MENOLAK (KEGANASAN) SEBAHAGIAN MANUSIA DGN SEBAHAGIAN YG LAIN, TENTULAH TELAH DIROBOHKAN BIARA2 NASRANI, GEREJA2, RUMAH IBADAT ORG YAHUDI & MASJID2, yg di dalamnya byk disebut nama Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah pasti menolong org yg menolong agamaNya. Sesungguhnya Allah benar2 maha kuat lagi maha perkasa.

    Hence mistreating the Jews or any other human being for no reason at all has no basis in Islam. In fact during the rulership of Islam on 2/3 of the world, each individual was let free to practice their own religion with condition that they had to pay jizyah (some form of tax) as stated in the Islamic law.

    On the other hand, looking at what is happening in Palestine right now, like what Jid said, they are the zionists who are oppressing the Muslims. & not all Jews are zionists.

    The Koran says;
    [22:39] Permission is granted to those who are being persecuted, since injustice has befallen them, and GOD is certainly able to support them
    (The above verse is the continuation of this verse)

    Hence this is the time when war towards people or specifically the opressors is justified.

    above all, setakat debating like this is not enough. What more important is to look at the issue of the palestinian as ours as well because the one who has been killed by the zionists is our own brother & sister. I’m not suggesting perang, but what we can do is to boycott brg2 Israel. They are using our money to buy bullets to kill our brothers & sisters. McD, KFC, Pizza Hut, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft etc…(boleh carik in the net) There are certain things yg mmg tak boleh elak nak boycott e.g. intel or MAS’s planes (otherwise we have to take kapal laut), but just do what we can. Carik alternatives. Tak akan mati pon if we don’t consume all that stuffs. We definitely don’t want to be one of the contributors to the murder our own brothers & sisters right?

    Sekian saja 2,3 patah comment from me. Jid, sorry again for a very looong comment…hehe…

  11. honorable_eye Says:

    err…to avoid any misconceptions, when i wrote ‘brg2 israel’ meaning all companies yg contribute to the zionist regime.

  12. adam Says:

    whoa hell no i’m boycotting ‘barang²’ israel. i don’t even know where to begin with. and all those companies you have stated have flourished in the muslim countries and also in israel. those companies have nothing to do with muslims or jews, they are doing their businesses, period. if you’re a consumer and you believe that they are making good products, or even better products than what muslims are making, then go ahead and buy them.

    zionist or not, those people in palestine are human beings. the war will never end until we compromise and they compromise.

    always put urselves in ones shoes. yes, we can’t say that any type of persecution is permittable. but look back and remember that the jews were slaughtered during the holocaust and they lost one million of their people. that doesn’t give them the right to attack and enter palestine, but at least try to find a compromise between each other.

    fighting is not the answer. and from a country whose independance was achieved through promises and black & white documents i believe thats the best way.

    ps: i might end up working for a jewish company so i’ll have to go against that statement. lol

  13. honorable_eye Says:


    Do you know when the war was actually started? It’s in the 1800s when the first group of Jewish immigrants came to Palestine. You said the war will end when we compromise & they compromise. So what about all the PLO stuffs & that? We were more than being kind to them by offering lands & peace talks in the first place. But they keep on slaughtering mankind happily. If they had once suffered doesn’t mean they have the rights to do evil, what more to the Muslims who are not responsible at all for the holocaust. Go attack the Nazis, not the Muslims!

    Just imagine someone comes to your house & suddenly he says that your house is his. How would you feel when someone just kicks you out from your very own house? But the Palestinians suffer even worst than that. And yet you said fighting is not the answer? When someone slaps you at your face for no reason, wouldn’t you slap his face back? And when we are being expelled from our land & being killed for no reason other than because we say that, “Our Lord is Allah”, then it’s under God’s permission (chapter 22, verse 39 & 40) to fight back.

    I was born in a country same as yours & I do learn history. But not in my understanding that our country gained her independence just like that. It was a very long series of fighting started since the era of the British occupation. What about Mat Kilau, Tok Janggut, Rentap, Mat Salleh, Force 136 who were among the warriors resisting the occupations? But even to say that Malaysia is an independent country is not totally true. Yes officially we’re an independent country, but where does the profits from our resources mainly go to? What about BP, Sime Darby etc? & what about our people nowadays who are westernizing themselves while leaving their religion behind? Yes, we’re an independent name, but definitely not geographically & mentally. This is the new form of occupation; they’re dominating us from far. Hence to say just like you said that the best way to gain independence is through promises & black & white documents is untrue.

    To boycott or not to boycott is your own choice. I’m studying in a western country where Jewish companies aren’t rare. I’m not blaming those companies contributing heavily to the Zionist regime for doing their business successfully. Even though their biz are flourishing & their products are better than any other (really? What about all the fast food & junks they’re selling) just like what you said, that doesn’t give a reason for us not to boycott their things. The fact is they’re providing funds for the regime. You don’t have to boycott if they aren’t. I am once a heavy consumer of many of these contributors’s stuffs but after gaining more understanding in the issue of the Palestinians & looking at the spirit of the local & international Muslims here as well, I was driven to boycott those things. It’s about a year now and here I am, still alive & survive! How to start is easy, just try to surf for ‘Boycott Israel’ & God’s willing you’ll find lots of websites offering the information.

    Worth to ponder: We always tend to forget that it is God who actually gives us the rezeki, not the institutions or individuals that we are working for. Working for an institution which supports terror on mankind, especially the Muslims, even though the institution offers the best position ever, doesn’t mean we’ll prosper in life. Even though we’ll do well, but what is more important is our fate in the HEREAFTER.

  14. adam Says:

    lol sorry jid. i’ve filled ur blog. maybe we’ll continue this debate later my honoroble friend.

  15. jido Says:

    honourable eye & adam – wahhhhh. i don’t know what to say. you two are definitely more learned than i am. all i know is that if i were in the same postion as the bedevilled people, i would really like it if everyone else who weren’t in the same helpless postion to help me get out of such situation. The victims to the injustice that we’ve been talking about must be thinking ” why aren’t people doing anything to help us? don’t they know what we’re going through?”. so, why aren’t we? don’t we know about it already? so, it’s up to u really. here’s one way to start : 🙂

  16. Bored Says:

    eh jidon..jom makan roti jala

  17. Ms AYu Says:

    wah wah..apekah ini smua… jom tgk jue..most beautiful women 😛

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