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Kids January 22, 2006

Filed under: Life oh life! — jido @ 2:27 am

It’s amazing how after a big argument your feelings for that other person can change from one extreme to the other. And how easily you can patch things up after that. Just sleep it off and when you wake up, it’s just like nothing had happened. Apologies become voluntary and the world for once is at peace with you. So to the people who are already divided into halves out there, stock up on the sleeping pills okay. They will prove to be handy when the time comes, trust me.

Called my niece yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. She’s just turned 4 but I can tell you that she speaks like a 6-yr-old. And there’s always the heart-breaking question which she’s never failed to ask me everytime I call, “Bila Acu nak balik?” (when are u coming home?). Uwaaaaa! I miss that cheeky monkey and the rest of the gang as well.

With me, there’s always a story isn’t there? Sooo, what now? I became their driver over the last summer. I was driving my cheeky niece and my handsome nephew back from their kindergarten. And on our way home, the car started to get all funny you know, all whimpery and purring. The car was new so there was no way it could’ve been the engine, I thought. So I stopped the car along the side of the road to check the tyres. And surprise, surprise, the front wheel on the left looked as if it had gone through a tyre shredder or something. Sweat glands activated. Then, to my utter disbelief my darling of a niece rolled down the window and said timidly to me, “Acu, Najla nak kencing” (I need the loo). I know, I know. Breathe in breathe out. “Don’t panic, everything’s going to be alright. Especially when you don’t have your handphone with you!!!” Before you start cussing me for being so lok-lak (stupid),can I just say that it was my first week home. So I didn’t have my own phone then. Not knowing what to do and not wanting my niece to pee at the side of the road or in the car, I drove the car home with the flattest tyre you could ever imagine seeing.

I wished the windows were tinted!!! Honks were blaring at me to alert me on the flat tyre. “Thank you very much but don’t you think that I would be very much aware of that already?!! So Shut up!!” Fortunately we were only 5 minutes away from home from where we stopped. All the way I kept telling my niece like a madwoman to hold it in for me. “Tahan kay Najla, please, tahan tau”. Gile kesian budak tu.

So, we reached home at last. A very embarassing journey I must say. The kids ran inside and I stayed outside to check on the rim. Thanked the Almighty for saving the rim and when I went inside I saw the very Najla who so wanted to pee playing merrily with her cousins ( I didn’t stay outside for long). “Najla, dah pergi toilet?”(have u been to the loo?) “oh, tak payah dah” (Nah, it’s ok don’t need it anymore).

I give you the liberty to draw your own conclusions. I have nothing to say except : Go learn how to jack a car and how to change the wheels.


7 Responses to “Kids”

  1. naaaa Says:

    so to all kaki tidor..sleep on…and the world will be as peaceful as the morning breeze…sleep on..and dream on.hehe..

  2. Sarah Says:

    Noooooooo I think the lesson here is ALWAYS have your phone with you and learn how to look pathetic yet irresistable to all the other people driving past, who will then take pity on you, stop and help! Not that that would happen here unless you were blonde…so you might want to add “buy a wig” to my original list!

  3. jido Says:

    naaaa – go to sleep lah you…haha

    Sarah – I object! If u knew how to change the wheels on your own, the problem would have been solved there n then with you coming out as the hero and not as the bimbo!

  4. erin Says:

    najlaa sangat comel n notty..sian aunty jid..hehehe

  5. shera Says:

    aku ingat cite nih!
    sure gelabah gila kan?
    i never experience that..huhuhu

  6. Sarah Says:

    Yeah…but I DON’T know how to do it (it didn’t come into the driving tests here until the day after I took mine!!!) so it would be a LOT easier to buy a wig rather than work out how to change tyres! I always go for the easy option! Lol.

  7. jido Says:

    Erin – SANGAT!!

    Shera – gelabah gila. mcm tak kenal Jid la kan. sentiasa la kelam!

    Sarah – It’s a blond wig and a Malay dictionary for your 21st then. Ha ha!

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