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Fish finger January 24, 2006

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So, this is how a cooked tip of a finger looks like eh? Yes, it’s my index finger. Just like you ordered; medium rare. How Jid? How could you have possibly…??? I know, even words fail you.
It was my first time making the creme caramel which I’ve been craving for since New Year. Since Lela said that she was coming, I thought it was the perfect time to make it. So Sherot came earlier to help me out. Halfway through making the caramelised sugar, in a trance-like motion (through Sherot’s view, haha I’m making this up) I dipped my finger into the pan of hot hot caramelised sugar. (I dipped my finger to get a taste of the caramel; to make sure that it didn’t taste burnt) Woii, ko nak mampus ke apa?!! The process of liquidising sugar without water obviously takes place at a very high temperature u fool. Solid to liquid. D’ohh!! My little finger didn’t even need to touch the bottom of the pan in order for it to get that albino look. So in the end, the helper became the master chef and a frozen bag of corn became my best friend (to help ease the pain by numbing the receptors). The creme caramel nevertheless turned out ok. It better did!!! I had to go get Lel from the train station carrying around a packet of frozen pitta bread. I wanted to stick with the bag of frozen corn but I decided that it wasn’t the best fashion accessory. Pitta bread is so much more fashionable anyway. Heh.

This cutie pie came on Sunday. The three of us laughed so much that night reminiscing our memories in good old Seri Puteri. A lot had to do with us getting caught breaking the school rules. Sherot who was once the school prefect obviously couldn’t contribute to our tale of lame reasons to the wardens . Haha.

Lela, lela. I’d forgotten how much fun we used to have together back in school coz we never hang out together properly nowadays kan? U know what she said to me on Monday morning? She woke me up and said, “Jid, jid, bangun. Kan nak bawak aku gi tengok pantai.” (Wake up Jid, I wanna go see the beach). Mana la plak aku nak gi cari pasir utk ko Lel kat sini. Haha. We’ll go to Brighton one day okay Lela. To be fair, I know Lela had meant that she actually wanted to see the dock but couldn’t find the right word at that time. But that didn’t stop me from reminding her of her mistake the whole day. We had great fun ‘touring’ the city in spite of the fact that we didn’t have our photographer with us (foy’s having his exams now, therefore he’s forgiven). Not gonna upload photos here as I’ve done that on Friendster.
Since I’d been ridiculing Lela over her ‘beach’ mistake, Lela had silently swore vengeance on me. Before going she asked me to write down the creme caramel recipe and as I was writing it for her she casually said, “Oh Jid, don’t forget to include in the instructions that I should dip my finger into the pan while the sugar is dissolving. U know in case it gets burnt or something.” Hardy har har Lel!

How long is this entry already?? I really need to start writing short short entries from now on. Remind me that the next time.


8 Responses to “Fish finger”

  1. naaaa Says:

    awwweee….kesiannyerr… time tak buat dah…alrite…
    take care..and im so proud of you…btw, thanks for the table lamp..hehe..

  2. Sarah Says:

    There’s only one word: dumbarse. I mean I think that was a new low – even for you! It’s not just the steel-headed kids we need to worry about now!

  3. jido Says:

    naaaa – no problem. you better study like mad with that lamp. I know u are already. hehe.

    Sarah – Yeah, i think i broke my own record there. nothing compares to this. U know what i need? An armor like the ones knights wore since i’m so prone to accidents. *sighs*

  4. natte' Says:

    jid!! this is the “lola’est” thing i’ve heard you done…EVER!! hahahah keep up the lola’ness, and I might lose a take care next time k?? haihhhhh jid.. jid..hahahahhah

  5. erin Says:

    wahhhhhh!!!sangat best ok!! lepak ngan friends…esp LELA and sherot!
    wahahahaha sure korang had a great time eh?jid~~ nak recipe creme caramel fish finger~~ hehehehehehe…

  6. shera Says:

    bila laaa aku leh rasa SOMETHING yg jid masak?
    biar beno aku kena g UK in order for me to rasa masakan jid? 😦

  7. sherot Says:

    As an eye witness, I would like to make a statement. ekekke.. Jid punye reaction towards the heat was quite delayed, so I thought either : the caramel just wasn’t hot enough or she must have the thickest skin in the world. I guess I was wrong either way. haha. Well, she just wanted to make sure the dessert was perfect, which it was 😀

  8. jido Says:

    natte – natte! u’re scaring me!!! haha.

    erin – lela said she’s joining the next annual sleep over at my house insyaAllah. so erin, start packing now!

    shera – memang tu purpose aku tak masak utk ko selama ni shera! alallala. next time balik kita main masak2 kay?

    sherot – U even said “kalau nak nangis, nangis lah JId”. hahaha. awwwww, thank u for such a praise. ehceceh, sbb dia buat la tuh dia puji. nyehehehe.

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