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Loving you January 26, 2006

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How I can have so much love for these midgets who are probably going to grow up hating me anyway is beyond me. That’s the latest photo of them that I have (during raya in our ‘kampung’ house in Muar). Kudos to my sister who emailed them to me. My family is not so much of the sentimental type. Therefore e-mailing pictures is a big thing to me. 🙂
Why do I say hate? Not to that extreme I suppose. They might dread seeing me when they’re older even though now they squeal at the mention of my name (haha, siapa kata Jid?). Isn’t that natural? I can so see them avoiding me when they reach that rebellious teenage stage. How long ago was that for me? 6-7 years already?! God, I feel so old! I know that’s going to happen because that was how I treated my aunts when I was a teenager. Although the circumstances are different seeing that my aunts are just about a coupla years older/younger than my mum, whereas I myself am nowhere near my sisters’ age (twins) but considering my penchant for nagging, I think I’ll go through the same fate. As cik kinut mentioned in her blog; it’s karma.(I can’t bloody comment on your blog!!)

So it’s good that I’ve put down on ‘paper’ that I love them, so that I could print this and show it to them when they’re at that stage. But then, they won’t be as cute and adorable as they are now when they reach that hate-Acu stage will they? So never mind. I’ll survive being disliked by a bunch of pimpled-face, instable hormones, rebellious striplings. Coz that feeling will be mutual! Hahaha. This is what you get from a spoiled aunt, my little darlings. So please don’t stop liking me! I’ll hate u back.

But still, I love them to pieces right this moment.

The cheeky one who pranked me on her need to pee is the first one from the left. Najla Farisha, u can count on her to do housework. She once asked my maid whether she could help mop the floor. You don’t usually expect that from a 3-year old!

The one next to her is Khayrin Aniqah Khan. You’ll be amazed by her very soft, gentle, delicate, tender demeanour. She has the softest and the most heart-melting voice, I swear! Her name does mean “Yang lembut lagi something”. can’t remember!

The one in the pink shirt is my bickering partner, Sofia Aneesa. We bond by fighting! And she’s captured soo many of my guy friends’ hearts. Some of them have started counting at what age she will be when they are 40. OVER MY DEAD BODY!

The one in the blue shirt is Aniq Noah Khan. An animal lover. U hide his rhinoceros, he’ll become one I tell u. He has this macho exterior that he puts on in public and thinks that we don’t know that he’s actually very soft-hearted. The most thoughtful I must say, whenever I keel down faking that I’m sick he’ll come running asking whether I’m okay. Awwwwwwwwww, i know! And he’s so handsome to be a kid!
The last one in the the picture (two more are not in the photo). Aiman Haziq. A 20 year-old man trapped in an 8 year-old body. Why? He stays up to watch Chelsea games and memorises the names of the players by heart. I can leave him with Foy to have a really nice guy-chat and I’ll be ignored within seconds. He recognises cool cars on the road. Mind you, with the specs of the cars as well (wooo, M5 tu!). And to top it all, he plays golf every weekend with his dad, my brother. He’s impressed my bro’s friends I heard.

So there. I doubt that this will be of your interest. But to know me u have to know them because rest assured I’ll be mentioning them once in a while. Plus, I need hard evidence as a pre-emptive measure not to be hated! My two other nieces who are not being mentioned haven’t developed much character for me to describe them as they are still toddlers. So to my sisters and brother, do back me up when we’re older. And I’ll back u up when my kids start to hate u too. Hehe.

What did I say about writing short entries? hmmm…


7 Responses to “Loving you”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Well you know I’ve been won over already by how cute they are – especially Sofia! And if you ask me, any 8 year old that already supports Chelsea is obviously a very clever person and will go far in life!!! (Am I slightly biased?!)

  2. jido Says:

    Sarah – Things would definitely change if he was a Man United fan instead. I might even get kicked out of this flat. lol.

  3. cik kinut baik Says:

    I suke Aneesa!! Hahaha…I know, I know, all kids are beautiful…bla bla bla…but Aneesa is so cute, with the dimples. Eeeeeee…I just feel like squeezing her lah! ( Don’t worry…not turning into a lesbian paedophile..YET! Muahahaha)

    Btw, very very shocked that YOU read my blog…I thought I told everyone I shut it down…Hahahaha..

  4. erinji Says:

    wah!!!aniq is s0oo besar now!!heehhe..bilala nak jumpa derang..i never met any pun..except aniq masa dia baby..remember him kena dukung dengan beckham..?hehehe..hmm..i do miss my cousins too..but i belum ada anak buah la plak kan..i bet i akan jadi aunty yang garang macam you;p

  5. jido Says:

    cik kinut baik – it fell onto deaf ears babe. haha. n thanks for changing the settings!

    erinji – oh my God! I almost forgot. Of course Aniq came out in the n/paper coz Beckham was all so kind to hold him for a few minutes. good memory lah erin! u nnt kalau dah jadi aunty kuat menyakat. 😛

  6. naaaa Says:

    if ur reading this..i miss you…

  7. jido Says:

    isy…malu la like this. heheh.

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