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A note of Thanks January 30, 2006

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Dear 68ers of Beechfield Road,

Hello dance mat teachers! Aren’t u girls my favourite teachers ever?! Yeap, yeap u girls definitely are. Thank you for having me over the weekend! My feet is/are (I have no idea) definitely itching for more of those jumping-up-and-down-squealing sessions. Thank you for initiating the craze Headmistress Dina. Actually no, coz now i’ve actually got to find a way to get my own ps2 and a tv set. Grrr. Thanks too for cooking such a lovely dinner and for the lesson on how to cook a fork lickin good kuey teow! To the Assistant Headmistress Aida, my thanks for all your support during the lessons and for being the ever willing contestant to compete with this amateur. Hehe. And of course, for the hassle of picking me up at Victoria stn (i really didn’t expect to see u there!) and for lending one side of your bed to me for two whole nights. Argghhh, what would i do without u? Hehe, drama drama. To the newly appointed teachers, Ms. Baby and Ms. Mimi(on MC, hope u’re getting better!) thank you for pushing me get through the first steps! I swear it was like learning how to walk. I stumble, I give up, I get up again, and I squeal! Bottom line, my stay over the weekend couldn’t have been any better than that. And i feel so bad for not getting anything for the house. Oh well, that just means that I’ll have to pay no. 68 another visit the next time yea?(I am not self-inviting myself, Aida did say “Do come again JId!”). Haha. So yeah, thank you and sorry if you girls had to put away your uni work during my stay.

Dear Hana,

Happy 22nd birthday my love! It was so nice to get to see u at last. And the look on your face when you saw me was priceless! Didn’t know u missed me THAT much(perasan jap). Haha. You had better be surprised as you were the reason I came to London after all. Hope this year will be an even better year for u! Mwaaaahhhhhh!

Dear Lela,

Well spent Sunday I must say. All thanks to you! It was so nice to have finally met your infamous Irish boyfriend Calum. Nice because we managed to gang up on you a few times. Sorry! Next time, ask him to bring his brother along to lunch ok? Haha. And thanks for sending me to the bus stn (u really didn’t need to). Love u ‘muchly’ πŸ˜›

Dear Natte and Shasa,

I want your corn pudding Natttttttttttttte! Love your cheesecake above anythingelse at the party! How Yas has managed to lose some weight is beyond me. Syabas to Yas! And to Sha, the ever fun host with the cool house, thank you for having me there! I nak no.1 kat your house tapi tak jumpa gayung. You saje sabotage i eh? Had to recite the bloody mantra “hold it, hold it” all the way back to Manor House! Hehe. No la, still love your house despite that.

To everyone else who was at Hana’s bday celeb,

You guys made up the fun atmosphere. Looking forward to the next hoo-hah. Take care!



p/s: photos on friendster as usual.sorry, can’t be arsed to upload twice. πŸ™‚


7 Responses to “A note of Thanks”

  1. Aida Says:

    eyy drama queen btol tau πŸ˜›

  2. jido Says:

    macam tak biasa je aida. hehe.

  3. dina Says:

    eiii beli beli! its the coolest game ever, money well invested πŸ˜€ hehe come come again jidddss..

  4. jido Says:

    thanks deensss! will think about making the investment. πŸ˜€

  5. baby Says:

    hehe. comel je jid. dtg laa lagi. bg meriah2 πŸ˜‰ see, semue org jemput dtg balik

  6. jido Says:

    awww, thanks baby. nnt kita sambung our sesi gaduh2 ok. hehe.

  7. mimi Says: feel free to come again πŸ™‚ hopefully i wont be on mc the next time so boleh main dancemat sama2 ehhe

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