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Phenat March 31, 2006

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Gossshhh, I'm dog-tired man.  I would give anything for a good massage.  Arrggh, I really need my nieces.  It'd be so lovely to be stepped on by anyone of them right now.  Come, pijak Acu, come. 

Been in the kitchen for 5 hours cooking for beloved guests who are coming for the KYUEM alumni weekend thingamajiggy.  Started off with Kek Batik, then moved on to chicken rice for tomorrow's dinner, and then curry for lunch (to be eaten with roti canai, woohoo!).   Thought of making sambal for nasi lemak, but decided against it coz I didn't want to die standing in the kitchen.  My face would probably end up in the pot, along with the little fishies.  Adoii, pedasnye la mata!

My butcher feels the same way too.  Thanks Foy!! You were such a great help in the kitchen.  You know how I hate dealing with poultry.  That's why it's always been Nasi Lemak everytime, be it day or night.  Hehe.

Just a reminder to those who'll be crashing my place for the weekend, go put your towels n toothbrushes in your bags right now.  Ada kang yang tak mandi tuh nanti.  

Alright, I'm gonna put these bones to rest for now.  Have to go pick up a few eager alumni and alumnae from the train station at 10.40 in the morning.  Seriously korang, try  awal lagi la.  hahaha.  I am only kidding lah.  Can't wait!

To Azz:  Sidestepping Soton for library?  What were u thinking??  lol.  But then you've had your fun in Milan.  Godspeed with your law books!        


For the sake of updating March 28, 2006

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I'm going to need a new pair of jeans coz Asda's selling Ben & Jerry's at 1.99 quid per tub.  Can it get any cheaper than that?  No way.  My favourite flavor's in the promotion too.  Yeay!  If anyone is keeping score, it's Chocolate Fudge Brownie (this will come in handy when you've got no other ideas what to get me for my birthday, haha).   So to the London peeps who are coming down to Soton this weekend, bring along your Coleman or something.  Coz I bet you can't get this kind of bargain in London.  We shall make a trip to Asda and clean that refridgerator off!   


Geishiiittee March 25, 2006

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Right, my Body Shop party. Held it on the 10th of March and only got the ordered stuff a fortnight after that, which was on Thursday night. So yeah, I'm so overjoyed to write all about it. So NOT!!!

Basically the woman came with all her products for us to try and we handed in our forms at the end of the night. Highlight of the night (for me, that is) was when she made me up. I was sat on a stool where everyone else who came (thank you girls) could see me. She left it to the crowd to choose the theme of the make-up. The perfect time to make me look like a fool really. They chose the glamorous look. And so she went on…da da dee dup dup. I was searching everywhere for a mirror so I could actually see what it was that she was doing to me. It got to a point where I was so desperate that I actually leaned towards the microwave door so that I could get a glimpse of myself. But no, got held up by the girls and the woman. I had to rely on the faces of my unreliable friends who were ooh-ing and aahh-ing at every stroke the woman took on my face. Yeahhhh riteeeeee.

She finished and tadaaaaa. She handed me the mirror in a grand manner like I was about to behold a Charlize Theron before me. Ptuuuiiihhhh!

I liked what she'd done to my lips. As Sarah put it in her blog, "Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out!". lol. But that was it. Just my lips. Let's just say the rest of it made me look like I was fit to pass for a low class geisha. But bless the woman for her effort, enthusiasm, and concentration on me. For that she got a polite, "Oooh, I like what you've done to my lips. I really do." To be fair, I didn't look that hideous. But I just didn't like it. Arrggh, who am I kidding? I looked ugly alright, U.G.L.Y! (except for the lips okay, one girl even said "I have to stop staring at Jid's lips. It's getting weird!"—> the staring, not the lips)

So there it is. From the purchases that the girls made, I chose the strawberry body polish, body lotion, and soap as my free hostess gift. Had my strawberry shower yesterday and I have to tell you, it's lushhhh!!! Had to force myself out of the shower so that I won't come out like a prune.

It's the first day of holiday. I'll be seeing my brother, sis-in-law, my nephew, and niece in 2-weeks' time!!! Can't wait but I am also sooo nervous coz planning and organising have never been my forte(s?). But if I get everything ready before they come, everything should be alright, right? You know what I'm praying for. Other than that, I pray that this holiday won't go to waste like how the other holidays have. Two essays (6000 words in total), one hell of a revision for my commercial sales mock exam, and an inexhaustible list of reading for three subjects. Dayyyymmmnnnnnn, am I screwed or what?? I'm sure you guys are just as screwed as I am, so goooood luck with the unscrewing.

Can't wait to be reunited with these two!!!



Breakfast in 2 mins March 21, 2006

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One minute I was eating cereal while chatting with Sherot. The next minute I was smelling of milk and covered in soggy cornflakes on the floor with the chair toppled to one side, next to me. Howwwwwwwwww???????????????????????????

It’s like Sherot falling asleep while we are talking about The Strokes. That’s simply impossible unless she’d been highly sedated.

But I wasn’t! Eventhough I was quite stressed out yesterday, I can assure you that I didn’t take in any kind of tranquilizer to ease those stresses away. I was very alert, and yet I could fall off a chair for no apparent reason and bring down my breakfast along with me. Just when I thought my co-ordination was getting better. Getting better my ass.

Of course I didn’t cry you doofus! I was wide-eyed and dumbfounded. Sat still for a few seconds to digest eveything that I was seeing. Is this real? Am I for real?

On a different note, a big thank you to Chicken, Natte, Nana, n Erin for the comforting words. You guys managed to get me to crack a smile when I woke up at 3 this morning. God bless!


N/A March 20, 2006

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I feel pregnant. Not that I’ve ever been to actually know what it’s like. But arrgghh, nothing is right. Everything puts me off. My appetite is unbelieavable. I’ve been grouchy for the most part of the day. Thank God I didn’t have company during those times, coz oh boy, I would have lost some friends there. When you’re in that mood and you’re alone. All you can do is dwell yourself in self-pity and then start counting on the calories that you’ve consumed for the day. That in the end will make you cry till your contact lenses go dry.

Crying for no reason. It seems to be the only thing that I’m good at nowadays. I told you, I don’t know why. So, don’t ask why! And why the hell am I professing my inward insecure feelings to the public nih? This is supposed to be personal am I right? Not my blog, these stupid feelings. What choice do I have when I’ve got no other outlet? Write it on paper? Hell yeah. I will end up scratching the table with my pencil till my ears go deaf. Vent it out on him? Great, more self-pity after he decides to leave this madwoman (not that I haven’t done enough already for him to do that). Call mama? Nak cakap apa woi kalau sendiri pon tak tahu apa sebab. Talk to my friends? Like they haven’t got enough problems in their hands for me to add to the list.

Is this even helping me? I guess, to a certain extent. I get to see that I’m actually exaggerating the stuff that are actually bugging me. The more I think about them, the bigger they get in my head. So stop thinking about it. See, in the end I get to the core of it; why is it that I’m so upset. There, there, slow down already.

Right, i’m gonna go get myself out of this state of whatever-ness. Don’t you dare judge me after reading this okay. We all have our moments. Haihhh, brain cramps AND tummy cramps. What else is new?


My fav host! March 16, 2006

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Happy 22nd Birthday Aida!!!

So what did your family deliver to your doorstep this time after the extravagant deliveries you received last year? What with the pop-up helium balloon from them and fresh flowers from Chalie, it must be difficult for them to top last year’s birthday celebration. You’re soo lucky!!!

But then you deserve all of that coz you’re such a sweet girl. A bit of ‘Kiss-ass’ing is necessary here. For one you’ve never failed to make it a point to give me a birthday card every year since we were in school (since form 3 i think) except for last year when we exchanged belated birthday presents instead. I, on the other hand have never failed to NOT give you a birthday card on your birthdays. And I call myself a friend?? The cheek!

So Aid, a very Happy Birthday to you! I know this is probably nothing compared to what your family, Chalie, and everybodyelse have in store for you. Just want you to know that I DO remember your birthday. So feel special already! hehe. May you be blessed with all the good things in this life and the hereafter! Mmmmmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!


Da da dee dumm March 14, 2006

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My brain activity at 5 pm in my last tutorial after having stayed at the uni for 8 hours straight without having had breakfast or a proper lunch:

“indirect effect of the Directive…hmmm, pasta or sausages?…applying the law…ooohhh, curly fries…in this case the claimant is…pray first or dinner first?….”

I didn’t realise that I had my ‘thinking-not-understanding’ mask on, while my very fit of an Italian tutor was explaining something rather important at the front of the classroom.

“Yes Nursyahida. Do you follow me, or do you want to add something?” *all smiles and 3 unbuttoned buttons* (seriously, isn’t there like a rule that lecturers are supposed to be old and dull, and not all young and charming??)

“Errmm, actually. Do you think you could repeat what you just said? Didn’t quite get it the first time.” *my million-dollar smile, all teeth and cheek* (seriously, don’t you like have a boyfriend reading this?) lol. don’t worry, he’s very not the insecure type. Am I right?

All thoughts of pasta, sausages, curly fries, and whatnots dissipated the second he said Nursyahida smoooootttthhhhllyyyy. I was from that moment a very alert, eager, and a keen student of his. I was over the moon when he called out my name, in full, twice after that.

“Ok Nursyahida?” This Nursyahida nodded vigorously. “Are you sure? 200%?” “Yes.”

It may seem to you that he probably had thought that I must be one hell of a thick arse (as in NOT in the literal sense of the word lah, u thick-as-monster arse). But seriously no. Actually, I don’t give a flying monkey of what you may think he thought of me. Coz it’s not everyday that I get lecturers calling out my name in the LL Cool J manner ya know?

Jade (cewah!) is what I usually get from the lecturers who had simply given up the first time they spelled my name in their heads and who, after a few seconds of staring at the register, had gone speechless at which point I just told them to call me Jid. Nur see-ya heeda was what I got from the more adventurous lecturers who were not afraid of a challenge to pronounce a perfectly spelled name out loud, whom at which point too I told to call me Jid. Nursyahida is what I get from a fit Italian lecturer who without my help had one day(today’s not the first time) pronounced my name like how every learned lecturer should be pronouncing it. At that point, all I could do was devote all my attention to his buttons, er, explanations. Rest assured, no Tuesdays 4.45pm tutorials will be missed thereafter.

See, it’s not that hard to get me to turn up to your lectures and tutorials dear boring people. You just have to discover it yourself that SYA=SHA before you give up or try to make my name sound more exotic than it already does. And I think Malaysia should start exporting buttons to Italy. Seriously, save me!