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Da da dee dumm March 14, 2006

Filed under: Life oh life! — jido @ 10:21 pm

My brain activity at 5 pm in my last tutorial after having stayed at the uni for 8 hours straight without having had breakfast or a proper lunch:

“indirect effect of the Directive…hmmm, pasta or sausages?…applying the law…ooohhh, curly fries…in this case the claimant is…pray first or dinner first?….”

I didn’t realise that I had my ‘thinking-not-understanding’ mask on, while my very fit of an Italian tutor was explaining something rather important at the front of the classroom.

“Yes Nursyahida. Do you follow me, or do you want to add something?” *all smiles and 3 unbuttoned buttons* (seriously, isn’t there like a rule that lecturers are supposed to be old and dull, and not all young and charming??)

“Errmm, actually. Do you think you could repeat what you just said? Didn’t quite get it the first time.” *my million-dollar smile, all teeth and cheek* (seriously, don’t you like have a boyfriend reading this?) lol. don’t worry, he’s very not the insecure type. Am I right?

All thoughts of pasta, sausages, curly fries, and whatnots dissipated the second he said Nursyahida smoooootttthhhhllyyyy. I was from that moment a very alert, eager, and a keen student of his. I was over the moon when he called out my name, in full, twice after that.

“Ok Nursyahida?” This Nursyahida nodded vigorously. “Are you sure? 200%?” “Yes.”

It may seem to you that he probably had thought that I must be one hell of a thick arse (as in NOT in the literal sense of the word lah, u thick-as-monster arse). But seriously no. Actually, I don’t give a flying monkey of what you may think he thought of me. Coz it’s not everyday that I get lecturers calling out my name in the LL Cool J manner ya know?

Jade (cewah!) is what I usually get from the lecturers who had simply given up the first time they spelled my name in their heads and who, after a few seconds of staring at the register, had gone speechless at which point I just told them to call me Jid. Nur see-ya heeda was what I got from the more adventurous lecturers who were not afraid of a challenge to pronounce a perfectly spelled name out loud, whom at which point too I told to call me Jid. Nursyahida is what I get from a fit Italian lecturer who without my help had one day(today’s not the first time) pronounced my name like how every learned lecturer should be pronouncing it. At that point, all I could do was devote all my attention to his buttons, er, explanations. Rest assured, no Tuesdays 4.45pm tutorials will be missed thereafter.

See, it’s not that hard to get me to turn up to your lectures and tutorials dear boring people. You just have to discover it yourself that SYA=SHA before you give up or try to make my name sound more exotic than it already does. And I think Malaysia should start exporting buttons to Italy. Seriously, save me!


10 Responses to “Da da dee dumm”

  1. cik kinut baik Says:

    I think to them, Norashikin is just as bad. When they try to call up my name..they’ll tend to do it like this: No-ra-shhh…..(looking very confused with the look saying ‘save me from this embarassment!’). When I first tried to make them call me Shikin…they’ll just laugh out loud, ‘Chicken??!!’

    That is why, from now on, I am just a plain old ‘Nora’. Hehehe.

  2. azz Says:

    oi gatal! haha…serious jid, that is an indicia of mikel’s pervert-ness! LOL! 😉 but if i were you, i would pretend not to understand so that he would say my name over n over again! haha..sape yg gatal now? 😉

  3. ~Nana~ Says:

    Is he sexy? No? 😉

  4. jido Says:

    eh eh eh eh eh….lajunya type!!! no need to use backspace also…cannot stop like that….wahhhh!!! hahaha. testing keyboard baru la. My “i”, “e”, “8”, and “9” are back!!!

    NoraChicken – haah la. sama! too bad mate.

    azz – haa…tahu pon. That tutor is for EU Law and u know how boring the subject is. kira motivation utk gi kelas k. haha.

    Nana – sangatttt! but didn’t include that earlier coz tanak la nampak gatal kan. too late!!

  5. foy Says:

    i got extra buttons..!!!!…i’ll buy extra just in case..

  6. lela Says:

    ‘my very fit of an Italian tutor’,eh?welcome to my club,jid!!

  7. Shasa Says:

    wow… it is sooo hot in here!!!! hehehe

    fit je ke?? ensem tak??

  8. jido Says:

    foy – hahaha. trying to save me or yourself? hehe.

    lela – i know! let’s go italy, without the boys of course. 😉

    Shasa – mmg hot, berpeluh mcm u gi dance workout tu. haha. bila i cakap fit, mmg i maksudkan handsome. segala lah! nyeh2.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Jiddy honey – just a point…if Malaysia start EXPORTING buttons he’ll have to start doing his shirt up and that goes against the point of the exercise! He he. Perhaps what you really need is for Malaysia to IMPORT all buttons in Italy (and everywhere else where Italians live just to be sure!) so that we can all share the wealth!!! (Damn me for having a lecture at 4.45 on Tuesdays or I might have come and joined in as a beginner!!) xxxxx

  10. jido Says:

    Sarah – No, no. Malaysia has to save me from drooling in class. haha. drama queen as usual.

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