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Geishiiittee March 25, 2006

Filed under: Life oh life! — jido @ 8:11 pm

Right, my Body Shop party. Held it on the 10th of March and only got the ordered stuff a fortnight after that, which was on Thursday night. So yeah, I'm so overjoyed to write all about it. So NOT!!!

Basically the woman came with all her products for us to try and we handed in our forms at the end of the night. Highlight of the night (for me, that is) was when she made me up. I was sat on a stool where everyone else who came (thank you girls) could see me. She left it to the crowd to choose the theme of the make-up. The perfect time to make me look like a fool really. They chose the glamorous look. And so she went on…da da dee dup dup. I was searching everywhere for a mirror so I could actually see what it was that she was doing to me. It got to a point where I was so desperate that I actually leaned towards the microwave door so that I could get a glimpse of myself. But no, got held up by the girls and the woman. I had to rely on the faces of my unreliable friends who were ooh-ing and aahh-ing at every stroke the woman took on my face. Yeahhhh riteeeeee.

She finished and tadaaaaa. She handed me the mirror in a grand manner like I was about to behold a Charlize Theron before me. Ptuuuiiihhhh!

I liked what she'd done to my lips. As Sarah put it in her blog, "Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out!". lol. But that was it. Just my lips. Let's just say the rest of it made me look like I was fit to pass for a low class geisha. But bless the woman for her effort, enthusiasm, and concentration on me. For that she got a polite, "Oooh, I like what you've done to my lips. I really do." To be fair, I didn't look that hideous. But I just didn't like it. Arrggh, who am I kidding? I looked ugly alright, U.G.L.Y! (except for the lips okay, one girl even said "I have to stop staring at Jid's lips. It's getting weird!"—> the staring, not the lips)

So there it is. From the purchases that the girls made, I chose the strawberry body polish, body lotion, and soap as my free hostess gift. Had my strawberry shower yesterday and I have to tell you, it's lushhhh!!! Had to force myself out of the shower so that I won't come out like a prune.

It's the first day of holiday. I'll be seeing my brother, sis-in-law, my nephew, and niece in 2-weeks' time!!! Can't wait but I am also sooo nervous coz planning and organising have never been my forte(s?). But if I get everything ready before they come, everything should be alright, right? You know what I'm praying for. Other than that, I pray that this holiday won't go to waste like how the other holidays have. Two essays (6000 words in total), one hell of a revision for my commercial sales mock exam, and an inexhaustible list of reading for three subjects. Dayyyymmmnnnnnn, am I screwed or what?? I'm sure you guys are just as screwed as I am, so goooood luck with the unscrewing.

Can't wait to be reunited with these two!!!



8 Responses to “Geishiiittee”

  1. foy Says:

    angelina jolie?…hehehe…well that will make me brad pitt then…ahahahahhaha…anyway…good luck for ur unscrewing process…i got to do the exact same thing as well…happy unscrewing easter..!!

  2. shera Says:

    jid, letak laa gmbar!!angelina jolie kamu tuh 🙂

    eyy ur bro visit u eh? with aiman and alisa (opss ke salah nama yg girl tuh)
    best..mesti best…enjoy hols aite!

  3. Sarah Says:

    You didn’t look half as bad as you are making out woman!!! It just didn’t help that the foundation was a few shades too light and made you look a little ghost like! Ha ha. (And that was my attempt to make you feel better!!) Hope you are ok, miss you already! xxxxx

  4. erin Says:

    geishaaaa?!!! wowieee!!!! kawaii ne!!!hehehe..maiko la..comey skek! 😉

  5. farahnadz Says:

    jid!!!!!!!!i miss reading ur blog!!!!!!hope everything’s fine there 🙂 nways u take care aight!!miss u gal!! Keep in touch 🙂

    oh ya….the name kepup reminds me of my Seni Kraf book…hehehe…if you could still remember la..:p *wink*


  6. jido Says:

    foy – berangan lah…hehe.

    shera – sorry tak leh letak. tak pakai tudung ler that night. yeap2, they’re all coming! All the best in your exams!!

    Sarah – hah! you didn’t tell me that, that night. only now you tell me. i’m okay here. missing u too babe! xxx

    erin – haa, keluaq semua vocab jepun kau. satu haram aku tak paham. heh.

    farahnadz – i remember how i got Kepup, but Seni Kraf book? I thought it was some card a senior had given to u? oh well, either way the name’s still here, thanks to u. haha. u take care too hon! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. ::dx:: Says:

    aku sebenarnye clueless nih. apesal ko ade body shop party ni jid? saje2 suke2 eh? ke birthday ko? ke…haha aku pun tatau laaa

  8. jido Says:

    dx – body shop party tu mmg saje2. kalau host, dapat free gift sikit sebanyak. haa, lepas tuh. birthday aku 19th May. sekarang dah tahu. heh.

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