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For the sake of updating March 28, 2006

Filed under: Life oh life! — jido @ 11:47 pm

I'm going to need a new pair of jeans coz Asda's selling Ben & Jerry's at 1.99 quid per tub.  Can it get any cheaper than that?  No way.  My favourite flavor's in the promotion too.  Yeay!  If anyone is keeping score, it's Chocolate Fudge Brownie (this will come in handy when you've got no other ideas what to get me for my birthday, haha).   So to the London peeps who are coming down to Soton this weekend, bring along your Coleman or something.  Coz I bet you can't get this kind of bargain in London.  We shall make a trip to Asda and clean that refridgerator off!   


5 Responses to “For the sake of updating”

  1. natte' Says:

    thanx for the info!!!
    heheheheeh will be searching robert dyas for one!!
    dunt finish it all off until we get there k!!! hahahahah 😉

    nwayss.. dats my fav flavour tooooo!!! so we’ll certainly be fighting over it later..muahahahahhaha watch out!!!

  2. erin Says:

    wau!!!ben n jerry!!! bestnyer!!!nak skek!! murah giler!!huhuu..wish dat kl and soton macam nilain ngn kl..wink..wink..balik cepat!!miss u!! 😉

  3. Sarah Says:

    Could you please stock up both freezers so that when I get back and am actually allowed to eat chocolate again without people winding me up (including you!!!!) I can make the most of it too?!?!? Thank you in advance!

  4. jido Says:

    natte – robert dyas?? of all the shops. mmg housewife betul!

    erin – miss u too, hehe. kalau dekat mcm tuh takde la nak rindu. so, this is good. haha.

    Sarah – Not much to fill in the freezers. So I consider my task done. lol.

  5. Shasa Says:

    yea yeay, i want to go to Asda.. lalala..ASDA i love!!! hehehe

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