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Quelle heure est-il? May 30, 2006

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People do go mental under exam stress. Proof? It all started with a simple question. (It would help if you have a basic understanding of French.)

"What time is it now?"


Je ne sais pas.

Je n'ai pas checke le tic-toc. (checke to be pronounced as check-kay)

Mais, je sais tu es une idiote.


Translation: I don't know. I haven't checked the clock. But I do know that you're an idiot. Go to hell, crazy.

Apalling French! But perfect Bahasa Melayu (although i have to say that i made a mistake in explaining what 'boleh blah' actually means the first time. Bugger off is more appropriate, honey). We were laughing so hard by the time we got to the last sentence of that paragraph. The climax was when Sarah added "Boleh blah" to it. Adoii, sakit perut aku. After this, if any one of us asks "what's the time now?", that would have to be our standard answer. It's ok, we'll be back to normalcy when we're done with exams. For now, let us be.

To those who are still in the midst of exams and revision, Bonne Chance! To those who are done with 'em, BOLEH BLAH! kihkih…


Smilllleeeeeeeee! May 24, 2006

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11 things that made my day today:

  1. Seeing Sarah in her just-woke-up state wearing her fluorescent green Kaftan like a true Malaysian. This of course would not have had the same effect on me had the kaftan not been the one which I'd given to her. lol.
  2. waking up to a good-hair day. nice smelling, soft, and complies easily with my instructions. ecewahh.
  3. realising the fact that my tummy no longer feels weird. called the doctor to cancel appointment. peptic ulcer, as diagnosed by Sherot, mended.
  4. I have plenty of CLEAN clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Discovering that the box of cherries in Van's shopping bag was in fact FOR ME! "The cherries are for you by the way. I remembered u said yesterday that you couldn't wait for Monday to come so that you could go to Monday market to get your cherries, so I got them for you." Sweetness!
  6. Van partly made lunch for me. Fried eggs with spring onion and a sausage.
  7. Ice-cream bingeing with Sarah and Van. A tub of Haagen Dazs cookies & cream now gone. 1/4 tub of ben & jerry's frozen yoghurt still safe in freezer.
  8. Fun study time in kitchen! Productive nevertheless. Wouldn't u say, Square?
  9. Foy made dinner for me! Yummy tom yam!
  10. Realising the fact that I'll be celebrating my belated birthday with the Monte girls, whom I haven't seen for so long(i used to visit them on a weekly basis, so a month is considered long lah)! Plus it's a combined celebration for the Abdullah 'twins'. We really are now, Sherot! 🙂
  11. Knowing exactly what I'm going to wear tomorrow. So many birds killed by/with this stone, man. I won't have to try on every single thing that I own. I won't have to fold them back again. The room won't be looking like a sunken ship (tongkang pecah la). I will be on time! Oh yes, I can use the saved time for revision.

Revision, revision, revision! Have to do more of that now. Till the next time my hearties!!!


Cantaloupe May 13, 2006

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Sentence : "Hey Sarah, you done with Green Wing?  We've got our melons out in the kitchen.  Come join us!"

Translation :  "Hey Sarah, you done with Green Wing?  We've got our boobs out in the kitchen.  Come join us!"

Correction : "Hey Sarah, you done with Green Wing?  We've got the melons from Waitrose out in the kitchen.  Come join us!"

Boobies = melons?  Is this a universally known fact(?)/analogy(?) or is it just part of the vernacular of the English people?  I didn't know that it is that until just now, when I said that whole sentence to Sarah and she just gave me the weirdest look ever.  Haha.  I know you were imagining it, you little tart!  See, how innocent I am?(or was?..actually, still am!)  Melons, boobies, what?  And Lopez says I'm dirty-minded.  Pssssshhhhh!


Laundry for me May 10, 2006

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There are two chores that I really hate doing and I try as much as I can to avoid them: doing my laundry and hoovering the carpet. The latter is much easier to avoid coz it's easier to ignore the bits n pieces on the floor than ignoring the fact that you're left with your ugliest pairs of undies in the drawer for the days to come. Arrrgghhhh!

This is how much I detest doing the laundry. I stock on disposables. Period. One time, I even went out especially to get a new pack of undies from M&S coz I had run out of disposables. I'd rather spend 6 quid on buying new ones than spend 2 quid on washing my old ones. And people and my mum have been asking me the BIG question about the BIG day. Harharhar. Lama lagi Ma, simpan lah duit tu dulu. Kalau tak, habis on disposables aje.

It's unbelievable, this habit of mine. Considering that I've been living away from home since I was thirteen. I can count the number of times that I actually did my own washing during my 5 years in boarding school. Less than 10, I'd say. Whoever has the same record, don't be ashamed to acknowledge this fact. hehe.

Hmm, you know how breads now have that "Fresh for A Week" labels on them? How I wish they do the same for…you know… (sekarang baru malu nak cakap tak guna lah kan. Ngok.)



!@#$%^&* May 6, 2006

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WEYHHHHH, DIAM LAH!!!!! (Sarah: Shut up!)

This is one of the odds of living so near to the city where there are just too many clubs n bars surrounding your building. I can almost butt in to the conversations that these drunken people are having (not that any of them makes any sense, just so u know). Yeah mate, it is that bad coz I'm on floor 2 and it's just impossible to not have your window open during this time of the year. Two manky skanky clubs are situated right across this building. Go piss about somewhere else will yah? These motherfockers have forced me to put my fluency in "French" into practice more than I'd like to. Instead of sleeping/reading during weekend nights I, more often than not, would end up cussing the window and hitting the bed/table. Tonight, I've chosen to channel my anger towards this. unlucky you.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, finally! Some peace and quiet. This must be working. Right, back to work s'il vous plait, mademoiselle.


Mimmmmmeeeeeee! May 4, 2006

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My sister mentioned about her youngest daughter to me this morning and had referred to that cutie pie, whose real name is Naimi Adline (mmg "e" tu nak tambah glamer yg tak bertempat. Ee, geli geli.), as MIMI. Awwwwww, she already has a nickname! She didn't have one when I left. I'm so looking forward to calling out for "Mimi" when I come home this summer. You see, that's the kind of name that I want for meself. Why couldn't have my parents been more creative then? Geeeeez.

Yesterday I had the every-child's-idyllic-idea/imagination-of-what-an-icecream-should -look-like icecream, at the docks. You know like the ones that are pictured in colouring books, cartoons, etc.? 🙂 Soo pretty! I saw two guys eating the ice-cream and the child in me instantly screamed, "I wannnntttttt oneeeeeeee!!!" And I got one. 😛 Oh, we were at the docks to see the biggest ship in the world actually. It was her last day at Southampton and oh my, she's hugeeeeeee.


You see the two girls behind me? They went, "Ooohh, I want what she's having!" when they saw the ice-cream. Haha. We, women, are easy to please really.

Right, time to get ready for library. I hope I won't go mental at uni today coz I've been up since 5!(Actually, that sentence doesn't serve any purpose except to show off the fact that I woke up early today. haha.) Good day everyone!

p/s: I tried uploading a picture of the ship, Freedom of the Seas, but couldn't. Sorry!


Bods May 2, 2006

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It was water the last time.  Now, it's LOTION??? Bloody hell.  Someone find me a school for bloody retards with special needs, like me.  Segala apa bagai aku nak tumpahkan atas keyboard.  Touch screen aje lah lepas ni.  Haihhhhhhh!