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Laundry for me May 10, 2006

Filed under: Life oh life! — jido @ 1:12 am

There are two chores that I really hate doing and I try as much as I can to avoid them: doing my laundry and hoovering the carpet. The latter is much easier to avoid coz it's easier to ignore the bits n pieces on the floor than ignoring the fact that you're left with your ugliest pairs of undies in the drawer for the days to come. Arrrgghhhh!

This is how much I detest doing the laundry. I stock on disposables. Period. One time, I even went out especially to get a new pack of undies from M&S coz I had run out of disposables. I'd rather spend 6 quid on buying new ones than spend 2 quid on washing my old ones. And people and my mum have been asking me the BIG question about the BIG day. Harharhar. Lama lagi Ma, simpan lah duit tu dulu. Kalau tak, habis on disposables aje.

It's unbelievable, this habit of mine. Considering that I've been living away from home since I was thirteen. I can count the number of times that I actually did my own washing during my 5 years in boarding school. Less than 10, I'd say. Whoever has the same record, don't be ashamed to acknowledge this fact. hehe.

Hmm, you know how breads now have that "Fresh for A Week" labels on them? How I wish they do the same for…you know… (sekarang baru malu nak cakap tak guna lah kan. Ngok.)



15 Responses to “Laundry for me”

  1. alysha Says:

    Hahahah… lazy la u ni jid 😉
    Amusingly, I actually enjoy doing laundry. Infact, I handwash most of my bajus. Masuk machine things like towel, bedsheets,jeans and baju basahans.
    And I must say the best wud be washing those precious lingeries.
    Dunno y lah, tapi syiok.
    Weird, I know.

    But I think, when I get married, Im just gonna trash all His baju into the machine. Also, maybe Ill ask him to catu 😉

  2. shera Says:

    jid! one day u still have to do the laundry okay! and remember, bukan ko punya sorg jek! hehehehhehehe..practise jid! u still got time..hahahaha:)

  3. Aidahaz Says:

    hahaha ur post reminded be about ssp every weekend I dgn tak malunya bawa turun uniform dgn hanger2 sekali with a bag of clean clothes..courtesy of my dearest family who comes every single week. didnt do much washing back in school too jid.. but i think definitely more than your 10 times la.. 😛
    nway, yeah..i hate doing laundry and vacuuming ur not alone there 😛

  4. foy Says:

    hahaha….nasib la sekolah dekat ngn umah…kalu tak..mampos…my mum pon datang almost every week amik baju…eventhough tak suruh pon..:p hehehe.. we can always do laundry together u if u want….

  5. jido Says:

    k.alysha – SYIOK??? k.alyshaaaaa, come live with me!!! haha. catu? better still, leave them all to him. kejam, kejam.

    shera – memang banyak masa pon. heh. orang tu dah tak payah nak practice2 dah. 😛

    Aida – hahahahha. memang! sampai senget2 bahu nak balance kan bag baju n food.

    foy – ooohhh, it’s a date then. heee, goli eden! 😛

  6. Sarah Says:

    Foy – there’s always time to find someone more domesticated!!!! Ha ha ha! Aww…I’m only kidding Jid! After all…you did make my dinner! Love you! xxxxx

  7. cik kinut baik Says:

    Hahaha. I understand you jidon. Laundry is just an annoying thing to do. Esp if the dryer ended up not really working, and you’re left with a bucket load of damp clothes. Last week, aku kene spend 2 jam gosok baju basah.

    Btw, you just gave me a great idea for your bday gift. Want 6 more undies?? Hahaha

  8. jido Says:

    Sarah – Should’ve poisoned you when I cooked the spaghetti just now, dammit!!

    cik kinut – kihkih, that explains the “I HATE YOU, YOU STUPID DRYER” status on YM last weekend. Tanakkk!! Tanak 6, nak selai dua je. tapi yang cantik2. and harga macam utk 6 lai. hehehhehe. gile tak malu!

  9. ~Nana~ Says:

    kita tak suka lipat kain… heheh heheh

  10. azz Says:

    jid! i soooo agree with you! remember kat sekolah us with our big laundry bags went up all the way just to send back our clothes? hahahahha! i even used the pail sometimes tau! 😉 damn, i hate laundry!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr! our future husbands are very ‘lucky’…nyahahahha

  11. jido Says:

    Nana – yeap…that too!

    azz – haha, dengan baldi2 sekali. mmg bertuah!

  12. shera Says:

    baldi tuh aku tak join laaa korg berdua..ahahaaa muat lagi aaa masuk beg 🙂

  13. denise Says:

    ha ah la jid!! never see u in the washing room!! selalu nampak time weekend jer..tu pun with yer baju yg dah siap iron together with hanger! hahah,,

  14. azizul Says:

    susah ke nak buat laundry??? masuk in d washing machine -> tunggu sejam, letak atas radiator -> tunggu sampai kering, fold n store….lg best dr vacuum kots coz always watch sumthin on the tv or comp while folding 😀

  15. Tsquare Says:

    Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

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