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That round thing June 28, 2006

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Phewwwh, quite a long break from blogging.  I actually don’t quite like that word; ‘blogging’.  but whatever.  anyhoo, what’s been up peeps?  Life’s been pretty colourful for me.  This summer has brought along so many changes to my life (yo, jiwang gile ayat).  One significant change is that I have become a football enthusiast.  My parents were very alarmed to see me hogging the remote control to watch the World Cup matches and not MTV, or the movie channels.  And I don’t just watch.  I observe the games too.  And as a result of that, I scored three goals yesterday during a one and a half hours of futsal at the sports planet with the girls.  Yo lah tu, nasib je goal.  Rasanya satu tu offside.  hehe, but who cares right?  I no longer play static on court and that’s what matters.  Gyeaaahhhh!

And what surprised me more was how frustrated I got when Holland lost to Portugal.  I’m still not over it.  Can u imagine that?  I was a freelancer when I first started watching the World Cup.  I’d be cheering for both teams that played in each game.  But when it got to Holland and Portugal, my love for Holland had already blossomed.  hehe.  Van Persie being the reason for my serious rooting for the team.  No one’s been that superbly cursed by me like the referee who was in charge of the game.  Bad, bad calls you mofo!  You should be fired for getting the players all worked up for your bad calls.  Hence, the drama in the game was all your fault.  Well for now, as long as Zambrotta and Totti are still playing, I’m a happy bunny.  You now know the real reason why I watch football right? ngehehehe.

Enough about that.  What else is worth mentioning?  Ooooohh, my Bournemouth trip.  Went to Bournemouth with four other people one day before my flight to Malaysia.  And the decision to go to Bournemouth was made with the full knowledge that my begs and boxes were still unpacked.  But oh boy, was I glad that I made that decision or what?  Bournemouth was greatttt!!!!!!  The place was so beautiful when we went. scantily clad people surrounding you.  lifeguards out of Baywatch doing their thang in front of you.  And I’m talking about both sexes here, ladies!  I would love to go again next year.  We went to Poole too en route to Soton.  Couldn’t resist treading the water in my jeans n all coz if I hadn’t, I’d have to wait for another year to do that!  I have so many lovely pictures from the trip but I can’t transfer the pictures to  my laptop coz one of the things needed to transfer them is in Soton.   That’s what you get for packing at the very last minute.  Got back from Bournemouth at 8 pm and my bus to Heathrow was at 6 am the next morning.  yes, just 10 hours of packing and storing.  Didn’t sleep at all!

Ok, this is too long already.  I would so understand if you’ve fallen asleep reading this.  I have to get some sleep before my double movie date tomorrow. Enjoy your holidays my luvvies!


Memorise these lines for me June 16, 2006

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I cried watching The Notebook today. I know, I know. It's an old movie, I'm very not up-to-date bla bla bla. But really, it is the sweetest romance movie I've ever seen my entire life. The old Noah guy just didn't stop calling his amnesiac wife 'sweetheart'. I too wanna be called a sweetheart when I'm that old. Is that too far-fetched?

"Look guys, that's my sweetheart in there. I'm not leaving her. This is my home now. Your mother is my home."

That is my favourite line. How can someone have so much love for one person?

This is another one of my favourite parts of the movie. They were fighting when the guy said this.

"So it 's not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard. And we're going to have to work at this everyday but I wanna do that coz I want you. I want all of you. Forever, you and me. Everyday."

Nuff said ladies n gentlemen. Go watch it already. And remember to have a packet of Kleenex handy. Huhuhu hik hik.


Can’t hardly wait June 11, 2006

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This time next week I will be on the plane on my way back to Malaysia Truly Asia,iA.   Pretty great, huh?  My brother called today to remind me of his request:  4 X 26 pack of Cheese n Onion Walkers, or as he would have it: "kentang-kentang".  I'm going to look like such a heffer buying all 4 big sacks of crisps, each the size of a pillow.  Oh well, a man's gotta eat.

I've been basking in the freedom of having finisihed the exams only since Thursday and already I'm bored.  Foy's in Dublin for the Metallica concert, Sarah's gone home, and the Monte girls are still busy studying for their exams.  Van, I see her everyday.  Myriam, still not done with exams.

Hmmm,I shouldn't be complaining really.  Foy's flying back with me, Sarah will be coming back this Tuesday, and I just got back from Monte a few hours ago.  Tomorrow I'm going to Portsmouth with Van, and Myriam will be sitting for her very last exam tomorrow.  So all's good actually.

I've developed a new obessession, and it's over PCD.  Never thought I could use the word cute and slutty in one sentence to describe a person.  That blonde, Ashley, is exactly that.  And Square, I've found my favourite one(besides the lead singer who is just so hot)!  It's the other blonde with the grunge-like appearance.  To me, she's the best dancer out of the six of them.  I'm such a loser coz I always have to consciously remind myself not to gape at them while watching the videos.  It's only natural lah kan.  With all the gyrating and to die for firgures.  Right?

p/s: Sarah, do you think your dad loves you enough to let you lend me his Chelsea Why We're Champions DVD for three months?  If you could kindly ask him, I would update this thing as often as you'd like me to.  Actually no, i would let you take my reign as the best aunt in my nephew's eyes for a while.  How about that?  Pleasseeeee!  Love you! 


It’s someone’s birthday! June 1, 2006

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This special wish is made out to an equally special person who I have known for almost 9 years already (though not really close during the first five), and deserves some of my revision time to be spent on writing about her. Bluerrrrggh. hehe. This idea(not the list, ok) is taken directly from the birthday card that Sarah gave to me on my birthday. Sorry babe, really don't have the brain capacity to be original right now. So, here goes…

22 things I love about you Sherot (sounds straight-er now right? 😛 ):

  1. for picking up the phone when I rang you at 4 in the morning when I desperately needed to tell someone that I couldn't stand being sick any longer.
  2. for not merely mumbling "hmmmmmm" like how other sleepyheaded people would have, and instead comforted me while I cried and bawled.
  3. for making me feel comfortable enough to make that call.
  4. for not checking up on me the next day. haha.
  5. for having an ego the size of Africa. Seriously, you do.
  6. for always sharing stories and news about your sisters with me.
  7. for texting me this morning saying that you miss hanging out with me. That text got me waking up smiling.
  8. for treating me like a queen whenever I come for sleepovers at your place.
  9. for your stock of junk food.
  10. for not minding the fact that you always have to re-stock them whenever I'm gone. (I'm assuming this, really hope u don't mind!)
  11. for being so laid-back.
  12. the way you act like me whenever you're complaining about something that you're not happy about.
  13. for having so much self-restraint in all other things except when it comes to your hobby, that is sleeping.
  14. for being very pragmatic and all big-sisterly when it comes to solving problems.
  15. for being the person I can be so totally honest with.
  16. for being very demanding when it comes to food. "I want a lemon cake for my birthday, and I want bla bla bla bla…"
  17. and then for being all apologetic and shy-shy cat when you see your flatmates slaving to prepare the food for you. (you can defend yourself later, hehe. keep on reading. and flat 5 ppl, you can bombard her as well.)
  18. for being as enthusiastic as I am about our almost-twin-like names.
  19. for waking me up in the middle of the night to talk about the most random things. (e.q. that colour blindness conversation)
  20. for composing your status messages on YM as replies to mine.
  21. for enduring my tantrums and silent treatments.
  22. for being you!(ok, this is fr Sarah's card but really, couldn't possibly end the list any better than this.)

Happy 22nd Birthday Sher! Wishing you all the great things in this life and the hereafter! Looking forward to spending time with you when we're all done with exams. Love you lots! -Jid-