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Updates July 12, 2006

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This is what happens when you don’t update regularly.  The novelties of the events that made up my life story for the past two weeks have worn off and I no longer have the interest to write about them. ………………………………

I have nothing else to do though, and it’s only 3.54 pm.  Today is the least tiring day I’ve had at the office.  Had lunch with Foy and his bestie at KLCC today.  It’s so convenient that his office building is right next to mine *grinning like the cat who got the cream*  .Read the newspaper and found out that the PCDs are coming to KL!  Yeayyyyyyyy! Amal, organise lagi sekali boleh? hehe. 

Singapore was great.  Shopping in SIngapore was great.  That goes without saying, of course.  Singaporean food was the best!  We had Singapore murtabak twice during our 3 days and 2 nights stay there.  Even brought some back for our families in KL.  Mee bandung in Muar was great too.  Someone had three servings of the mee (not me!).  Oh, I have to say this.  If you’re planning to travel to Singapore by bus, do travel by Aeroline.  We conquered the lounge on the lower deck of the bus throughout the 5 and a half hours of journey to Spore.  They even served us chicken pie and coffee.  Watched Bend It Like Beckham, took lots of pictures,  and before we knew it, we were entering Singapore already!

What else?  Foy’s birthday was on Monday, the 10th of July.  His birthday was celebrated in a grand manner.  The surprise really2 worked.  Thanks Amal for organising it!  The eight of us had dinner at Chili’s, where the waiters and waitresses delivered the worst rendition of Happy Birthday I’ve ever heard in my whole entire life.  Seriously, frogs could have delivered a better harmony.  But they were so nice to us, so nevermind the song.  I chose Chocolate Mud Cake as Foy’s birthday cake.  It’s fast becoming my favourite flavor.  After dinner, we went karaoke-ing to conitinue with the celebration.  Had fun singing/screaming our hearts out.  I think I can say that I made up for last year’s Nivea facial wash set.  Don’t you think?  Gave him a nice wallet this time.  And a beautiful card with the most beautiful words on/in it.  I only had to sign the card to render Foy speechless.  Hehe.  Sorry, i’m in my sentimental mode now.  

Alright peeps.  From nothing to say to this.  More work coming in now.  So, gtg!                     


Occupation : a W.A.G. to ……. July 4, 2006

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That’s it.  My ambition from now on is to be a housewife.  Preferably to a rich man.  Working life is so tiring, dag nam it(i like the sound of it, SRhindTutt).  Yesterday was my first day of ‘internship’ and I came back very exhausted like I’d been toiling on a field under the hot scorching sun.  I passed out in front of the tv before I even got the chance to get into the shower.  Had I not been sleeping on the floor with the tv watching me, I would have just continued sleeping until the next morning.  Stamina macam ayam tua.  Salute to my two sisters who are both working mothers.  I’m going to need a lot of tips from you two just in case my rich man in a shining beemer doesn’t show up.

But today has been good.  I’m not as fagged out as I was yesterday.  Something interesting happened after dinner.  I was out with Foy and Atok when Amal called Foy and asked him to get his camera lens from KRU(Sarah: KRU is the equivalent of Westlife, I think).  Amal was the photographer who covered the recent KRU concert somewhere in Kl.  Don’t know coz I’m not a big fan.  So, we went since the production house is oh so near my house.  Though I’m not a big fan, I was a teeny bit excited at the possible prospect of seeing them in their casual selves.  Not in the I’m-a-celebrity-so-love-me mode, you know.  Teeny bit of excitement progressed to hopefulness as I saw two posh cars in front of the building.  And…it wasn’t for nothing.  Yusry came out as we were waiting for the guy who had the lens.  A few seconds later, Edry came out.  They looked like they had jst finished a photo shoot or something.  So, not that casual lah the appearance.  Like i told my sis-in-law.  Macam ca ya nun alif jinjang rambut mereka2 ini.  Sungei the Wang itu banyak itu macam.  No photos, sorry.  we were all trying to act like we were wayy cooler than them.  haha.  aloof la konon.  mangkuk!

Enough about that.  I’m going to Singapore this Thursday!  Work?  What work?  The big sale is only till the 23rd of July, so work can wait.  We (moi, foy, amal, n fina) are taking the Executive Coach to Singapore.  I’ve heard a lot about the EC.  About time to see whether it’s as lush as ppl say it is. After Singapore, we’ll be stopping by Muar on our way back to KL.  Amal’s been bugging me for Muar’s mee bandung since forever.  This ought to shut him up. Haha.  (sarah:the other hse is in Muar n mee bandung(noodles with gravy) is what Muar is famous for)

Sarah, I got your letters today!  Thank you for posting my Wolverine along with the letter!  And the cut-outs from Heat too!  Will e-mail you when I don’t feel as knocked out as I do now.  And yeah, I’m reading Vanishing Acts too at the moment.  Can’t wait to read Alphabet Weekends!  Love you lots and lots!  Take care!