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Protected: September 23, 2006

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Baby fever

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When I first saw the photos of Suri Cruise, that night I dreamnt of being in a hospital with a baby girl in my arms.  Suri is so beautiful that I think she could change the minds of those career-minded women who do not wish to be a mother, to be one.  I’d give anything to have a baby as beautiful as her.  Bestnye kalau dapat cium peluk dia! kan?          


p/s: Sher, could u get me this issue of Vanity Fair for me, please?  Just in case it gets sold out by the time I land at Heathrow.  I’ll pay u back nanti.  thanks!

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of Ramadhan.  Maka, selamat berpuasa rakan2!


Rockin’ September 7, 2006

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I missed the live elimination show of Rockstar Supernova eventhough I’d unhabitually woken up early this morning.  The show on the day before was superb!  I can’t wait to see who performed the encore performance.  Bet it was either Storm or Toby.  I want Toby to win!  In true rockstar spirit:  I totally dig Toby, man! He’s so sexy on stage.  You’ve got to agree with me on this (girls say I have a weird taste in men.  I so do not!).  Five people, Tommy Lee included, grabbed his ass on yesterday’s show.  So there, I rest my case. 

I was woken up by the screaming of my neighbour actually.  We were all very worried for her because according to K.Ju, she’d been fighting with her husband since 3 am.  The maids couldn’t sleep because of that.  Her screaming was not the S.O.S kind but my mum still called the police.  Just in case.  U know what KL is like nowadays.  And guess how long it took for the police to reach our place?  30 freaking minutes!  THIRTY! reasonable?  not when you live only 10 minutes from the police station!!  Sigh.  Thank God nothing bad happened.  Only, it must be one hell of a sore throat to recover from for her.  Eeeekk. 

Got a call from the UK, which turned out to be from Sherot.  Sarah, just wanna let u know that Uya’s already back in Soton.  The darnest news for me as Sherot told me that the five of us, who applied for the same flat together, have not been allocated the same flat because the flat can only accommocate 4 ppl max.  Sherot is living on her own for now, while the other three live together on the floor below her.  Chill k Sher?  At least you guys are in the same building.  My fate awaits me.  I hope I’ll be near them. 

Oh my God!  My niece just asked me the darnest of all questions.  “Acu, boleh tak Najla berak kat sini?” = “May I no.2 in your bathroom?”  Of course I’d have to assist her in the cleaning process coz she’s only 4 and still doesn’t know how to do it properly.  And of course my answer was a straight NO!  Mengaku makcik mithali, nak tolong cebok pon tak sanggup.  Geli lah!  I told her to go downstairs to her babysitter but she’s still in my room.  I hope the poor kid won’t constipate tonight.  She’s so attached to me nowadays.  I wish I love her enough to let her no.2 in my bathroom.  Kui kui kui.

Aii, kesian plak budak ni.  Alright, have to stop now and bring her down to the professional.  Laters aligators!



Huarrrggghhhhh September 5, 2006

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Finally!  I’ve managed to recover the password to my DIAL-UP internet connection.  However, I am now too tired to update as it is already 1:00 in the morning.  Just to let u all know that I’m still alive and that I will reply to your e-mails the next time I go online.  mwah mwah mwah.  Nite2!