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Pera Tatrick November 28, 2006

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Come on, let’s stay awake.  Plerghhhh, my if-u-can-call-them-eyelids eyelids feel like they are made of concrete.  -_-

I bet this will wake u up.  The corn industry.

You’d think that all corn stars are desperate and uneducated people(come on, i don’t suppose u need to have qualifications to be one).  Why wouldn’t u, right? 

Ekkk, wrong!  Some of them are actually educated.  I just got to know from a friend (who wishes to stay anonymous, prude la konon. cheitttt!) that Tera Catrick, the Julia Roberts of the corn industry, actually has a degree in nursing and microbiology.  I mean, wow!!!  That left me gaping for quite awhile coz i didn’t know what to make out of that; smart or just plain stupid?  I mean, you must have a certain degree of intellectual acuteness to actually complete your tertiary education.  Then, why corn??? Beats me, man.  Call me an orthodox or whatever, but surely u can do more things with your degree than just doing it in front of cameras??  I suppose, at her stage, the money is really good.  But, aihhhh….I seriously don’t understand. 

I suppose it’s not about the brains.  It’s about principle, pride, and integrity.  Very subjective, you know.  So, who the hell am I to judge, anyway?  Hehe.  Sorry about the indecent topic, guys.  It caught my fancy and I just thought of sharing.

See, I’m not sleepy anymore.  Corn actually helps.  Writing about it, NOT watching it!  😛


Sikap ambil mudah November 21, 2006

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For the life of me, I cannot fathom how some people can be sooooo stupid sometimes!!!!!

Yesterday’s news on the three youths who drowned at a training session for this Rakan Muda shit made had angered me enough.  Halfway reading it I thought, “Ahh, didn’t wear life jackets…that’s why…”

But I’m outraged at the discovery of the real story behind them not wearing the life jackets!

Quoted from the link above, ‘‘Mungkin jurulatih menganggap memakai jaket keselamatan tidak membantu mencapai tujuan modul itu diadakan tambahan pula peserta telah diberi taklimat sebelum latihan dimulakan,” katanya.

Sekarang tak pakai, satu benda pon tak tercapai kan!  They had to cancel the whole thing because of the stupid assumption that everything was going to be okay.  Being complacent, taking things easy, not serious, being negligent!  Seriously, I call that negligence.  You are training teenagers for God’s sake!  Only a quarter of the total participants knew how to swim.  And only 5 trainers were there to guard around 70 participants.  Common sense would tell any one that a simple “taklimat” couldn’t have miraculously turned those non-swimmers to pro ones.  Practical application is different from theory la deyyyy! 

If you could only hear me hissing right now(Sherot, ko dengar tak?).  Seriously, i’m so mad.  Coz this is not the first time that lives have been sacrificed because of unworthy activities.  E.g. the PLKN.  Tolong lah berhati2 sikit kalau tenagh menjaga anak orang tu.  Sayang tau. 

I know it’s ajal.  They were fated to die.  But still….   Arrghhhh, I don’t know lah.  Ralat tau.  Ralat.


The first e-mail that I read today November 20, 2006

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From: “Shima Abdullah”   View Contact Details  View Contact Details   Add Mobile Alert
To: “Jid Abdullah”
Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:30:14 +0800

Bad news. Flight fully booked lah darling. Mama ckp go have fun pakai cc, limit RM(for my eyes only), go anywhere you want. Pegilah L.A ke. Ada kwn tak kat US?

Take care!

Right.  So, we know who’s staying in bloody cold, wet, and gloomy United Kingdom for the winter holidays.  So much for buying the Chelsea bedspread in the hopes of surprising my dear nephew.  That’s 17.99 quid deducted from winter expenses.  Oh man, should i refund it?  Ngade lah.  Nanti nak beli balik pulak. And so much for ‘berangan’ing about celebrating raya haji in good old Muar.  Mee bandung dan laksa Johor!!!  Aihhhhh.

To them people who don’t love me, i.e. those in the UK who had persuaded me to go home because they don’t want me around for the winter, i.e. FOY(hah!), SHEROT (u’re having dinner alone!), SHIKIN (whatever, i hate u already anyways, hehe),  and whoever else lah:  Get back to Jid-loving coz I’m here to stay.  *wraps arms around body*  hmmph!

So, holiday plans…here I come!!

p/s:  Shikin, the cik kinut kentut (because it rhymes), I sayang you lah.  mwah mwah.


Proud aunty, I am. November 17, 2006

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Aaaaaaaa!!! I’m soooooo happy!!!!   Tak ter’contain’ lagi!!!!!!  Got an e-mail from my brother that says:

Aiman dpt best student for Maths standard 2.

I am so friggin proud of that kid!!!  I’m so happy that tomorrow I’m going to get him the Chelsea duvet cover set from Argos, which I’ve been eyeing for quite awhile.  Just didn’t know whether to get it for him, my concern being that I think I’ve spoiled him enough.  But Aiman, you so deserve this, sayang!  And also, another jersey with Ballack written on the back.  As specifically requested.  I know, kids nowadays.  Hehe. 

Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! Happy nye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chelsea fanatic, as u can see.


*Foy took all the photos.  and at the same time, played footie with my nephew.  Pretty great skills, huh? :)*


Beware: It’s a longggg one. November 16, 2006

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Mom:  Iyer, beli apa lagi?

Me:  Jid beli toaster and a matching radio.  Suka sangat!

Mom: Radio nye nak buat apa?

Me: Ala, nanti kalau boring2 masak kat dapur, boleh dengar.

Mom: Ok la.   Lagi?

Me:  Hmmm, Jid beli grater.

Mom (one actave higher):  BELI KERETA??  Mana dapat duit beli kereta???

Me:  Huh?  GRATER la, Ma.  Ada ke kereta pulak.  Mama ni. 

Mom n me:  Hehehehehahahahhohohoho. 


*My radio, toaster, and kereta.* 

Love them all!  Got them during my short trip to London the other day.  Had gone to London to see Incubus at Astoria, on Tuesday.  The concert was brilliant except for the part where I nearly got eaten up by the crowd.  Imagine people 3 heads taller than you jumping up and down, pushing you front and back at the same time.  Mana la tak tenggelam.  But after Foy dragged me out of the crowd to a more breathable space, where I could actually see Brandon Boyd, I started to enjoy, I mean really enjoy, their songs.  Luckily I had some of the songs memorised, thanks to Foy again who made me sing some of Incubus songs during college days.  Best part of all, when Brandon Boyd took off his shirt.  The crowd just went mad.   Boys and girls alike.  Hehe.  Besides his songs, his body is also a masterpiece!  Now, that we can call real talent.  *grins* 


*Brandon Boyd in his blurry glory*

Stayed over at Sha’s place.  Thank you so much, my love!(Although I doubt she reads this thing anymore, ligat ok cik kak sorang ni.  Nak tercabut tulang tengok.)  And on Wednesday morning, we (Foy n I) had pancakes the size of tyres at My Old Dutch for breakfast.  And spent the rest of the day shopping!!  (that was when I got my kereta n stuff) 🙂


*with my tyre-sized pancake*

Paid Natte n hubby a visit before going back because coincidentally, the guys had plannned to meet up and practise for the Sheffield gig.  Had the chance to see Iedil shave Yas’s head, which was fun because we got to see Yas with mohawks, half of his head shaved n half with hair, etc., before he went bald.  Natte, I salute you for suporting your hubby’s decision to go bald!  Where did u find all that courage?!!  hehe.


*The before, the mohawk, and the finished looks.*

And then it was time to go home and read three more cases for today’s tutorial.  Luckily, I managed to read them all before the tutorial.  But that was by skiving a lecture which I was supposed to attend today.  Sheeesssh!  God, save us all, my tutor is one hell of a sharp woman.  She picks on every detail and scares the shit out of me.  But that’s all working to my advantage coz no one’s ever made me read cases like how I’m reading them now.  Heh.      

Right, didn’t I tell you that it’d  be a long one this time?  Congratulations on getting this far!  Me love you back.  Hehe.


Right now, I am… November 13, 2006

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  1. craving for chocolate
  2. trying to finish up my reading for Thursday’s tutorial
  3. not reading the subject matter in no. 2
  4. clueless about everything
  5. waiting for my ciabatta to defrost and for my brie to ripen

and most important of all, I am..

    6.  contemplating whether I should go home for the winter hols or not.  (mommy’s got hold of a very cheap ticket)

Huaaaaaaargghh, what do u reckon?  Sister says stay, boyfriend says go.  No one loves me, you see.  😦


The Shawshank Redemption November 12, 2006

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If u happen to come across this movie, do watch it.  It’s so beautiful and so moving that it actually hurts.  Serious, tak tipu.   Tanya Sherot.  Thanks babe, for recommending it to me. 

Red: These walls are kind of funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized. They send you here for life, that’s exactly what they take. The part that counts, anyway. 

Arrrrggghhhhhh, kesiannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


Happy Tuesday November 8, 2006

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I’m no longer an ice-skating virgin.  Hehe.  Went ice-skating yesterday.  Best, tak?

Best gilerrrr!  It struck me weird that I’ve never tried ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid before.  Kan ke selalu berdating kat situ.  Kan K.sher?  kihkihkih.  Awakla, bukan saya.  hehe.

Anyway, had so much fun and I’m happy to tell you that never once did my bum hit the ice.  Yeap, didn’t fall.  Not even once.  Pretty cool, eh?  Cuba tak baca bismillah.  Confirm jatuh.  Had a brilliant time skating and singing along to the music that was aired at the rink.  Nevermind the 8 roundabouts that we’d driven aimlessly around before reaching the place(u don’t expect any less from 7 girls and 2 cars, do u?lol).  Thanks Sarah for asking me to come along in the first place!  I thought of cancelling at the last minute.  Thank God I hadn’t! 



Click on the photos for larger ones, if u wanna.

It was such a productive day yesterday.  Sadly, not the same for today.  😦

Woke up and did kickboxing workout for half an hour.  Then, read this long case for this tutorial on Friday.  Went to uni to meet with my dissertation supervisor for the very first time.

Ahhh, that.  I was given the name of my supervisor about a week ago.  Searched his profile and was happy to know that he’s an expert on the topic that my dissertation is based on.  He’s accomplished so much that it got me to think that this man must be one hell of a boring and old one.  Hehe.  Sorry!  Blame Legally Blonde (remember the dad’s lines?)  for that stereotypical embodiment of people who do law their whole lives.  

So, there I was with this image of an old guy in a very messy room, brilliant at his job nevertheless.  The door opened and Whoaaaaaa!  Was I wrong or what?  Thanked the Almighty for granting me the exact opposite of what I had in mind.  Firstly, he’s probably my brother’s age.  Secondly, he didn’t appear boring to me ( u can’t really call someone with a pierced tounge boring now, can u?).    He’s still brilliant at his job, don’t get me wrong.  All organised and super fluent.  The only thing is, he was too nicely dressed that I thought he might be……. you know…..  Whatever.  Leave the speculation alone.  The important thing is, that one hell of an eye-candy has got me all motivated to start my dissertation going.  Hehe. 

So, let’s get it going then.  I’ve a deadline to meet in 10 days’ time.  So, ciao!


Think before u speak November 7, 2006

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The bus that we rode in to get to the docks for the eid crusie was filled with nicely dressed girls.  I, on the other hand, had just gotten off the train from London.  Met Sherot on the bus and was relieved to see her as casually dressed as I was.  

Me:  Isyy, rasa underdressed plak.  Buruk tak apa yg aku pakai ni?

Sherot:  Oih, kurang asam.  Baju aku tu yang kau pakai.  Sabar je la.

That’s what u get for borrowing someone’s top and not returning it for a year.  You treat it as your own that u’re comfortable enough to ask the owner whether it’s an ugly top or not.  Hehe.  Peace, Sher!

As u guessed it, the top is now in Sher’s closet.  



Password protected. Supposedly. November 5, 2006

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Some people call it the three-year itch.  For me, it’s the yearly itch.  When the itch is not too bad or too harmful you just wait until it disappears and hope that it won’t come back.  But when it keeps coming back and gets worse everytime…it makes u think of ending it altogether so that it will never ever come back.  I’m tired of scratching.  All I want is anti-fungal cream to put a stop to this itch.  The itch hurts e.v.e.r.y. time.

Hand me the cream, please.

PS (added after reading comments): before i cause more damage to my reputation regarding personal hygiene, I have to say that this post should not be read in its literal sense.  The itch is just a metaphorical expression, peeps.  No ringworms anywhere on me.  hehe.