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Boy problems January 29, 2007

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It’s funny how we become experts when it comes to advising on other people’s love problems but when it comes to our own, we become irrational and clueless about it.    Easier said than done, people say.

I surprised myself with my words of *ehem* wisdom as I tried to console a friend of mine who’s facing a hard time with her boyfie.  I was all philosophical, rational, understanding, and compassionate, all of which I never am when faced with similar boy problems, in shedding the light on her problems so that the friend could see the bigger picture.  I’m usually dumb, irrational, unsympathetic, and unmerciful towards the significant other.  During hard times la.  Psycho ok kalau all the time.  The thing is, during those times, I’m usually fully aware that I’m all of the above.  And I know that I’m such a pain the ass, in the neck, and everywhere else, when I’m like that.  But I just can’t help it!!! 

If I may say this for most of us irrational, unsympathetic, unmerciful, and demanding girlfriends out there:  We actually know the ideal way of dealing with the problems.  We know that it could be less painful.  It’s just that most of the time, emotions usually get the best of us.  We like being maintained.  We like to feel special and wanted.  We like to see you go out of the way to show us that we are all that.  Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, ya know.  But of course, all of the abovementioned is only reasonable if the fight is over something that is of substance.  If it’s over petty matters, it’s a bit irrational, unsympathetic, and unmerciful to act as such.

So, yes.  We merajuk to get attention.  So, why don’t u just give it to us, ok?  That’s why we have boyfriends.  And that’s why you have girlfriends, to feel all powerful and manly on the fact that someone’s depending on you.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Girls do not need boys in their lives to substantiate/validate them, we’re fine on our own.  That’s a whole different matter actually.

Can I just write on random things instead of on counter-terrorism?  It’s so much more liberating.  It’s depressing u know, learning of what some people are going through under the arrests of ISA.  One more example of people being irrational, unsympathetic, and unmerciful.  This time, big boys. 

Right, am going off-tangent already.  Need to generate more thoughts for my diss.  Oh yes, I’m not having boy problems right now.  This is just for future reference.  You can save the comforting words for future use.  Huahua.  That’s all.  Adios amigos!                             


Nothing much January 21, 2007

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For the past two weeks I have managed to write three essays totalling to almost 6,000 words and get my self hooked to two more tv shows to add to my list of “must-watch-every-week”:   Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy.  Grey’s Anatomy never really appealed to me until Ms. Fizz told me that she would ‘gigil kalau miss Grey’s for that week’.  Haha.  If a tv show has that effect on people I ought to watch it, right?  And oh boy, I’ve been missing a lot!  Does anyone know where I can get season 1 of Grey’s?  I don’t wanna jump to season 2 without finishing season 1.  Lemme know ok.

In 10 days’ time, I’m going to have to finish writing the first draft of my dissertation; the word limit of the dissertation is 10,000 words.  I wouldn’t have opted for it if it was optional.  But you see, all third years at my uni must write one.  Uggghhh!  I already have 6 pages of a detailed plan of what to write and so forth.  I’m more worried about exceeding the word limit than trying to fill it up.  If you’re interested, I’m doing a comparative study on Malaysia’s and Britain’s counter-terrorism related legislations.  Interesting much?  Yes, because I created the topic myself.  You better think it’s interesting!

I’ve decided that for the next 10 days (and for the first time), I”m going to be a responsible adult who is going to write her dissertation as if her life depends on it.  If I don’t do that, all the excruciating meetings and research that I have had and done would all go to waste.  If only this was creative writing.  *Sighs*

Hope you’re all well and enjoying life.  *Smooch*



Hobbies and Interests January 14, 2007

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Oohoy, Russell Peters is coming to Malaysia in February.  Gggrr!  Oii Russell, u better to come to the UK again soon or somebody’s gonna get a hurt reall badddd.

That man is hilarious.  I’ve watched his shows on youtube countless times already and everytime I watch it I laugh just as hard as I had the first time watching it. 

I’m so annoyed that I don’t have anything to write about in here.  Sherot reckons that we (the girls here) need new hobbies.  We don’t play squasy all that often now coz we’re so good at it already that it’s starting to bore us.  Haha.  I am NOT kidding. 

So, she suggested knitting.  And I was all, “Uhuh, right.  U just skipped 40 years of your life.”  But I do wanna learn how to knit.  Just not now, though.  Maybe in the future, when I’m on maternity leave or something.  Right now, I’m just too impatient for such a hobby.  

It bugs me that I’m not adventurous.  The most adventure that I’ve had was during my 25 days in Outward Bound School.  Man, that was something.  For me, that was.  For the Royal Military College boys, it was probably nothing. 

Sure, I can change.  But my fear of heights is kinda hindering the process.  I don’t do roller coasters and bungee jumps.  Nooo wayyy!  I wouldn’t, even if someone is willing to pay me a million bucks for it.  That’s why I’ve always had to decline invites to theme parks coz I know I’d end up as the coat/handbag hanger.  When people ask me what had made me acrophobic, more often than not, they’d laugh at my answer.  It’s the Viking.  You know the big ship that sways from right to left and gets higher everytime?  That had spurred my fear of heights.  I was nine and it was the first time that I felt as if my gut was being ripped off my body.  And it was the first time that Sentosa Island shook coz I was screaming so hard that only dogs could hear my screamings.  Quite a nasty experience for a 9-year-old.        

Sighs.  What a wuss.  Oh well, you are what you are.  I’m going to have to live with it.

Hmm, maybe I should learn how to play the guitar again since I’m such a sucker for musicians.  Better become one myself.  You see, I was so eager to learn playing the guitar when I was seventeen that my sister gave me one for my birthday.  That was short-lived however, and the guitar is with her husband now.  Don’t mind.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should.   Then Foy can play the drums while I play the guitar.  Haha.  Oh well, I think I’ll just settle as a groupie for now. 


See, it suits me just fine. 


It’s never your fault January 11, 2007

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Here’s the danger of living with a med student:  She’ll tell you that it’s ok to eat everytime you say that you’re hungry.  Eventhough you say it for like every half an hour. 

Tak pe la.  Ko tengah ovulate tu.  Memang rasa lapar coz u need the extra energy in case u conceive.  Makan je.”

“Haaa, ko tak cukup glucose tu.  Gi makan gi.”

“Takpe, masa period metabolism rate naik.  So, boleh la burn calories tu. Jemput2.  Makan, makan.” 

Nak conceive banyak la kau.  Bila aku kahwin, Sherot? 

But, thanks.  Coz those reasons have definitely managed to perk me up during times when I just feel like such a pig for eating too much, too often.

Like that guy in Gol & Gincu said it, “Iyer, bola itu yang salah.” Memang!


On the top of my head January 7, 2007

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Weiiheyy, now Malaysia has its own version of London Eye:  Eye on Malaysia.  Clap clap.  As amazed as I was when I read the news, especially the part where it says that the Eye is PORTABLE (???), the name of the thing really galled me.  Copying the structure is one thing.  But the name?  Why the “Eye” in the name?  And you can’t even get the whole view of Malaysia by going on the Eye.  Just KL. Original lah sket, beb.  My head’s bursting with other possible names for the structure.  Panorama KL is one of them.  Actually, my favourtie.  Ye lah, nak compare to Roda KL, Putaran KL (Foy’s idea), and other nouns that are associated to rotary structures. 

School’s starting tomorrow.  Yeay!!  Haha, so NOT!!!

Anyway, wanna hear a weird story?  I was doing the dishes in the kitchen.  Happily washing dirty bowls and cutlery when suddenly, out of no where, an O2 sim card emerged out of the suds in the sink.  My unused pay as u go sim card.  How in the world it got there, I don’t know.  Just like how I spill milk, coffee, water on un-waterproof stuff , I don’t know!  I’m Jid.  I’m clumsy.  Things like that happen to me.  Just Because. 

So there, a weird start to a new term.  My MSN and YM are showing lots of unhappy status messages.  Don’t be sad, my friends.  Braving the crazy weather to head for the grey buildings with equally ‘grey’ people occupying them,  that’s what we’re here for, innit?  Cehhh, habis British la innit innit tu.  haha.    

Have a happy new term!!!  Bonne chance!



Red January 4, 2007

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Just wanna show you what fun I’m having with my new baby, —>samsung_d600_red_155×238.jpg


Yes, I am a poser.  And I simply don’t care!!!  😀


Kiss me, Scarlett January 1, 2007

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Awwwwww, it’s been a year since I started this blog.  Goodbye 2006.  Welcome 2007!

New year celebrations used to be a big thing for me when I was a kid.  The whole family would usually go out to celebrate the night together.  But as I grow older, the celebrations have become more and more subdued.

Tonight, for example. Foy, Sherot, and I stayed in and watched Gone With The Wind to mark the end of 2006.  We had pizzas, microwave pop corn, and ice-cream floats to make it more special.

Gone with the wind(GWTW).  Ahhhh.  It was my favourite movie when I was 12.  It is one of the two movies that first taught me what it must feel like to be in love.  The other one is Anne of Green Gables.  Alaaaa, now I want to watch Anne of GG.  How do I get hold of it? 

Anyhoo, I fell in love with Rhett Butler straight away after watching GWTW for the very first time.  I was 12 ok.  Issyyy, gatal betul.  Since the movie is more than 3 hours long, I don’t really watch it all that often.  I think I’ve only seen it 4 times in total for the past 10 years.   And since the last time I watched it, I really couldn’t remember why it was that I really liked Rhett so much.  Just now I was reminded why Rhett became my childhood crush. Oxford Dictionary should really put Rhett Butler as the definition of charming.  He is simply the epitome of it!  He exudes charm and masculinity that makes the men around him in the movie look effeminate.  I can still remember how my sisters and I couldn’t stop using his phrase (“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”) to respond to each other for like a whole week.  Macho gile lah.

And that movie is seriously a bad influence to people who like to procrastinate, like me.  Scarlett’s most noted phrase, “I can’t think about this now.  I’ll think about it tomorrow.  Tomorrow is another day”, is like the 101 to Procrastination.  Not good, man.  But her dresses and gowns!!!!  I want one! 

I should really stop.  It’s almost 6 in the morning.  Just one more week left before another term starts.  I’m having wayyy too much fun for a final year student.  Ahhh, tanak fikir!

Natte, I’ll put up a picture of my new phone soon ok.  For now, I’ll leave you with pics from the night we made 5 roast chickens.  I smile everytime I think of the 3-day shopping spree.  Thanks Rog, Natte, and Layen!  Sampai demam and pening bershopping.  Mak suka, nyah!


*makcik2 kantin*       *et voila!*                  *suapan kasih sayang 😀 *

Happy New Year everybody!!!  🙂