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Study break February 23, 2007

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When news of married couples (Muslims at that) physically hurting each other to the extent that crosses the line of sanity appear on the news, it makes you think that maybe there’s no one in this world that you could fully and truly trust.  I was really saddened by the news of a mother who went on to murder her two toddlers out of suspicions that her husband might be having an affair.  What good could have come from killing her sons?  Maybe she was possessed and wasn’t in her right mind.  I’m in no place to judge, coz only God knows what position she must have been in. 

And what about today’s news on the husband who had slit his wife’s wrist over yet again, an argument about a suspected affair.  What is this world coming to?  Can love really make you go that blind?  I pray that I’ll stay guided if such affliction falls upon me. 

And oh, do make out of this as you wish. 

Israeli newspapers have printed photos of Defence Minister Amir Peretz trying to watch military manoeuvres through binoculars with the lens caps still on.

“According to daily Yediot Ahronot, US President George W Bush and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have both done the same thing.”

Just when you thought that Bush couldn’t get any dumber than he already is, he reaches a new low.  Surpisee!  NOT!

News on me :  The O.C era has ended.  The finale had me crying like a baby.  And so had 317 of Grey’s!  Damn lah.  Emo sbb tv show ni yang tahan.  Camner ni, Shikin?? 

p/s: erin, i will do the thing that u tagged me tu after i dah siap my paper k?  i’ve only come up with two weird things so far.  🙂


Rain February 22, 2007

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It was quite chilly today and it was wet.  I saw this one guy wearing a t-shirt, a pair of bermudas, slippers, and lastly, a muffler.  Hehe.  Where’s the logic?

Last weekend I went for this makeover and photoshoot session in London.  My friend had a free voucher and had asked me to come along.  I’ve put up a few pictures of moi from the photoshoot in the post below. The post is password protected coz I’m only allowing girls to view the pictures.  So, if u want the password to the post just leave your e-mail address below and I’ll send u the password, or e-mail me at  Alright, ladies?  



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Bored February 18, 2007

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K.shima, I hope the baby in your womb is doing great and not doing a Mia Hamm or a Ronaldo in there.  Abang, congratulations on K.gee’s pregnancy.  I was so happy to hear the news from Mama.  Tolong lah boy this time!!!  K.Lin, tanak tambah since semua pon tengah menambah?”  – extract from the e-mail I sent collectively to my siblings.

There are already 7 little brats in the family.  That’s excluding me.  We are expecting another two to add to the already handful bunch.  Beautiful, nevertheless.  

My sister, Shima, is pregnant with her fourth child.  My sister-in-law, Gee, is pregnant with her third.  My sister, Azlin, has no big news to top those two.   

And I’m already starting to stutter when asked to name some of them.

Cik Kinut:  Yang ni apa nama dia? 

There was silence for a few seconds and both Sherot and Cik Kinut were surprised to see that I had a blank look on my face.

Sherot: Hoiii, takkan la.

Me:  Eh, ingat la.  Khayrin…emmm…..Khayrin….

Sherot:  Jid!!! Ayra la!!!!  Teruk betul ko ni.

Me:  Eh, betul la.  Aku tak habis cakap lagi.  Khayrin Ayra Khan. 

Cover kak, jangan tak cover. 

Sherot will so make a good aunt.  She can recite the names of my two nephews and five nieces better than she can recite the rukun negara, i bet.   And moi???  I can do the same, but on the names of my four imaginary children (we spent hours on this just now, bongok tak).  *Blushes* Shame on you, Jid.  Shameeee!!!!!  But I bring shit loads of goodies for them come every summer, okayyyyyyyy. 

Still, I’m gonna make sure the stuttering is not gonna happen ever again.  It’s bad enough that I don’t remember any of their birthdates. 

How in the world could I have borderly forgotten the name of this sweetheart?


Ayra with big brother, Aniq, at the other grandparents’ house.  Tired dad napping on the background. 


Naimi Adline, Najla Farisha, Aniq Noah, Khayrin Aniqah, and Khayrin Ayra at Aniqah’s bday party.

Nama masing2 vogue2 gitu.  Tak kuasa la mak.  I’ve decided to stick to old school Malay names for my own kids. 

No one can forget the name Mahmud right?  Kihkihkih.  ( an in-joke with the Soton girls)

Wanna share names, anyone?


On Saturday… February 11, 2007

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  • I discovered that I could easily form my cheeks into ample butt cheeks.  Can you?  Try it.  It’s fun.  I went into Sherot’s room to see if her cheeks could perform such a feat.  And surprise, surprise…that skinny bitch’s cheeks actually could!  Foy can’t!  It’s frustrating.    He says they end up looking like a pair cipopops.  He’s such a guy.
  • I called my mum and was asked the same question that she’s asked for like, the fifth time.

          Mum:  Kirim salam kat Foy tu.  Apa nama dia, Jid?  Takkan la mama nak panggil dia Poy, Poy.

          Me:  Ma, dah btol la mama panggil dia Foy tu.  Nama dia Nik Ahmad Ariff.

          Mum:  Ohh, Nik Ahmad Ariff.  Kan sedap tu.  Ape pasal panggil dia Foy. 

          This is coming from a mother who nicknamed her child, Jid.  My mum’s cute.

  • the 3rd, I told Van that I’d like to have a cat just so that I could name it Peaches and she laughed coz she knew I’m not a big fan of cats.  I tend to sneeze a lot when I’m around them.  But I was inspired by Summer’s bunny, Pancakes.  What, we are all allowed to a few blonde moments, okay.
  • Ugly Betty episode 15 disappointed me.  Cik Kinut and I think that it’s losing its touch.  But Betty is still the cutest thing ever. 
  • I promised myself that I would resume my writing on the bloody dissertation but I never did.  Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, House(I really missed House!  Thank God for ep313!!), trifle, brownie, chunky chips from the Chinese shop and Glamour got in the way. 

Why won’t it snow again?  I took a very lovely picture of snowy Soton on Thursday.  I was delighted to wake up to snowy trees and streets on Thursday coz Soton rarely gets snow.  And since then I’ve been waking up to this hope that I’d be greeted with yet another beautiful white scenery but no, that hasn’t happened.  This is my second time trying to upload the lovely picture of snowy Thursday from my phone to my laptop only to no avail.  Technology just fails me. 

I think I’m going to sleep now.  Photos of Dina and housemates playing with snow are driving me insanely jealous.  I should sleep that off.  Good nite, m’darlings.  Mwahhhh!    


Of ducks and socks February 5, 2007

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Life’s been very placid and mundane that it’s taken its toll on my sanctuary.  Poor you.  Let’s bring back some life to it now, shall we?

I’ve been meaning to let you in on a few interesting stories but I never did get to it coz I was just lazy.  I’m happy to tell you that I’m halfway through my diss work.  I’ve got one full month to finish it up.  A striking progress for a cuncator like me.  However, I sense that the progress will cease to be as spectacular coz right now I’m in such a state of complacency, it’s disgusting.  I’m telling you, it is.  I handed in my preliminary draft on Thursday afternoon and since then, I’ve been putting off work like there’s no tomorrow.  Helllloooooo, tanak graduate ke kak??  Reading for tutorials tak buat.  Lecture notes tak update.  Ape nak jadi ni? 

Oh well, let’s just hope that I’ll tire myself of this hedonistic way of life in time to get all the work done. 

A few days back I came across this funny piece of news about the world bank president not being able to afford a new pair of socks.  It’s here.  Haha, how comfortable must the socks be, eh?  That he wasn’t even willing to part with them on a professional work visit, where reporters were sure to be around.  And to think that we(that’s me too!), mere little people who are not newsworthy, take hours to get ready before going out.  The irony of it all.   I bet he’ll get tonnes of pairs of socks for his birthday.  Just for laughs. 

This one is just wayy to cute not to mention – “Duck survies two days in fridge“.  Not the shooting part, but the part where it says, “This is an extremely tough duck with a lot of spirit to live”.  For a duck to make international headlines, not bad, eh??

You see, those are the kind of news that I read in detail.  Forget the details on Gaza, Baghdad, or Iran.  I just read the headlines just so that I’ll be in the know.  Such a person that I am.  Just don’t want to read them coz they only provoke anger and sympathy in me.  Sympathy, I can do something about it.  You can too, here.  I already have more than enough anger to manage and so, i really don’t need to add to it.  So, news of ducks and socks shall be the order of my day.  They keep me happy, so let me be.  🙂

What keeps u happy?