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Weeeheeee! March 7, 2007

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Can’t believe the whole dissertation malarky is finally over!!!  Thought of updating my blog after i handed it in.  But got caught up with other stuff.  I’m still taking a time out from uni stuff.  That’s bad.  I have one heavy tutorial tomorrow.  But heyyy, writing 10,322 words was no mean feat ok.  I earned this break.  If the dissertation course taught me anything, it is to never opt for a postgraduate study.  Simply suicidal, I’m telling ya.  Anyhoo, many thanks ya to those of you who supported me all along, especially Foy, Sherot, and the 292-294ers.  Thanks for the roti jala korang!  I don’t know if you read this anymore Sarah, but thanks for proofreading a few of my sentences for me.  🙂

As promised Erin, here’s the post for the 6 weird things about me.  You’re the first ever to tag me.  hehe. 

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1.  I love being stroked/caressed before I go to sleep.  If any of you girls have slept next to me, you’d know what I mean.  “Gosok tangan, boleh?…Kalau penat berhenti ok..”  Okay2,  it’s not weird, it’s bordering annoying already.  I got into this habit coz when I was a kid my mum used to stroke my hand to put me to sleep.  My bedmate in Form 3, Lela, bought me this red heart-shaped pillow with hands protruding from it for my birthday that year.  Message conveyed, Lel.  Hehe. 

2.  I store clothes under my pillows.  Shorts, pyjama tops, kaftans, pashminas.  For easy reach coz Sherot likes to barge in unexpectedly.  hehe. 

3.  I have 7 bottles/tubs of lotion, some I don’t even know why I bought them in the first place.  I just love lotion/soap shopping.  Okay, I love Boots/Guardian/Watson etc.  That’s it.

4.  No one can rest their feet on the head side of my bed.  Not even me.  My head pillow is sacred.  Only I, and I alone, can rest my head on it.  I sometimes bring my own pillow case when I go to sleep at other people’s place.  No jeans allowed under the duvet too.  Sherot once had to strip her jeans off and put on my pyjama pants before going under the duvet to tell me what hospital was like on that day.

5.  I like to spend ridiculous amount of money on my hair even though I cover it up most of the time.  I usually spend between 300-400 rm on my hair when I go back for the summer.  Perms, highlights, cuts, hair masks, shampoo, and what nots.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that anymore when I go back this summer, coz I’ll be earning my own my money by then.  Sob. Sob.   

6. I did most of the thinking for my dissertation on my bed.  I’d just lie down on the bed quietly and think.  The ceiling puts everything in place for me.  I’ll be doing it more often after this.  🙂

Natte, I bet u’ve never done any of these tagging things.  I’m tagging you!  and Dina, Rog(so that she’ll update her blog yang dah berhabuk tu), Baby, Sherot (u have one, u realise that, don’t u?), and Cik Kinut (ape pasal kau private kan nye blog tu?  takpela, biar la adam baca the weird things about u that he doesn’t already know about). 

Right, what to have for lunch? Hmmm…


15 Responses to “Weeeheeee!”

  1. natte Says:

    cet! hahaha after I’ve read the sentences in PINK.. haha somehow I already have a feeling that my name would come up! heheh true enough! hahah aah yek? ni first time kene tag! thanx jid! hahaha

    skrang ni nak ber’reading dulu ye.. hehe nanti i update!! 😛

    congrats on ur ‘freedom’ btw.. haha i’m sure it must be a huge relief.. i guess u wont go near Words anytime now… unless u really have to!! haha

  2. cik kinut baik Says:

    my blog jd private coz sbnr nyer dah nak tutup blog, tp sayang nak delete the entries. so, jadikan private je laa for the time being. hehehe.

    nway, dah lame tak dgr ko mintak tgn kene gosok tu. hehehe. kinda miss those late nights back in monte ^^

  3. erin Says:

    hahah..’I’ used to be the one of those people yang stroked your hand..haha..sangat comell tau..bila tido kena stroke stroke plaks..hehe..foy sila la eh..tapi tak tau la kalau kat movie..tertido..time tu kena stroke2 gak..hehehehehhe…fewh~!finally you buat this tag..thank you..

  4. dayana_rog Says:

    hahahahahahahah 1 n 4..sooo true! but i dun think it’s’s cute 😉 just like my little sister 🙂 oh tp die takde suruh2 gosok aa..tu i dgn sendirinya akan menggosok mencubit menampar dll yg sewaktu dgnnya hehehehe! n mm..6 weird things about me ? hmmm 6 cukup ke? hhahaha taklah..i rase 6 pun tak smpi..

  5. Nana Nano Says:

    err letak segala mak nenek baju bawah bantal tu memang la sangat pelik. 😀

  6. nadz Says:

    hahaha..bukan kat dorm je…she used to be my deskpartner mase f5.asal ngantuk je mesti tetibe nmpk tgn die atas desk kite.hahaah suruh gosok.i pun leh ngantuk skali.hebat hebatttt 😛

    n yeah jid…i tak pernah jmp orang camtu..ko je..:) hehehe

  7. jido Says:

    Natte!!!! i’m so gonna kill youuuu!!!!!!and yassss!!!! abang yas msg me kat friendster. ape la yang korang gebang kat dia. aaaaaa, maluuuuuuu!!!!!!! malu! tanak kawan!

    shikin – i miss it too! carefree and happy! hehe.

    erin – thanks erin for those days of menggosok tangan. hehe. could not have survived surau without it. 😛

    dayana – i can think of one! hehe. u don’t mind a messy room but can’t stand a messy kitchen. terer tak?

    nana – kalau kat rumah tak buat mcm tu. nnt mak marah. kat sini je. 😀

    Nadziah! hehe. thank you la for all those hand treatments! n sorry buat tertido sekali. Tp sbb semua orang pon rajin nak gosok tangan, ni je la yang aku dengar masa kelas Chem Cikgu Foo, “Syahidaaaaaaaaaaa, wake up, girl. Wake up!”

  8. ::dx:: Says:

    damn. baru nak pikir pasal buat postgrad studies. kohkoh. perhaps i’ll just take the taught ones and prepare meself to write 10,000 words. -_-;;

  9. Aidahaz Says:

    Hahaha.. I’ve forgotten about your ‘gosok tangan’ thing.. thanks for reminding me about it.. laughed while i read it 😛

  10. shera Says:

    no1 is definitely sgt weird ok!!
    hahaha..jid miss u lor!

  11. diNa Says:

    i cannot imagine how the space under your pillow looks like hahaha and how do u sleep at night with all that stuff udner your pillow? *-) *thinking smiley*

  12. lisa Says:

    k.jid i pn ade experience g0sok tgn u.
    bile tah tp i cn remember penah buat
    haha 🙂

  13. jido Says:

    dx – balik je la msia. tak yah post2 graduate ni. hehe.

    aida – hehe. i’m happy it made u laugh rather than rolling your eyes! phewwww.

    k.sher – me misses u too. kalau tido ngan k.sher akan tertido sbb penat berborak. tak yah gosok pon. 😛

    dina – ade la 5 items sebelah pillow tu. berlipat. nak tido je tolak tepi. hehe.

    lisa – hahaha. sangat la pernah. i can faintly remember it. masa band ke, surau ke, ade la. thank you!

  14. sherot Says:

    aaa..tul la..dah lama ko x suruh anyone gosok tgn ko..ko dah insaf ke jid?hehehe..people who read this entry, should have guessed that si jid is a neat bagus gak, she keeps our kitchen sparkling clean..
    i am not sure which one weird thing about me you are referring to. i am a weirdo by nature(tone merendah diri).. 😛

  15. jido Says:

    sherot, i meant “u have a BLOG, u realise that don’t you?”…ape laaa… *shakes head like your registrar*

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