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Dear Diary, March 19, 2007

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It’s been a good start to the Easter holiday.  This morning I’d gone to uni to return a book and had decided to stay to do some research for my coursework.  Went to the cafe to get coffee and was delighted to find the plush sofas in the cafe empty.  Chose the nicest one and spent the rest of the morning in the cafe reading some materials for the coursework.  It was really nice.  I love the holidays when uni is just such a calm, peaceful place where u can just sit back, relax, and really do work in the cafe. 

After finishing what I intended to do, I went to Waterstone’s to take a break.  Skimmed through a few self-help books on studying skills and bought a book on anger management.  I hope I’ll be able to control my anger better after this.  Don’t think Foy can stand much more of my too frequent angry outbursts. 

I like my first weekend of the holiday too.  Had two v.good morning sessions of squasy with the girls.  After such a long hiatus we were a bit paranoid that maybe we wouldn’t be able to play it anymore.  I think the squasy court missed us coz were we on a roll or what?!!  haha.  Perasan.  Oh, oh, I’m so happy to discover that PNB has squasy courts in the building!  Yipppeee.  Fellow PNB mates, nanti main sama ok?  😀  

What else?  Had a good catching up session with a few mat salleh friends with pizzas n homemade pop corn.  Watched 300 one a half times with Foy n Sherot.  It’s no topper to Troy and Braveheart, therefore, it’s only so-so (boring script!).  Sherot n Foy like it though.  Foy – probably because there were lots of nipples showing (of the women of course, not the men).  Sherot- I don’t know.  oh oh, how could i forget this?  Greys and Betty were finally outttt.  after two weeks of waiting!  I stayed up until 3 am on the Thursday night just to wait for the shows to get uploaded on the net when I actually had a 9 o’clock start on the Friday.  Made it to all my lectures and tutorials on Friday coz my phones were ringing all morning from very concerned citizens of the world who knew that I had slept really late the night before.  Many thanks for disturbing my sleep!  hehe.  For the record, I hate Izzy and I hate George.  And I wish McDreamy would get a haircut and some shampoo for oily scalps.  And probably a few Botox injections from McSteamy.  Other than that, I still love him dearly.  Hehe.

Lastly, I’m happy that I’ve settled most of the former-pending accommodation issues for my trips to Barcelona and Vienna.  Since I’m in the midst of managing my anger, I’m not going to fret about the few bail outs on the Barcelona trip.  Even I cancel on people sometimes.  The only difference, I don’t cancel on something that I intiated myself.  Ooppps, not fretttinggggg.  To be fair, I haven’t even finished one chapter of the anger management book.  So, this is acceptable.  Hehe. 

I hope the rest of this month will stay good to me.  Happy holidays to you! 


5 Responses to “Dear Diary,”

  1. shera Says:

    jid, k.sher doakan ko graduate with flying colors..then balik leh belanja aku 🙂

  2. alysha Says:

    Bon viaje!Barcelona + Paella + churros are so cun

  3. sherot Says:

    of all the places i’ve been to in Europe, I love Barcelona the most. Nice people, lovely places, good company:)

  4. jido Says:

    k.sher – thanks K.sher. tapi everytime jid nak belanja tak pernah nak kasi. it’s always the other way round. how lucky am i??? mwahhhhhh.

    k.alysha – oooohhh, i forgot u studied in spain! i can’t wait to have the real, authentic paella over there! *drooling*

    sherot – itu la silap kau cuti lambat. kalau tak aku dah bawak masuk beg. hehe.

  5. shera Says:

    jid, i’m working now..
    so, NO excuse huh? 😦 ahahaha

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