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Barcelona March 30, 2007

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Ola!  Esta bien?

Hehe.  Barca was great. 


Here’s where we stayed with 8 other people – 2 Canadians, 2 Americans, 1 German, and 3 unknowns.  The hostel was at the centre of everything that we didn’t have trouble retreating back to charge camera batteries, to pray, to rest for a while, etc.  With free breakfast and internet, the place was a bargain.  Would recommend Kabul Hostel anytime!

Main activities consisted of:




As you can see, there was a lot of eating.  And the best thing was, we only ate at the finest places.  We decided to go all out on food expenses since this was the one time to get the best of Spanish cuisine.  It was money well spent.   

Took loads of photos and more can be found on my friendster and facebook, if u are interested. 

To relatives and family friends who may be reading this and who may be concerned that I had gone with just the bf, it would be nice if this does not reach the Mother.  She knows that I’d gone to Barcelona.  The duo trip was not planned.  Five of our friends who had invited us on the trip had to un/fortunately cancel due to un/foreseen reasons.  We wouldn’t have gone if there was a refund policy on the flight tix.  So, if you could just…  Thanks!

All in all, it was a brilliant trip.  But Paris is still my favourite place to visit.  Sorry Sherot!!  I know u really wanted me to love Barca as much as u did.  hehe.  However, I do prefer the Spaniards to the French.  They’re way friendlier and definitely more welcoming than the French.  But they tend to stare at us, scarves-donned Asian women, a lot.  But if u give them your nicest smile, they’ll stop staring and will most definitely smile back.  They were probably guessing from which part of the world I’d come from.  Funny people. 

Another week to go before the next mini trip.  This time to Salzburg and Vienna – to meet Foy’s sister who’s representing UIA, along with 5 others, in the international mooting competition that’s being held at the Uni of Vienna.  Brilliant kid, that one. 

Arrrgghhh, can I just not do work and simply go on holidays all the time????Dammit.

What to do, two essays are waiting to be completed and I’m so avoiding them. 

Enjoy the rest of your holiday peeps!


14 Responses to “Barcelona”

  1. natte Says:

    weeeee glad u njoyed the trip! looks like u guys had fun! Kabul Hostel ek??? humm.. if we ever go there, I would definitely look up this hostel. how many did u guys spend on food?? hahaha but im sure no regrets ey?
    ohhhh now i so wanna go travel2 byk2… but then.. exam tu mcm sgt around the corner… what to do??

    nways, take care jid! hope u’ll njoy the rest of ur easter hols!!! 😉

  2. erin Says:

    weeee bestnyerrr…patutla lama tak updet 😛 take care munchkins..alang is on her way back at the mo

  3. erin Says:

    hope to see u soon too~!! xxx

  4. diNa Says:

    i nak gi barcelona gak! the food looks sooooo goood.. is that paella or tortilla in the pan? ape2 pun sure sedap la kan. ntah bile la nak pegi, no money no time 😦 nyways glad u had a nice triip 🙂

  5. foy Says:

    hehe..still buzzing from the trip…teringat at the ice creams…and the waffle..good times..paella was good..although i would prefer our own nasi goreng kampung…

  6. maisarah Says:

    Barcelona is the best! Seafood kat situ sangat murah dan sedap dan banyak! K.Jid pegi sana makan je ke? Hehehe. I miss La Rambla!

  7. jido Says:

    natte – travel after exam can… Since u dah kahwin, boleh la opt for an en suite room for just the two of u. we stayed in a small dorm with 8 others. agak claustrophobic la. but strategically, very cuns! good luck with revision!!!!

    erin – soon…sob sob. give it 4 more months. hehe.

    dina – that’s paella in our pans. sampai naik rashes i dibuatnya! hehe. belasah je. u’ll be here for the next few years kan? sempat merasa iA. 😉 xxxxx

    foy – pasta n pizza kat italy, jom. hehehe.

    mai – macam tu la nampaknye. mmg asyik makannnn je. hehe. U know what, we saw a naked man (old at that!) covered only in tattoos kat La Rambla on our last day. grosss.

  8. K Shima Says:

    Hello, where r u now? When r u going to vienna? I’ll be at mama’s place till the end of the week. My house is under renovation. Boleh online mlm2. Ok, u take care.

  9. fizz mcyummy Says:

    ur anak buahs mmg poser ok!
    tp cute banget…blaja from ko la tu!
    thanks again!

  10. jido Says:

    K.shim – Kita tido laaa. tutup laptop, tak online. Jid gi vienna hari khamis. Nanti online buzz me ok! Talk soon!!!

    fizz mcstressy – hehe. sorry! mmg sgt la poser masing2. what to do. it’s hereditary. we’re a cursed poser bunch. hehe.

  11. alysha Says:

    Hye Jid, glad to see you tried the Paella de marisco, muy buenno no?!Haiya Foy, paella and nasi goreng is like langit and bumi 😉 It wud have tasted better if they cooked it on orange wood.

    Yeah, when ure at those kinda countries, its good to splurge on the local cuisines cos it won’t taste as good in places like La Bodega,etc.

    Had experience in a 12 beds dorm in Rome, there was this italian bacin in his underwear, terbulging2.Yucks!

    And I have to agree with the friendliness. They’re warm, just like their weather; wherelse it’s slightly cold in the fashion city, Paris. In Germany, even worse. The italians pulak were said to be the Parias of Europe, which is true.I wud have enjoyed Paris if i was with my significant other.

    Wanna c more pics but ive deleted my Friendster..

    Btw, comelnya ur niece & nephew…

  12. denise Says:

    cute gilerr jid!!! err the kids i mean.. haaha.. kidding! n u too laaa..

  13. jido Says:

    k.alysha – hahahha. the italian bacin, kelakar la. my dorm haritu ada sorang ni berdengkur sampai jid tak leh tido. the next day, the whole dorm bangun lambat!!!! anyway k.alysha, u can view the pics on my facebook (u don’t have to sign up to view the pics if u go this link)

    denise – haha. of course lah mereka. makcik dia dah besar panjang. hehe.

  14. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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