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Daisy Rhaun April 30, 2007

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The prospect of graduating is scaring me.  I don’t know, I don’t know.   There are so many things that I look forward to but at the same time I’m just scared of the changes that will take place that I will have to adjust to.  If I can just stop thinking of the future that has already been fixed for me and just live the moment!!!  Isy.

And don’t even get me started on the prospect of sitting for my final exam in a month’s time.  Just when the hell is the uni going to publish the exam timetable??  It not being published is undermining the imminentness of exams, dammit.  Officially, exam period begins on the 29th of MAY.  I have one provisional date for one of the papers I’m taking.  5th of june.  But that’s all.  I need to know when Company law is happening so that I can start shitting my pants and just get on with the program.

Oh dear, I need to chill.  Last week, whilst chilling, Sherot and I created a few rather interesting anagrams of our names.  The nicest constructed out of mine was….. Daisy Rhaun.  He he hee,  Daisy Rhaun the Randy Shaui – sounds like it’s explicit material je.  Thought of creating a new blog under that name so that I could blog anonymously, but no way lah that’s going to happen.  Simply don’t have the time and energy.  Noor Shahira, I don’t reckon u’re going to create a blog under the name of Haris Horono anytime in the future are u?  so, takpe la aku publicise eh.  hehe. 

Ok, m’afraid Ms. Daisy Rhaun is already tired and needs to retire to bed so that she could get ready for her show, the Randy Shaui tomorrow,  happening at uni.  Entrance is free so long as u bring Ms. Daisy lunch for her lunchbreak.  Teehee.  Not faaaaneeeeee la Daisy!

Alright, normal Nursyahida is signing off now.  G’nite!


Funny vids April 28, 2007

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Phuhhhhh.  Blowing off dust over blog.

Just here to give u a few links to, what i think are, some of the funniest videos on youtube that I have come across so far.  Sherot discovered the first one.  They’re just so damn faaaaaaniiii, I watch them practically everyday.





Silly illy billy! April 18, 2007

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Yesterday I ran with all my heart, like a madwoman on steroids, from my place to uni so that I could hand in my assignment before the school office actually closed.  It was 3.50 pm and the school office usually closes at 4.00!!!!  Since it was 3.50 pm, most of the ppl were actually walking towards the halls.  I, on the other hand, was making a fool out of myself  running, again, like a madwoman with my scarf flailing about, holding my assignment in one hand like it was a torch and that I was running for the olympics, towards the uni.   I swear I’ve never ran that hard.  Lungs burning, heart beating like crazy, and legs at a speed that was already uncontrollable that if I were to hit a wall, the wall would actually break.  ecehh. 

I was beyond breathless when I reached the front desk of the school office at 3.56 sharp.  The nice lady there smiled at me sympathetically, waited for me to regain composure AND hearing (my word, my ears were ringing!) and then said, “We close at 4.30 today, dear.” 

I was like, “WHaaattttt?!?!”  The guy behind me had the same reaction too.  “To think that I had ran all the wayyyy.”  But I just laughed it off.  The nice lady said, “It’s alright.  We like our students to keep fit!” 

So much for being fit.  I coughed like crazy all the way back from uni to my room. 

And today, I was in the ISS workstation, getting ready for my dissertation presentation at 4.00 pm when I discovered a note in my bag that says:

                          “Presentation – 3.30 pm, Room 2007, Building 4.”

Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was at 4.30!  Called Foy to calm myself and he was as much in disbelief as I was.  Deep shit, man.  Like, really.  The presentation counts for 5% of my diss mark.  Above anythingelse, I seriously don’t wanna lose that 5% over not trying to make it.  Went to see the Director of Student Affairs and phewwwwwhhh!  She re-scheduled me for another session that will be on FRIDAY, 1.00 PM/13:00 hrs.  

What the duck is wrong with me??!!!???!  Ugghh, it’s been a long week and I seriously can’t wait till it’s Fridayy.

Anyhoo, can’t be arsed to properly write about Vienna n Salzburg.  Have uploaded photos on facebook.  Non-facebookers can still view them.  Click here for SAlzburg and here for Vienna.       

Other than that, I’m going to go pengsan for a bit.  Sekian!


blabla April 9, 2007

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Oh my good God!  I just discovered more pictures of Aiman n Aneesa from the photoshoot done by K.Zubye that I mentioned a couple of posts before this.  The photos are simply, simply superb!!!  Beyond superb actually.  If you’d like to see them, go here.  (Kalau tak tengok, rugi!)

By the by, I just got back from my trip to Salzburg n Vienna.  All I can say is that, “You must go to Salzburg and Vienna!!!!!”.  I’ve never been to a place that is as beautiful as Salzburg.  And the palaces in Vienna.  Adoiiiii!  Cantik nye teramatlah sangat!  The desserts there are superb too.  I wanna update more but my mind is on my essay right now.  I’m typing this so fast that I think the keys on the board are going to fly off the laptop any minute now.  I’ll put up pics later on in the week ok!  Have to, have to finish my work before Foy’s sister n her friend come down to visit us during the weekend.  So, enjoy the pics of my nephew n niece!  xxxxxxxxxxx


OMG! April 2, 2007

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I need to rush off to the lib!  but I just cannot wait to share with you all the latest pics of Aiman n Aneesa.  Gerammmmmmm!!!!! RInduuuuuuuuuu!!!!  K.lin and K.shima, suruh K.Zubye amik gambar macam ni for Najla, Naimi, Aniq, Aniqah, n Ayra ok! Pics taken from

Arrrggghhhhhhhhh, this makes me feel like buying the next ticket home to Malaysia!



ada resemblance tak with the pic below?  hahhaha.  I wish!!!



A co-ed school is the only place to go for this boy.  Habis corrupt kalau masuk an all-boys school.  Cannot, cannot.


Aneesa in her newly decorated room, which I hope is being used for sleeping too and not just for playing, or posing!  I bet the room is pink all over and says princess on the door.  Who can say no to this girl, anyway?  So, leave her be!


The photographer, Kak Zubye, wrote on her blog that she couldn’t stop laughing when Aiman gave her this pose.  Heheee.


Awwwww!!!!  I bought that dress for her only a month ago.  It fits, yeay!! (K.shim n K.Lin, nanti dress the gilrs in the dresses that I bought them too ok, n show me pics!)

Goshh, I’m still so overly excited over these photos!   Talked to them over the phone just now.  Aneesa says she now wears the tudung to school.  Haihh, comot la tudung tu masa lunch. 

Alright, got to go.  Hope u enjoy viewing the pics as much as I did.  Had sent the link to Fizah earlier coz she has to work till 10 pm today and she said the pics did some good to her stress level.  Babe, jangan jadi workaholic sangat ok!  🙂