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Library – not such a boring place after all! May 31, 2007

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LOL!  I’m laughing so hard, u have no idea.  Sherot was just here telling me about the hottest news happening at the library.  Apparently, revision and discussions have had the effect of making students horny.  There have been a few incidents of library staff catching couples/randoms frolicking about between book racks doing u-know-what.  Haha.  What I would give to catch something like that real life and not just on Friends.  You know, the one with Ross’ book.

You see, that’s why libraries rarely operate on a 24/7 basis.  Our library opens till 2 am and look at what’s happening.  Sex on the books.  Just can’t keep their pants on.  lol.

Well, we do need the extra dose of endorphin to get through this stressful period of time.  Gym or sexcapade?  Hmmm.  Not such a tough choice for those who have a choice, eh?

Whatever keeps you going through desperate times, just do it!  lol.  just do it in private, please.


ANTM May 17, 2007

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A word of advice to those of you who watch ANTM Cycle 8 on Youtube.  If u don’t wanna know who’s won just yet, do not, i repeat do NOT, search for the finale clip on youtube!  Not today at least.  Ada pulak mangkuk ayun pergi spoil kan siapa yang menang the whole thing.  Bengang betullll.  Spare me the suspense, please lah.  Now, takde excitednye aku nak tgk finalenye esok.  Ggggggrrrr!  Marah ni, marah!


Mother’s day tomorrow May 12, 2007

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So, tomorrow’s Mother’s Day in Msia.  Wanted to deliver flowers to mum but found out from big bro that she’s in Muar.  Where la got internet flower delivery to Muar weyh.  Deliver mee bandung, can lah.  So, how? I’m left with no grande gesture to show her that she’s loved and remembered here.  Psshh. 

So much for a grand gesture, my mum wished me happy birthday a week in advance.  “Mama dah tua, dah tak ingat lah birthday2 ni.  Mama wish sekarang eh, takut lupa.” 

Au contraire mum, u’ve never forgotten to wish me on the day itself.  In fact, I usually get a whole week of happy birthday wishes from u.  Thank u!  🙂

I’m looking forward to being 23.  Actually, I’m looking forward to dinner at La Margherita.  Will be having another joint birthday celebration with Sherot.  Have yet to pick out an outfit for that day.  I’m in need of a retail therapy.  I’ll double my effort this weekend and next week so that I can pay a guilt-free trip into town on Friday.  Ok, that’s the plan.  Actually, that was the plan for this week.  But nahh, this week’s effort has been so-so.  Need to work harder for that kind of a break.

By the by, yesterday was the last day of lectures and tutorials.  It didn’t feel as epic like it used to be during school/college days.  😦 Oh well, u’re no longer a kid, what do u expect Jido? 

Yeah, well.  A teeny bit of emotion would’ve been nice.  But I felt nothing.  Probably because there are bigger things to look forward to.  Like……errrr….exams maybe?  Urgh!



Maternity breasts May 4, 2007

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You know when you want to say something but something else comes out of your mouth coz your concentration is just else where?

My maid does it all the time and I just love taking the mickey out of her for it.

She’ll go, “Takpe, letak je baju dekat situ. Nanti K.Ju letak dalam fridge/freezer/microwave.” She’ll refer to every other electrical appliances in the kitchen, except the washing machine. Melatah-latah siap.

So today, we were walking towards the cinema to see Spiderman 3, which by the way is very comical, corny, and merepek tahap hanjing, when we passed Mothercare along way that I said to Foy:

“Eh, I kena pergi Mothercare nanti. K.shima pesan suruh belikan dia maternity breasts.” …………………………………………………………………

When I meant to say nursing bras.

Muka Foy masa tu. Sukanya dia aku salah cakap. “Maternity breasts? Maternity breasts? Ada implant for that now eh.

Yes, I suppose so. They put in milk instead of silicone, Foy. *Bluekkkkkkk*


It’s a girl! May 2, 2007

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Yet Again! Wiuwiuwiu. My sister safely gave birth to her fourth this morning, 2nd of May. *Alhamdulillah*

This blog welcomes Khayrin Arissa Khan to the world. This wish is of course meaningless to everyone else but me. Hehe. My mum told me that my sis really didn’t want the baby to come out on the 1st of May coz if it did my sis would be charged twice the amount of the delivery coz it was Labour Day in Malaysia. Kelakar lah. Nak beranak on public holiday ni bukan murah gamaknye. Kesian mak, kena tahan. hehe. Habis, Merdeka baby tu semua macam mana?

So, I called to congratulate her. Apparently, she was discharged from the labor room just a few minutes before I called. I was surprised coz her voice sounded normal, like she hadn’t just been pushing a human being out of her vajayjay.

“Hey, suara macam belum lepas beranak je? Bertenaga je bunyi.”

“Haihh, nak lembik cemana lagi? Ni dah ngantuk dah ni. Baru je keluar labor room.”

Relax je kakak aku sorang ni. Suara macam baru lepas masak/buat kek/balik kerja/ basuh baju je.

Khayrin Arissa, according to my mum, “rupa Mat Salleh habis, Jid.” hehehe. Kalau dah Khan kat belakang tu mestila mancung, Ma. Dah la kitorang Jawa campur Cina. Memang la kalah ngan Pakistan campur Arab.

So, here’s to another addition to the family, who will no doubt be as detached to me as the the other two who were born while I’m here doing my degree and who I will have to bribe with lots of sweets/ice cream/toys for a kiss and a hug. Can’t wait!