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Bath trip June 24, 2007

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Hehe. seronok betul buat slides ni. I’ve never tried this before, best aah! Here are a few pics from my trip to Bath. Have uploaded them on facebook if u wanna see more.


Time for self June 21, 2007

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*taking a breather*

Like seriously, I haven’t had a proper and enough me-time since exams finished almost two weeks ago.  Not complaining, I love being up and about too.  But I also love that I can be in my nightie at 3 in the afternoon and that I had my breakfast at 1 today, which consisted of asam pedas and sambal ikan bilis petai from Tuesday’s left-over.   Man, that was one hell of a big cook-out for Foy’s friends, who I can say have become my friends too.  I love that I click with them like that.  We went to Bath and Bournemouth.  Bath is a stark contrast to Southampton.  It’s so cantik!  It was my second trip to Bournemouth, but this time we came prepared.  Brought along bamboo mats, towels, snacks, and extra clothing.  I didn’t wanna get myself wet though, what with the tudung and all.  So, spent my time reading a magazine and chillin under the occasional sun.  Mmg a bit unfortunate coz weather was a bit unpredictable yesterday.  Sekejap sunny, sekajap windy, sekejap rainy.   But hey, biasa la.  Macam mana nak control weather kan.  So we just had our fun at the beach regardless of what the weather was like.

Had to decline the boys’ invite to golf today coz I just wanted to not shower and sit in front of my laptop listening to grey’s and friends while browsing through the net.  I also need to start packing coz the shipping guy is coming to get my stuff on Saturday.  Oh man!  Tonight there’s a doa selamat gathering for a friend’s mum who is about to undergo a serious operation tomorrow.  Let’s all pray for her, to all who know about it.

Isy, malasnya nak mandi.

Oh, oh, I found the perfect pancake recipe on the other day.  have made them four times already.  One time, for dinner!  The recipe makes very fluffy and golden pancakes, sukeee!   The recipe is hereI can tell you it’s way better than betty crocker and all those instant pancake mix.  Must try!  


Wish I could upload pics from Bath and Bournemouth now but the photos are with Foy.  Will do that later.  Alright, need to muster all the will i have to drag myself into the shower.  One step at a time!


Post-exam situation is severe! June 12, 2007

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Basket dah tak muat baju dah melimpah atas lantai…

And I can’t believe I’ve let two sets of visitors into my sty since exams finished the other day.

Ronggeng tak ingat dunia, mengucap aku.

Finished exam on Sat at 1 and was swept straight away to Pizza Express, ShakeAway, and then Portsmouth. Ordered Maltesers Milkshake at Shakeaway. Pergh, sugar-high gua. Couldn’t bring myself to finish it coz it was just way too sweet for my liking plus, gile kau naik satu size kalau habiskan. Serious. Foy’s BFF, Atok, was the only one who managed to finish off his m&ms and hershey’s cookies & cream m-shake. Giler ahh. Then, came retail therapy at Portsmouth. Couldn’t have celebrated end of exams better than that.

Went shopping with Van on Sun. Had a mini-orgasmic seating of Ocaen’s 13 after that. Pitt and Clooney, don’t care if ppl think that their handsomenesses are overrated (they are so not!), mmg handsome terbabas terguling! Yowzaa. Fell asleep smiling.

On Monday, woke up at 8 and hurried to the supermarket to buy stuff for a small bbq for friends coming fr londonium. Dengan tak mandi, sempat gosok gigi n basuh muka je, mengangkat seberat2 barang from bus stop to halls. Foy helped for the next round of shopping. Marinated stuff, cooked chinese fried rice, made dessert, n bla bla bla. Only had enough time to pray, maka berlengas lah beta sepanjang hari. When Hana arrived, warned her that hug-hug kiss-kiss was a no-no. kui kui. But all turned out great, it was a very chill-out affair, i like the very much. Excuse my tak mandi face please, thanks.



That’s my guitar btw, lawa kan? 😉



Tomorrow, need to dress up like mega dress up for this pre-gradball dinner with the omputehs. Aihhhh, times like these mmg serious malas gile nak buat apa2, even make-up, which I usually love doing. K.Aishah, u have breakfast at TiffaJid’s tomorrow, just to remind u. hehe. I doubt u’ d forget, just wanna include u as one of my main agendas for tomorrow. 🙂

Ok, it’s late already, but laundry room is still open. Nak buat laundry ke tak haaa? Ahhhhhh! I cannot give a damn!!!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh June 5, 2007

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Finally, I’ll be sitting for my exams June 4, 2007

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Last night in bed, mid-way of reciting what was supposed to be the prayer before going to sleep i realised that i had just recited the “doa sebelum belajar”.  Aissyyy, haru.

My first exam is tomorrow.

Harap2nye takde la terbaca doa sebelum tidur pulak sebelum exam.  Selamat.

Ya Allah, tenangkanlah hati ini dan permudahkan lah urusanku pada hari esok.  Amin.

On a different note, to K.sher.  Happy 24th Birthday!  it’s not yet the 5th here, but it sure is already in Shah Alam.  So, Happy Birthday!  Hope u have a wonderful day at work! 😉