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Finally, I’ll be sitting for my exams June 4, 2007

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Last night in bed, mid-way of reciting what was supposed to be the prayer before going to sleep i realised that i had just recited the “doa sebelum belajar”.  Aissyyy, haru.

My first exam is tomorrow.

Harap2nye takde la terbaca doa sebelum tidur pulak sebelum exam.  Selamat.

Ya Allah, tenangkanlah hati ini dan permudahkan lah urusanku pada hari esok.  Amin.

On a different note, to K.sher.  Happy 24th Birthday!  it’s not yet the 5th here, but it sure is already in Shah Alam.  So, Happy Birthday!  Hope u have a wonderful day at work! 😉


12 Responses to “Finally, I’ll be sitting for my exams”

  1. diNa Says:

    good luck jid! u’ll love the feeling after the last paper, indescribable!

  2. foy Says:

    good luck sayang…wishing u all the best!!..

  3. aishah Says:

    Good luck, jido! Tak mo kacau before ur exams. Im sure it will all go well 🙂

  4. natte Says:

    good luck jidonsss!! i know u can do it!!! aminnnnn

  5. Aidahaz Says:

    Good Luck!!!

  6. fizz mcyummy Says:

    good luck jido!!! all the best eh…
    xoxo =)

  7. jido Says:

    Thank you everyone!! just sat for my first exam. they say, pray for the best, expect the worst!

    K.Aishah – I habis 9th june! Nnt I kacau u. Tungguuuuuu.

  8. shera Says:

    good luck jid!!!
    i thot ur exams ended on my bday?
    baru nak start eh?

    i know, u can do it!
    sapelah yg x kenal jid nih..hehehe

  9. shera Says:

    err…THank YOu 4 d bday wish @ ur blog 🙂

  10. sherot Says:

    jidddddddddd…aku nak exam jugakkkkkkkk..wuuu

  11. lisa Says:

    h0pe its not too late,
    good luck!

  12. jido Says:

    k.sher – dah habissssssss!!!!!!!!!!! woo hooo!!!

    sherot – takpe, sabar ok. study banyak2. nak apa2 mintak kat aku. biar aku jadi foy kau. hehehe.

    lisa – thanks lisa! never too late!

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