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Post-exam situation is severe! June 12, 2007

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Basket dah tak muat baju dah melimpah atas lantai…

And I can’t believe I’ve let two sets of visitors into my sty since exams finished the other day.

Ronggeng tak ingat dunia, mengucap aku.

Finished exam on Sat at 1 and was swept straight away to Pizza Express, ShakeAway, and then Portsmouth. Ordered Maltesers Milkshake at Shakeaway. Pergh, sugar-high gua. Couldn’t bring myself to finish it coz it was just way too sweet for my liking plus, gile kau naik satu size kalau habiskan. Serious. Foy’s BFF, Atok, was the only one who managed to finish off his m&ms and hershey’s cookies & cream m-shake. Giler ahh. Then, came retail therapy at Portsmouth. Couldn’t have celebrated end of exams better than that.

Went shopping with Van on Sun. Had a mini-orgasmic seating of Ocaen’s 13 after that. Pitt and Clooney, don’t care if ppl think that their handsomenesses are overrated (they are so not!), mmg handsome terbabas terguling! Yowzaa. Fell asleep smiling.

On Monday, woke up at 8 and hurried to the supermarket to buy stuff for a small bbq for friends coming fr londonium. Dengan tak mandi, sempat gosok gigi n basuh muka je, mengangkat seberat2 barang from bus stop to halls. Foy helped for the next round of shopping. Marinated stuff, cooked chinese fried rice, made dessert, n bla bla bla. Only had enough time to pray, maka berlengas lah beta sepanjang hari. When Hana arrived, warned her that hug-hug kiss-kiss was a no-no. kui kui. But all turned out great, it was a very chill-out affair, i like the very much. Excuse my tak mandi face please, thanks.



That’s my guitar btw, lawa kan? πŸ˜‰



Tomorrow, need to dress up like mega dress up for this pre-gradball dinner with the omputehs. Aihhhh, times like these mmg serious malas gile nak buat apa2, even make-up, which I usually love doing. K.Aishah, u have breakfast at TiffaJid’s tomorrow, just to remind u. hehe. I doubt u’ d forget, just wanna include u as one of my main agendas for tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Ok, it’s late already, but laundry room is still open. Nak buat laundry ke tak haaa? Ahhhhhh! I cannot give a damn!!!


9 Responses to “Post-exam situation is severe!”

  1. shera Says:

    jid, ape susah beno nak laundry tuh? haisshhhh..
    cepat make up and post the pics..nak tgk!!! pakai cantik2 k..

    btw, aku baca ko tulis cmpur english BM serius lawak ok..cant wait 4u to come back!! cepat laaa

  2. lisa Says:

    wah sgt gembirenye..
    yeaa i know i know mmg mls gile kn mbuat laundry.
    y not u get urslf another basket bg baju tu x melimpah ruah. hehe..
    n bdw, k.jid, r u sgt kurus? wuhuuu keep it up! ;p

  3. jido Says:

    k.sher – susahhhhh wa cakap lu. i cant wait to go home too. i got ur card!! thanks!! sukeeee!

    lisa – haha. that’s actually a good idea! tp nak balik dah. so, just have to tahan. heh. kurus? statement or question?! hehehe. either way, thanks!

  4. shera Says:

    jid & lisa : susah sgt ke nak laundry? xpaham aku..ahaha..and memang jid dah KURUS. it’s a statement. NOT question..ahahaha..balik cpt!!!

  5. erin Says:

    hey ho jido πŸ™‚ i’m back,SAFE..alhamdulillah and still jetlagged and rasa mcam nak demam.huhu.the weather i guess.dah abes exams ker?coolness!!can’t wait to see u when u get back okei.and yep..u dah BERTAMBAH kurus from before..lemme guess..44??46kgs??:P missh yaa~ :X

  6. maisarah Says:

    aiyoh mmg malas nk wat laundry skrg
    i’ll just wait smpai xde baju lnsg nk pkai
    btw mmg k.jid super duper kurus
    any tips? hehe

  7. jido Says:

    k.sher – kalau balik pon mesti susah nak jumpa. tido kat office la ape benda la. slow down, k.sher! takut ok tgk status ym kau. hehe.

    erin – hey Hajjah kecik! hehe. alhamdulillah selamat sampai dan pergi. can’t wait to see u too! and hellloooo, where la got 46 kilos. i wish! actually, i dont. comfortable with my weight now. someone’s bday is coming up soon. planned anything for it yet?? Xxx

    mai – haha. i pon haritu kes takde baju jugak la. tak kurus mana lah. ilusi optik tu. hehe.

  8. erin Says:

    ngeee πŸ˜€ birthday sape ek?? hehehe..tak plan apa2..shila’s away in china nanti.alang’s not back yet.fiza,no story yet..hmm..u nak bagi i ape2 ke πŸ˜› cepat balik..i nak dengar hot gossips u about ur ehem2 xoxo

  9. jido Says:

    erin – of course la bagi. anything specific u have in mind? gossips about what??? foy? our 5-yr old courtship? dah basi dah weyhh. haha. i will be back before u know it. spare some of your time nnt ok! Xx

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