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Owwwww! July 10, 2007

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Ahhh, another sleepless night it is for me it seems.  Been having gastric pains for the past 3 hours.  Please go away… I need to have enough sleep so that I can look good on Foy’s birthday today.  Happy birthday to you, Mr. Nik Ahmad!  First time celebrate your birthday in the UK kan.  Will try my best to make it a memorable one.  😉

Just discovered that my brother in law has a blog too.  And I am so happy to find lots of pictures of my nephew n nieces on his blog.  Here’s one of my favourites.428054_vutmfgxvkv_vlarge.jpg

I can’t wait to see u again, Aniqah!

When Foy first met my sister and her husband, he was so nervous that he ended up calling my bro-in-law, “Uncle” instead of “Abang”.

Tengah nak salam before balik he accidentally said, “Thank you, Uncle.”  Kwang kwang kwang.  My sister, being the bully that she was (and still is), replied, “Haihh, Uncle???  Fail..Fail..Kita cancel Foy ni.”  hehe.  Sian Foy.

Ahh, I can feel the gastric pains subsiding now.  It should coz I’ve taken 6 tablets of antacid already.  Markon, it’s your antacid…thanks a lot bebeh!  Kalau tak berguling aku atas katil ni.

Time to sleep now.  Maaf dia atas update yang hambar.  Chehh, as if the previous posts are any more exciting lah rite.  Nite peeps!


Stoberi fun July 7, 2007

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The strawberries were good, mmmm. On the other hand, the touching of bad ones in search for the good ones was not. Have had way too many strawberries in one day, I feel sick.


Trouble sleeping July 5, 2007

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Hey, hey…

It’s 5 a.m and I am still not able to enter slumber land.  It’s so annoying.  Am typing away on a new bed in a different room.  Have moved to a friend’s house since halls’ tenancy ended a few days ago.  It’s so nice to be living in a house as opposed to living in a flat provided by the uni – there is a living room for a change, and my room is so big we can all do the chicken dance in it.  Moved out without saying a proper goodbye to Sherot.  Me thinks she is secretly pissed at me coz MSN message saying that I was sorry was not replied to.  Dude, sorry la!  It’s too early pon to say goodbyes and whatshits.  We’ll do it when it is really time to do it ok!  After Japanese buffet at Zen ke (aku ajak kau date ni)?  We’ll declare it the end to an era…haha.

Tomorrow I am going strawberry picking!  never done that before.  I so love the summer fruits here.  They are in fact the things I am going to miss most when I go back to Malaysia.  The other day I bought a bag of cherries that costed me a good 5.56 quid.  Nak dekat 40 hinggit utk cherries, mmg tak buat kalau kat kl.  But not even a morsel of regret from me because oh….they were so divine…..!  Every  single one of them.  Note to self:  get more cherries tomorrow!

Parents are coming in 10 days.  Accom in Londres, settled.  Still have yet to book accom in Venice n Milan.  Ahhhhh….!!  I think I’m going to have to do that now, else I shall be damned.

p.s:  Natte, I read about your phone!  My gadget-fool-self has been eyeing that phone for awhile now coz it’s red, not because of the specs as anyone would expect out of me.  You lucky cow!  couldn’t comment coz tak ingat multiply punya account, biul tak biul.  Nice one!