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The hype… August 15, 2007

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over my first day at work was seriously over! kiri kanan la orang sms, call, tanya camana kerja first day? terharu mak gitu! thank u! my mother just couldn’t contain her excitement ke anxiousness ke (aku pon tak tahu), sampai call berkali2. kalau dah kat office tu (tgh dengar taklimat pulak tu) cemana la kan nak angkat telepon nye.

When i told k.sher that i was planning to commute to office by lrt, she just laughed. aku dalam hati, “takpe, tgk nnt aku naik lrt tu.” Hmmmppphh, mmg betullah orang dah ada pengalaman ni. Mmg tak naik pon lrt tu!!!! Hangat2 taik kuda je. But seriously, I’m taking the lrt tomorrow. Sbb Atok dah takde nak hantar. Foy has the sweetest of friends, like really. Sanggup bangun pagi2 buta, yg jarang dibuat, nak hantar foy (amikkan girlfriend sekali), gi breakfast n hantar to doorstep PNB – and notmaking a big dealout of it.

So, the first day of TRAINING was alright. Not yet working, so I haven’t been delegated with any kind of serious work yet. Therefore, not much to tell really. This will probably change in 3 months to come when we’ll be posted to specific departments for a pre-probation period of 3 months. Then, our probation period will start. Maka, bersabarlah.

Marilah gelakkan Jid beramai2 kerana sampai tak sudah lah nak menyambut Hari Merdeka dengan berkawad. tak cukup agaknya 3 tahun kawad utk school band masa Hari Merdeka. But i guess it’s not too bad, coz we’ll be joining about 180 other staff members of the org. OKlah, if veteran also kena buat, what more us newbies right. Let’s get tanned together, man!

Alright, have to sign off early now. Lifestyle must change! Early whatever, early rise. As my friend has nicely put it, “Welcome to adult life.” note: no exclamation mark. how dull!!


The last Monday-blues-free Sunday August 13, 2007

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I absolutely hate it when I make promises to my nieces and nephews because more often than not, I break them.  Such a bad example to the kids, man.

Yesterday my niece asked me to stay longer and I said I couldn’t and would come back the day after.  You know what she replied?

Alah, Acu tipu.  Acu asyik jalan aje.

Dang!   terkena sebjik.   True enough, I never did pay the promised visit today due to an impromptu ‘house-warming’ish party.  So, she called.

Mana Acu?  Kata nak datang.  Najla dah siap kan pon painting tu.”  (We made a mirror frame out of plaster the day before and I was supposed to paint the thing with her today.)

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.   Distracted her with lotsa questions about the mirror and I was released out of the guilt ride.

Takpe, she’ll understand when she’s older.

I’m all spent now but I’m far from being sleepy, padahal masa drive td tersengguk2!

Natte and Yas… Happy Anniversary to the both of you!  Three years of marriage and still the very THE couple!  Te’, so sorry when I replied, “Berapa tahun eh?  2, 3?”  So insensitive of me!  Trust me, if i’d given myself 2 seconds to THINK, that wouldn’t have  come out of my mouth.  Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow!  Dress to kill la kau, missus.  “MOJ!”


Alo! August 10, 2007

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Sorry! For the long overdue update. Thanks! For still visiting it.

The transit from student life to working life is going well. Am enjoying every minute of the free time that I have now. Sherot and Markon have just left the apartment and I am now waiting for K.sher to arrive. Living alone is not as puffed up as it seems to be in Sex and the City. I’m happy that I get quality me-time for 4 days of the week, that is good enough. Am so glad that I have the company of dearest parents and maid for the rest 3 days of the week. I get to be the independent adult for more than half of the week and the pampered daughter for the rest of it. Of course lah…I simply cannot wait for that other kind of life to start also. Ahhhh, berhenti berangan! Cannot!!! Hehe. Gatal.

Graduation was great, albeit the rain. Milan and Venice were awesome, notwithstanding the heat!!! It was a great ending to my student life in Britain. Of course, I have my ambitions to do it all over again some time in the future. Only God knows kan.

Life surrounded by nieces and nephews is sooooo entertaining! The other day, toddler Ayra said this to her Kak Ida, “Wa nak wash hand tangan!” The concept of language simply lost on the 1 ½ yr old. Pelat dia, lagi lah cute. Mickey Mouse jadi KeyMos. Ice cream Moo jadi ‘Cow Cow’. Ughhh, geram! Her baby sister, Arissa is simply to die for! Everytime I get to see the baby I just simply won’t let her go to anyone else. Sooooo wangi!!!! Pipi dia soooo sedap!!!! Macam nak gigit je kadang2. I wish babies could just stay as they are and never grow up. Bestnye.

The older ones now can carry off really adult conversations, they have taken me by surprise. My sister was asking me how Foy’s doing and so forth when her 5-yr-old daughter interjected and asked, “Acu nanti kahwin dengan siapa?”. I just smiled and ignored her question. And then she said, “Alaaa, jawab laaa. Jangan la malu.” Aihh, nak terjatuh kerusi rasanya. Just who is the adult here? And just how did she discover the concept of bercinta berkahwin ni? Lol.

Their antics can fill up the whole page. I’d better stop now and start on my pancake batter for the long awaited K.Sher! The pancakes are for breakfast of course. The plan for tonight is to binge on Maggi while watching Pitrates Cbn 3 and at the same time catch up with each other’s lives. Multi-tasking at its best. Heh. Till later!