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The hype… August 15, 2007

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over my first day at work was seriously over! kiri kanan la orang sms, call, tanya camana kerja first day? terharu mak gitu! thank u! my mother just couldn’t contain her excitement ke anxiousness ke (aku pon tak tahu), sampai call berkali2. kalau dah kat office tu (tgh dengar taklimat pulak tu) cemana la kan nak angkat telepon nye.

When i told k.sher that i was planning to commute to office by lrt, she just laughed. aku dalam hati, “takpe, tgk nnt aku naik lrt tu.” Hmmmppphh, mmg betullah orang dah ada pengalaman ni. Mmg tak naik pon lrt tu!!!! Hangat2 taik kuda je. But seriously, I’m taking the lrt tomorrow. Sbb Atok dah takde nak hantar. Foy has the sweetest of friends, like really. Sanggup bangun pagi2 buta, yg jarang dibuat, nak hantar foy (amikkan girlfriend sekali), gi breakfast n hantar to doorstep PNB – and notmaking a big dealout of it.

So, the first day of TRAINING was alright. Not yet working, so I haven’t been delegated with any kind of serious work yet. Therefore, not much to tell really. This will probably change in 3 months to come when we’ll be posted to specific departments for a pre-probation period of 3 months. Then, our probation period will start. Maka, bersabarlah.

Marilah gelakkan Jid beramai2 kerana sampai tak sudah lah nak menyambut Hari Merdeka dengan berkawad. tak cukup agaknya 3 tahun kawad utk school band masa Hari Merdeka. But i guess it’s not too bad, coz we’ll be joining about 180 other staff members of the org. OKlah, if veteran also kena buat, what more us newbies right. Let’s get tanned together, man!

Alright, have to sign off early now. Lifestyle must change! Early whatever, early rise. As my friend has nicely put it, “Welcome to adult life.” note: no exclamation mark. how dull!!


10 Responses to “The hype…”

  1. shera Says:

    nyesal aku tak bet ngn ko…yg ko mmg xkan naik train nye..ahahaha

    gotcha 😉

  2. malino Says:

    jid..aku pon rase ko x ley nye naik lrt..hehehe.good luck with the working life eh mkcik..x saba nak tggu menkna n azar dtg..nnt ley lepak n borak pjg2..hehe.yake care mkcik!!!

  3. dina Says:

    i soooooooooooooooooo knew u wouldnt take the lrt!

    but seriously, all the bestla, i sanggup sampai office 30 mins earlier k, rather than forcing myself into a jampacked-mcm-ikan-sardin train.

  4. sherot Says:

    i really had faith in you, jidon, aku ingat ko mmg akan naik lrt, especially lepas tgk lrt station betul2 dpn rumah tu ha. huhu. naik lrt wey, jimat duit!

  5. Kungfu Says:

    The LRT used to be good before 100000 more people decided to take it after the oil price hike. Now it smells like armpits and asses in a can. You should really try it if you want to experience the aroma of malaysia.

  6. ::dx:: Says:

    yahaha selamat berkawad lahhh

  7. maisarah Says:

    hohoho..xsangke jmpe k.jid kt klcc
    seriously x cam
    sbb dh drop dead gorgeous n slim giler

  8. yginsaf Says:

    Oh Malaya! tanahairku, yg kucinta, tanah yg mulia, buat bangsaku, sebagai pusaka..

  9. jido Says:

    k.sher – u would lose he bet now!

    malino – underestimate eh. siap kau nnt.

    kungfu – mmg tak sempat nak sampai office dah bau orang lain. gggrrr.

    dx – selamat. dah hitam n dah putih balik pon. 😀

    mai – isy, terima kasih lah. susah2 aja puji.

  10. Youre precisely right with this blog!

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