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maintenance September 21, 2007

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hello…I’m on my first medical leave today. had a really bad gastric this morning that i thought i was going to pass out. the pain subsided a bit after sahur n then came back doubly painful after subuh. brushed my teeth in a 110 degrees position. decided that i couldn’t do without my antacid, so I buka puasa at 6.30 a.m. banyak la nak kena ganti this year!! went to office nevertheless because the pain subsided a bit after i took the antacids. and then after awhile the pain came back like giler. tp maintain senyum, ketawa semua. yelah, siapa nak layan sakit kat office. at least kat rumah this morning ada kak ju nak urut. went to see the doctor and he gave an MC.

now, i’m anxiously anticipating another hit of pain because that seems to be the pattern today. sakit, ok, sakit, ok.

talked to sherot, the med student, and she said that docs don’t usually give MCs to sickness that can’t be proven. For fever, there’s the temperature as proof. gastric how lah? nak tunggu 10 jam utk i pass gas baru nak kasi MC baik tak yah kan. so, the doctor has banned me from drinking coffee. apparently, drinking coffee is like pouring hot water onto your stomach lining for ppl with gastritis. now i understand why my gastritis went on for a week masa exam haritu. I drank like 2 mugs a day at that time. I resumed my coffee addiction this week because I wanted to stay awake during training. and then today, banggg. been awake since 3.30 am ni. psycho.

I haven’t updated syajida for so long already. what to update? day in day out, benda sama je. but it’s not too bad because the crowd is a nice one. i take the lrt everyday now. considering that i only have to go through 4 stops, it’s really ok. today i drove the car because i knew there would be a lot of merengkuk activities from me. mana la dan nak move2 around in the lrt. sempitssss ok!

i should really learn how to write reports while my tummy is being nice to me. the others are learning that in the office. my first pay is coming in next tuesday. woohoo! my parents have already cut me off their list of those-who-need-our-support. i haven’t shopped for any of my WANTS since my first day of work. am very proud. i’ve only been buying necessities. i hope i can maintain this when there’s money in my spending bank account.