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5 days of bluerrrghhh October 5, 2007

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Ya rabbi, sungguh panjang minggu ini rasanya.  Tak pernah segembira ini kerana hari minggu telah tiba!!!

Updates on my big family.  There’s a new baby boy in the family now!  Happy giler222 sebab dah lama baby boy tak keluar.  My sis-in-law gave birth to Imran Irsyad (loveee his name!) yesterday morning.  balik kerja tak sempat tukar tudung n baju dah keluar rumah balik with foy gi tgk baby kat hospital.  when i came the baby was asleep and tak bangun2 sampai balik!!  and that was after much prodding from us adults around him.  toya je tidur.  geram betul!!  (nurse suruh kejutkan baby kay, bukan kitorg takde kerja nak bangunkan dia.)

Foy broke his fast at my place and my mum was really sweet to have set the menu around our favourite dishes.  Warning:  oversea-ers should avoid reading the following sentence as it may induce excessive salivation.  gua tak tanggung ok.

Kak ju prepared sambal tumis udang petai (foy’s fav.), ketam masak lemak(my fav.), and kari ikan for us.  mmg lauk tak ngam sbb nak cater to everyone’s tekak.  tapi pergghhh…puas!!!  Today, no lauk for me because semua pon kat muar.  malas betul nak masak.  (rindunye masak2 kat uk!!)

Oh yes, sesiapa yang berada di Malaysia.  Kalau ada tengok iklan Pengguna Bijak yang selalu keluar time2 berita, watch out for Aniq n Aniqah in that commercial.  Haritu tgh mamai2 tgk tv, tiba2 terperasan muka familiar kat tv.  terpekik sorang2 depan tv calling out their names.  jakunn.

Training, i.e. sitting down and listening to lectures, is almost over.  By the end of next week we’ll be starting our rotational attachments to six different departments.  am looking forward to the change of environment.  The training program has taught me quite a few lessons.  The most glaring one is that you get judged in everything you do, it’s tiring.  Cara cakap, cara pakai, cara makan, cara jalan, cara tulis, cara pakai tudung, cara berdiri…itu ini semua pon nak kena tunjuk ajar.  n nak tgk pulak macam mana kita buat.  tensi la betul.  Sometimes, certain things are embedded in you that it is hard to change and accept criticisms.  But what the hey, I’m still so young and inexperienced, I have to follow.

I’ve also learned by observation that it is okay to stay quiet and not be as vocal as i used to be.  If i don’t have a question worth asking, i just shut the hell up.  If i don’t have an opinion worth voicing out i just listen to what other people have to say.  Not speaking up for the sake of speaking up is fine by me.  As the saying goes,  “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.” 

Ahh, I want the weekends to stay.  not looking forward to Monday because we all have to present for our presentation skills class.  It’s really interesting but the ppl around me are of really great talents, it’s hard to compete!

Whatever it is, enjoy your weekend!