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Sad November 26, 2007

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Kak Ju is leaving in about a month’s time.  My mum is so stressed out about it we can barely handle it.  Ye la, Kak Ju’s been her arms and legs for 10 years already.  To train another helper is no easy feat.

Haihhh.  I am going to miss her antics, man.

This evening she had asked me to teach her to use the intercom.

“Kakak tekan nombor rumah kita.”

“Haah haah, lepas tu tekan yang bintang tu kan Jid?”

“Bukan2.  Tekan yang sebelah satu lagi.  Yang hash tu.”

“Oh…tekan yang pagar tu.  Okok.  Kak Ju dah pandai dah.”

Aaa…baju kotor dia suruh letak dalam fridge.  Hash symbol jadi pagar.  I love this woman!

Jangan lah balik!


Happy November 24, 2007

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It’s bound to be a wonderful weekend because my third pay came in yesterday. =)

Yesterday’s lunch was exceptional!  Us girls had a big dim sum lunch at Spring Garden.   Sedap gile horror can’t wait to go again.

On Thursday I went to see Federer play against Sampras at Stadium Malawati…and I slept half way through!  What a waste!  Penat la pindah2 floor masa training ni.  Our seats dah la nun jauh di angkasa kan.  Mahathir Lokman pon nampak kurus je from our view.  The match was very entertaining while I was awake.  Sampras was so funny.  Who knew la kan.

I have two laundry baskets worth of clothes to fold.  Uggghh, benci.  Not much has changed, you see.

Finally got to meet Azar last weekend and she gave me the worst Monday blues ever!  The whole of last week I woke up with the feeling of getting an MC, but I didn’t la.  Giler takde motivation.  But now, work is truly piling up.  I have a mock unit trust product to come up with, a deed to revise, and a presentation to prepare.  So so much more entertaining than it was in Research.

Foy and I have to finish our hantaran shopping this weekend, thank God gaji dah masuk!  I better get my ass going before I lose my precious weekend to this couch I’m sitting on.  Till later!!


Sorry!!! November 17, 2007

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Cik Kinut and Sher, and siapa2 lg yg nak/dah  merajuk ngan I…SOrrryyyy!!!!

Macam mana la aku nak break the news kalau tak pernahnye kita borak kat YM/MSN tu kan Shake and Sher?  Sherot tak habis2 ngan tido dia tak pernahnya la kalau aku tegur tu berbalas.  Kau Shake, mesti tgh bercints dengan Adam.  Hehe, alasan!   Korang balik tak winter ni?  Kalau balik btahu!!!

So, let me tell u lah.  I haven’t been that busy preparing.  “Bertunang je” pon kan.  We went ring hunting two weeks back.  It started when we were at Pavillion after a brokers conference at marriott (yeay, at last dah pergi Pav!).  Tgk saja2 je.  Bila dah try satu kat tangan, mula la kan!  The ring fever went on for the whole week.  The next day we went to KLCC and then the next day, the Gardens, and then closed of the week with Bangsar Village and BSC.  Oh, we tried the brownies at Delicious.  It was divineeeee!!!  Anyhoo, in the end we found the ring that both of us like and matches Foy’s budget.

Now, all that’s left to prepare are our hantarans.  Mum already bought a nice songket for Foy at Perhimpunan haritu.  Tinggal nak beli my kain for nikah nak letak atas hantaran and a few other bits and pieces.

The ceremony will be held at my brother’s house yg terkena landslide haritu (before raya).  Omg, masa kena landslide tu mmg kecoh kejap.  Keluar buletin utama, keluar surat khabar, mmg my bro suka la all this limelight.  haha.  Habis selut semua masuk rumah masa tu.  Carpet semua habissss, but we didn’t throw them away. Gi hantar cuci, came back as if they were new!!!  Anyways, now the exterior part of the house is going through some reconstruction.  My bro is confident that the garden and pond will be ready by our day.  He is even more excited than my mum, percaya tak.  Suruh panggil Uncle Onn la apa utk buat a place for me to sit.  Ee, tak kuasa!  But seronok la tgk orang lain seronok kan.     My sisters pon “exited” like that.  The three of us had our first lunch together yesterday.  Their office is near KLCC area, so it’s quite surprising that we’ve never met up for lunch before.  After our lunch, tgk2 jap baju kat ampang park tu (Friday, so lunch hour lama sket).  K.Lin justified her impulsive purchase of a really nice baju kurung (raya dah habis kann!) by saying that it’s for my bertunang majlis.  Yo lah.

I  have a presentation to do this Monday.  Tuesday will be my group’s last day at Research.  Yeay!  After this we’ll be attached kat ASNB pulak.  After that Investment Operations, then Corporate Finance, lastly Corporate Services.  In February, big presentation in front of top management peeps.  Then we’ll be sent to our designated departments.  Everything, I believe, will fly by without me noticing because lepas tunang I can plan my dream wedding to make it a reality.  Beriya ke apa, suka hati la.  I don’t care.  I’m allowed to be.  hehe.

So, there. Jangan merajuk lagi ok.  Boleh la korang beli ticket balik winter ni.  Perasan la aku korang sanggup balik semata2 kan.  😀  Alright, have to go now.  Byee!


Boring la November 2, 2007

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Ahhh, it’s such a dreadful thing to not be able to look forward to a long holiday like during uni days.  Only the prospect of weekends and the exceptionally infrequent public holidays brighten my days.  I want to read my books!!  Been purchasing a few every now and then.  Bersepah bookmark in every book.  Semua kat the first chapter je coz I have no time to progress my reading.  Actually, it’s not the issue of not having the time.  The problem is me not having the ability to manage my time properly.   Plus, I lack the energy that I used to have as a student.

How la to be more energetic?  I reach home at 5.30 and by then usually my battery confirm flat tak boleh onn dah balik.  Semuanya disebabkan oleh LRT yang sempit tak cukup gerabak tu!!!  I will only maintain my energy levels when I have to attend to v.important matters like going to the P.Ramlee musical, where I was brought to Siti’s dressing room(!!) (gambar dalam phone tak jumpa wire usb nak transfer, gambar camera with the Puan Sri who brought me to the musical), or when I have to go to the dry cleaners or supermarket.  Other than that, I will just stay home and sleep at 10.

That’s the routine when my parents are around.  If they are not around mmg takde la nak duduk kat rumah tu sorang2 lama2 kan.  I will hang out with officemates and they will sometimes have dinner at my place.   And then I’ll go to sleep.   TV mmg I don’t watch lah.  Dan tgk berita je.  After that I’d be very sleepy.  Read a few pages from a book and then off to la-la land until the next morning.  Boring kannnnn.

A few weeks back I cooked for a few of my friends.  I was with Foy at Cold Storage and secara tak disangka2 terjumpa cik Rosemary dekat herbs section.  Fresh pulak tu!  Dah buat roast chicken 3 times dah so far.  Sbb jakun jumpa rosemary kat msia punya pasal.  Dapat la jamu raya dioraang.

I still haven’t been to OU.  Pavillion jauh sekali.  The Gardens apetah lagi.  Ahhhhh, i feel olddddd.  NOoooooooo!   I’ve only been to Midvalley once, and oh dear, I hate that place because I lose my bearings once I reach the centre of it.  Shops mana kat wing mana…eeee, mmg la tak reti!  Ni dah tambah Gardens, lagi la sesat.

Tomorrow I have to send/fetch Aiman to/from his taekwando class, pick up clothes fr dry cleaners and my sister’s tepung pelita for her open house, attend her open house, and also my aunt’s and Amal’s.  Sunday, have to run some errands in the morning and then attend the other sister’s open hse in the evening.  And then malam tido and then hell, that is work routine, begins!!

Right, I think for a few months from now or until i finish the training program, I will only be able to express my grunts, complaints, and nothingelse.  Ookayy, I’m going to lie on my bed and read.  Gnite!

P/S: cik kinut.  Grey’s aku baru tgk sampai 3rd ep.  ANTM langsung tak layan.  DH lagi la tak tahu ape dah jadi.  House, Heroes, and ape lagi aku tak tahu pon ada ke tak  lg eps baru.  Sedih!!!! sungguh menyedihkan!  padahal dulu aku provider kau kan?