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After lunch conversation December 10, 2007

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The four of us were advising our officemate on how he needed some new hairstyling when Foy said,

Itu la, aku dulu pon hairstyle lain apa. Belah tengah la ape la.

I replied, “Eh, those were the bad days ok. Seriously buruk Foy. And I stood by you!

Ad and Muzzie dah gelak masa tu.

Gosh, I stood by you!

And then without warning Foy said(!!!), ” Eh, you were fat and I stood by you!

Gelak tu mmg amplified 10x sampai orang dalam office jenguk luar ape la yang heboh sangat. And yet people still keep saying, “Awwww, Foy’s so sweet la Jid”.

Now u see, siapa yang jahat?!!



Imran Irsyad December 2, 2007

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It’s Sunday night again. I barely noticed the week flying by. Tahu2 je rasa this feeling of dreadfulness because Monday is creeping up again. Errrgghh.

Watched Enchanted yesterday. McDreamy was not so dreamy in the movie. The cutest character ever has to be Pip, the Chipmunk. Cutenye giler!!! Sher, I had my first Johnny’s steamboat smalam. Tunggu kau nak bawak aku tak merasa la kan! Sedap ahh, u never mentioned.

Had breakfast with Foy today, and then went to my brother’s place to deliver some Cds. Susahnya nak breakaway from the kids just now. Aneesa cried macam apa je when we left for Pavillion. So, after we were done with our errands of getting kain nikah, perfumeries, and what nots, we came back to play with the kids because Foy felt guilty. Brought them out for ice-cream and then I watched Uncle Foy getting bullied by the kids.  Ahh, the kids love Foy more than they love me.  Sob sob.

Played with baby Imran for a bit although he seems to dislike me because he cries whenever I’m around him. Memang dia tak suka Acu dia ni. Nasib baik Baby Arissa suka i. Kalau tak, down gile.

The purpose of updating ni is to show Sher and Cikkin yang nak tgk muka Mr. Imran Irsyad yang garang betul dengan aunty dia ni. Photos taken by Kak Zubye, who took pics of Aiman n Aneesa dulu tu.



Tenyum la tikittt. issssyyyy.

Oh, funny story my sis-in-law told me. This one time, Najla was watching K.gee change Imran from his diapers. Najla, bewildered, asked K.gee, “Mak Long, Mak Long, apa tuuu?”. She was pointing towards Imran’s ehem. She’s never seen one before coz takde adik lelaki! Puaslah K.gee nak explain kan. How she explained it tak tahu lah.

I’m so tired now but I’m glad I still have the time to rest. A few weeks back mmg my Sundays burn doing what also i don’t know. From now on, I will be confined to my abode during Sunday nights so that I can be fresh on my Mondays.

Hope u have a good week!