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After lunch conversation December 10, 2007

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The four of us were advising our officemate on how he needed some new hairstyling when Foy said,

Itu la, aku dulu pon hairstyle lain apa. Belah tengah la ape la.

I replied, “Eh, those were the bad days ok. Seriously buruk Foy. And I stood by you!

Ad and Muzzie dah gelak masa tu.

Gosh, I stood by you!

And then without warning Foy said(!!!), ” Eh, you were fat and I stood by you!

Gelak tu mmg amplified 10x sampai orang dalam office jenguk luar ape la yang heboh sangat. And yet people still keep saying, “Awwww, Foy’s so sweet la Jid”.

Now u see, siapa yang jahat?!!



5 Responses to “After lunch conversation”

  1. Ad Hazaki Says:

    Hahahhaha, that was hilarious! Padan muka terkena balik kat you :p “Foy mmg sangat sweet!!” ahahhaha :p:p

  2. sherot Says:

    wahaha..cptnye foy punye come back..klaka2

  3. cik kinut Says:

    sweet but at the same time kejam laa foy… hahahaha

  4. shera Says:

    nak kena foy iniiiiii…(takpe,i know how sweet he is)
    if jid can slim down…why dont foy makan byk sket? ;p bagi gemuks sket

    cant wait to see both of u….soon!!!

  5. harayz Says:

    alahai chomei nyer jid..

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