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Happy New Year! January 1, 2008

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Hello, am blogging away from a Coffee Bean outlet in Mont Kiara.  Am here with Foy and his groupmates, who are busy preparing their slides for their presentation tomorrow.  I decided to come along coz I, myself, have a report to hand in tomorrow.  But it’s way too distracting lah.  Baru siap 1/4 page and dah malas.  So, i’ll just blog la ok.

Let’s see.  I took a major step yesterday – bought the necessary materials for my wedding dress!  This is for THE wedding dress alright.  Cuak betul.  THE wedding dress that I have been dreaming of since forever.  It was unplanned.  Mum’s in KL now, so yesterday she decided to settle bits n pieces for my wedding.  I was so not prepared.  But I can’t afford to be fickle now.  Everything’s been paid for, so I must like them all!  It felt surreal when they wrapped me in all kinds of laces yesterday.  It felt gooood~

Anyways, I thought I’d upload a few of our bertunang pics here.  I’ve uploaded a bulk on Facebook, none on Friendster.  Nana, if you’re still reading this, boleh la u tgk.

Eh, why la…I can just publish the link from Facebook ler.  Gyeah, tak yah sesusah upload sini.

Here’s the link ya, to moi engagement photos.

My batt is running low already, got to go now.  Bubbye and again, Happy New Year!