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Ladida February 1, 2008

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I wish I could knock some senses into those people at Carrefour who just couldn’t care to park their trolleys at more suitable places.  I mean really, just why must you place your trolley in the middle of a busy shopping aisle when there’s so much space along the side of the it?  It wasn’t fun doing my grocery shopping on a Friday public holiday – alone.  I should’ve known better but I really had no choice.

Other than that, it’s been quite a fine day.  Woke up to a very cool weather.  Thought of going for a jog but decided to lie in instead, as I rarely get to do that nowadays.

Responsibilities are piling up.  I am now in charge of my phone bills.  Next month, another bill will be relinquished to me – my insurance payment.  With deposits to pay to the wedding vendors, I am quite deprived of the material indulgence that working people usually allow themselves to.  The one unnecessary thing that I bought with my January pay so far is a waste basket for my bathroom.  The old one really needed replacing so it is quite necessary.  Hehe.  I really don’t need to justify that because decorating the house really does give me instant gratification.  Can’t wait to do more of that when I earn a better living in the future, God willing!

Ahhh, I love winding up to a tiring day this way.  Perched on my sofa with my lappy and the TV in front of me.  The one thing missing is a cup of hot tea.  I miss milky non-sweet UK tea.  haha, that sounds weird.  But i really do miss making my cups of tea with Sarah.  Ahhh, speaking of whom.  She seriously is the sweetest and most thoughtful friend I have met in my entire life!  I was caught by surprise when I opened her letter today to find nicely wrapped presents along with a small card in the envelope.  They are my engagement + Christmas card and presents.  Just how sweet is that?  I must admit, I’m quite lame when it comes to keeping in touch, but this time I shall and will try my best to reciprocate all these sweet gestures!

Ok, time to go and get my self clean and comfy.  Will be working on my slides all day tomorrow – fun!  Have a good weekend, you guys!  Mmwahh.


4 Responses to “Ladida”

  1. erin Says:

    hello jiddo.i’m winding up myself on my bed too.esok dah bosan!! 😛 but at the same time if weekdays doing nothing pun surely MORE bosan.hehe.miss u!! xx

  2. shera Says:

    jid, aku sajeeee xnak tanye bape waste basket kamuuu ituuu….hahaha…but cantiksss…so, xpe..hehehe..

    kenapa shopping alone? x sms aku sape suruh? grrrrr

  3. Amal Says:

    ako sajeje nak masuk blog ko …lama gile x masuk… hehehe x sabar nak tgk ko atas pelamin..wuhooooooo

  4. maisarah Says:

    hohohoho congrats k.jid..
    rase mcm dh ckp congrats byk kali di sini 🙂

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