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Tough shit March 20, 2008

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My 7-yr old nephew, Aniq, told a fib about going to taekwondo class and for that, he was punished of no psp for a whole week.  God knows how devastating that can be for a child.  I’m guessing that was his first lie because the story reached the grandparents and aunty.

It wasn’t such a grave mistake.  You see, he doesn’t like taekwondo, but it’s one of those co-curricular activities that kids at his school have to attend.  I so understand why he lied.  He wanted to escape from it.  We’ve all been at that stage where we’d rather be doing anything but going to whatever it was that we hated so much.  For me, it was boarding school.

I didn’t get my way out of boarding school even after dilligent persuasion for 5 years.

No amount of tears could have budged my parents to transfer me to another school.

You don’t like it Jid, tough!
So, when I looked at that little handsome sulking face, all my sympathy went out to him.  But all i could say was, “Welcome to the real world, Aniq.”

And then stories of how my brother was severely punished for taking rm10 unknowingly from my dad came out.  That story is even more sad because my brother had actually asked my dad for some money to buy firecrackers, but didn’t get any.  His friends were all going out to play firecrackers, so under peer pressure, my brother took out the 10 ringgit from my dad’s wallet.

No one wanted to take the blame when my dad discovered his tenner was missing.  So he said, “Lepas bace yassin, siapa yang ambil duit tu perut dia akan jadi buncit.”  Being the scared little boy that my brother was, he admitted that he was the one who took the money.  He got quite a beating, I was told over and over again, to the extent that Arwah Tok who was closest to my brother cried for my dad to stop.

It was out of character for my dad to be that way.  But the lesson must be taught:  STEALING IS WRONG.  It wasn’t the amount, it was the act.  It’s tough love.  You just gotta do it.

So, as much as I wanted to say “It’s OK” to my nephew, I didn’t.