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and…..baccckkk! July 24, 2008

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Hello Lisa! and others too!! It’s been too long! From being a busy bee preparing for her wedding and now already a wife ( i wish the word house was in front that!) busy re-decorating the house and frequenting lol. Life’s been great!

We ordered in pizza tonight as we reached home quite late after our appointment with the ID. Am so excited over this small makeover! Hopefully everything would be ready for rayaaaa. And hopefully, there is enough funding for all these fantastic ideas. Cehhh, fantastic. hehe.

Guess what? My nephew discovered his Acu’s blog. Malu gile!! Can’t believe he’s that grown up to have discovered this all on his own. I told Foy that that was a sign for me to delete this whole thing but he advised against doing so.

I think that’s all the momentum I have for now. Will let u in more on the makeover and married life. Hehe, still jakun! For now, i’ll leave u with links to our wedding photos that i’ve put up on fbook. Taaaaaa!

Nikah photos

Sanding photos

Menerima menantu photo

Photos are courtesy of Ikram Ismail. He’s so good, I swear! Very professional,reasonably priced, and talented! Can’t recommend him enough. Enjoy the pics!!


8 Responses to “and…..baccckkk!”

  1. nadz Says:

    hey jidddd!!!!!nak ckp thanks again for everything!from the tudung to the ayam masak merah to the dalca to the nasi tomato(!)i told sofie n he’s super jealous about it n dgn selamba nye nak ajak i pergi rumah u!!!hahahahhaha ade ke???…serious ok….nwayssss u take care k….hope to see you soon…

    luv ya!!

  2. maisarah Says:

    again..dah lama tau k.jid already got married..tapi malas nk leave comment..a bit bz lately..anyhowww congrats!!!berseri2 giler!

  3. lisa Says:

    hello back puan jid! 🙂
    finally…. a new entry fr u.
    no no dont delete it, nothg to be ashamed of.

    so, welcome back.
    and.. when r we gonna see pics of foy/jid jr.(s) pulak?
    hehehe ;p

  4. shera Says:


    aku xtau pon ko dah updet blog…
    igt terus berkubur..hahahaha..

    keep on writing my dear!

  5. emily Says:

    Salam Jid,
    K.P’zah here, hope u can still tell who. If its ok, this is for your eyes only 🙂 congratulations on your successful weddings, and all the best for the marriage. U look exquisite; i hope i too will look like that on my wedding day 😉 i really like the material of ur kain at the groom’s side, and the colour too! Am gonna show your photos to my guy – just to give him some ideas of his future wife likes! Again, i doakan you hidup bahagia berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. Take care!

  6. emily Says:

    oh terus keluar ke? hahaha!

  7. dia yang x dikenali Says:

    god!!!i love ur tudung!!!mana beli???hehe btw,pls dun stop writing.i just luv reading ur of my faves.congrats dear!=)

  8. jido Says:

    Hello All!

    Thanks for the best wishes…! and for sticking by! Lots of love! xxx

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