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“I want oneeeee!” October 13, 2008

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My maternal instinct screams that everytime I see a baby or a kid that is below 3 years old it’s driving me crazy already. Because frankly i know, neither me or hubs are ready for it. My mum KNOWS i’m not ready for it. During raya in Muar, poor hubster had to wear the same baju raya twice because I only brought the baju of his third baju raya, while the seluar sat nicely in the closet of our bedroom in KL.

‘Macam mana nak ada anak, seluar raya laki awak pon boleh tertinggal.’

Yes, mum.

I know I’m still too selfish to let my sleep be disrupted by a crying baby. I know I still love my weekend mornings too much to wake up extra early to feed and bathe a baby. I know I still curse a tad too much to be a mother (i take conscious efforts to stop cursing on the road nowadays – just in case, lol). i know i still love Foy too much to share him with another attention seeking creature like me.  And i know he too feels all of the above.

So, I guess I’ll just make do with the occasional cuddles i get from my baby nephew and niece, for now. So there, internal self conflict settled. Toodles!


and…..baccckkk! July 24, 2008

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Hello Lisa! and others too!! It’s been too long! From being a busy bee preparing for her wedding and now already a wife ( i wish the word house was in front that!) busy re-decorating the house and frequenting lol. Life’s been great!

We ordered in pizza tonight as we reached home quite late after our appointment with the ID. Am so excited over this small makeover! Hopefully everything would be ready for rayaaaa. And hopefully, there is enough funding for all these fantastic ideas. Cehhh, fantastic. hehe.

Guess what? My nephew discovered his Acu’s blog. Malu gile!! Can’t believe he’s that grown up to have discovered this all on his own. I told Foy that that was a sign for me to delete this whole thing but he advised against doing so.

I think that’s all the momentum I have for now. Will let u in more on the makeover and married life. Hehe, still jakun! For now, i’ll leave u with links to our wedding photos that i’ve put up on fbook. Taaaaaa!

Nikah photos

Sanding photos

Menerima menantu photo

Photos are courtesy of Ikram Ismail. He’s so good, I swear! Very professional,reasonably priced, and talented! Can’t recommend him enough. Enjoy the pics!!


Tough shit March 20, 2008

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My 7-yr old nephew, Aniq, told a fib about going to taekwondo class and for that, he was punished of no psp for a whole week.  God knows how devastating that can be for a child.  I’m guessing that was his first lie because the story reached the grandparents and aunty.

It wasn’t such a grave mistake.  You see, he doesn’t like taekwondo, but it’s one of those co-curricular activities that kids at his school have to attend.  I so understand why he lied.  He wanted to escape from it.  We’ve all been at that stage where we’d rather be doing anything but going to whatever it was that we hated so much.  For me, it was boarding school.

I didn’t get my way out of boarding school even after dilligent persuasion for 5 years.

No amount of tears could have budged my parents to transfer me to another school.

You don’t like it Jid, tough!
So, when I looked at that little handsome sulking face, all my sympathy went out to him.  But all i could say was, “Welcome to the real world, Aniq.”

And then stories of how my brother was severely punished for taking rm10 unknowingly from my dad came out.  That story is even more sad because my brother had actually asked my dad for some money to buy firecrackers, but didn’t get any.  His friends were all going out to play firecrackers, so under peer pressure, my brother took out the 10 ringgit from my dad’s wallet.

No one wanted to take the blame when my dad discovered his tenner was missing.  So he said, “Lepas bace yassin, siapa yang ambil duit tu perut dia akan jadi buncit.”  Being the scared little boy that my brother was, he admitted that he was the one who took the money.  He got quite a beating, I was told over and over again, to the extent that Arwah Tok who was closest to my brother cried for my dad to stop.

It was out of character for my dad to be that way.  But the lesson must be taught:  STEALING IS WRONG.  It wasn’t the amount, it was the act.  It’s tough love.  You just gotta do it.

So, as much as I wanted to say “It’s OK” to my nephew, I didn’t.


Ladida February 1, 2008

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I wish I could knock some senses into those people at Carrefour who just couldn’t care to park their trolleys at more suitable places.  I mean really, just why must you place your trolley in the middle of a busy shopping aisle when there’s so much space along the side of the it?  It wasn’t fun doing my grocery shopping on a Friday public holiday – alone.  I should’ve known better but I really had no choice.

Other than that, it’s been quite a fine day.  Woke up to a very cool weather.  Thought of going for a jog but decided to lie in instead, as I rarely get to do that nowadays.

Responsibilities are piling up.  I am now in charge of my phone bills.  Next month, another bill will be relinquished to me – my insurance payment.  With deposits to pay to the wedding vendors, I am quite deprived of the material indulgence that working people usually allow themselves to.  The one unnecessary thing that I bought with my January pay so far is a waste basket for my bathroom.  The old one really needed replacing so it is quite necessary.  Hehe.  I really don’t need to justify that because decorating the house really does give me instant gratification.  Can’t wait to do more of that when I earn a better living in the future, God willing!

Ahhh, I love winding up to a tiring day this way.  Perched on my sofa with my lappy and the TV in front of me.  The one thing missing is a cup of hot tea.  I miss milky non-sweet UK tea.  haha, that sounds weird.  But i really do miss making my cups of tea with Sarah.  Ahhh, speaking of whom.  She seriously is the sweetest and most thoughtful friend I have met in my entire life!  I was caught by surprise when I opened her letter today to find nicely wrapped presents along with a small card in the envelope.  They are my engagement + Christmas card and presents.  Just how sweet is that?  I must admit, I’m quite lame when it comes to keeping in touch, but this time I shall and will try my best to reciprocate all these sweet gestures!

Ok, time to go and get my self clean and comfy.  Will be working on my slides all day tomorrow – fun!  Have a good weekend, you guys!  Mmwahh.


Happy New Year! January 1, 2008

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Hello, am blogging away from a Coffee Bean outlet in Mont Kiara.  Am here with Foy and his groupmates, who are busy preparing their slides for their presentation tomorrow.  I decided to come along coz I, myself, have a report to hand in tomorrow.  But it’s way too distracting lah.  Baru siap 1/4 page and dah malas.  So, i’ll just blog la ok.

Let’s see.  I took a major step yesterday – bought the necessary materials for my wedding dress!  This is for THE wedding dress alright.  Cuak betul.  THE wedding dress that I have been dreaming of since forever.  It was unplanned.  Mum’s in KL now, so yesterday she decided to settle bits n pieces for my wedding.  I was so not prepared.  But I can’t afford to be fickle now.  Everything’s been paid for, so I must like them all!  It felt surreal when they wrapped me in all kinds of laces yesterday.  It felt gooood~

Anyways, I thought I’d upload a few of our bertunang pics here.  I’ve uploaded a bulk on Facebook, none on Friendster.  Nana, if you’re still reading this, boleh la u tgk.

Eh, why la…I can just publish the link from Facebook ler.  Gyeah, tak yah sesusah upload sini.

Here’s the link ya, to moi engagement photos.

My batt is running low already, got to go now.  Bubbye and again, Happy New Year!


After lunch conversation December 10, 2007

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The four of us were advising our officemate on how he needed some new hairstyling when Foy said,

Itu la, aku dulu pon hairstyle lain apa. Belah tengah la ape la.

I replied, “Eh, those were the bad days ok. Seriously buruk Foy. And I stood by you!

Ad and Muzzie dah gelak masa tu.

Gosh, I stood by you!

And then without warning Foy said(!!!), ” Eh, you were fat and I stood by you!

Gelak tu mmg amplified 10x sampai orang dalam office jenguk luar ape la yang heboh sangat. And yet people still keep saying, “Awwww, Foy’s so sweet la Jid”.

Now u see, siapa yang jahat?!!



Imran Irsyad December 2, 2007

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It’s Sunday night again. I barely noticed the week flying by. Tahu2 je rasa this feeling of dreadfulness because Monday is creeping up again. Errrgghh.

Watched Enchanted yesterday. McDreamy was not so dreamy in the movie. The cutest character ever has to be Pip, the Chipmunk. Cutenye giler!!! Sher, I had my first Johnny’s steamboat smalam. Tunggu kau nak bawak aku tak merasa la kan! Sedap ahh, u never mentioned.

Had breakfast with Foy today, and then went to my brother’s place to deliver some Cds. Susahnya nak breakaway from the kids just now. Aneesa cried macam apa je when we left for Pavillion. So, after we were done with our errands of getting kain nikah, perfumeries, and what nots, we came back to play with the kids because Foy felt guilty. Brought them out for ice-cream and then I watched Uncle Foy getting bullied by the kids.  Ahh, the kids love Foy more than they love me.  Sob sob.

Played with baby Imran for a bit although he seems to dislike me because he cries whenever I’m around him. Memang dia tak suka Acu dia ni. Nasib baik Baby Arissa suka i. Kalau tak, down gile.

The purpose of updating ni is to show Sher and Cikkin yang nak tgk muka Mr. Imran Irsyad yang garang betul dengan aunty dia ni. Photos taken by Kak Zubye, who took pics of Aiman n Aneesa dulu tu.



Tenyum la tikittt. issssyyyy.

Oh, funny story my sis-in-law told me. This one time, Najla was watching K.gee change Imran from his diapers. Najla, bewildered, asked K.gee, “Mak Long, Mak Long, apa tuuu?”. She was pointing towards Imran’s ehem. She’s never seen one before coz takde adik lelaki! Puaslah K.gee nak explain kan. How she explained it tak tahu lah.

I’m so tired now but I’m glad I still have the time to rest. A few weeks back mmg my Sundays burn doing what also i don’t know. From now on, I will be confined to my abode during Sunday nights so that I can be fresh on my Mondays.

Hope u have a good week!


Sad November 26, 2007

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Kak Ju is leaving in about a month’s time.  My mum is so stressed out about it we can barely handle it.  Ye la, Kak Ju’s been her arms and legs for 10 years already.  To train another helper is no easy feat.

Haihhh.  I am going to miss her antics, man.

This evening she had asked me to teach her to use the intercom.

“Kakak tekan nombor rumah kita.”

“Haah haah, lepas tu tekan yang bintang tu kan Jid?”

“Bukan2.  Tekan yang sebelah satu lagi.  Yang hash tu.”

“Oh…tekan yang pagar tu.  Okok.  Kak Ju dah pandai dah.”

Aaa…baju kotor dia suruh letak dalam fridge.  Hash symbol jadi pagar.  I love this woman!

Jangan lah balik!


Happy November 24, 2007

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It’s bound to be a wonderful weekend because my third pay came in yesterday. =)

Yesterday’s lunch was exceptional!  Us girls had a big dim sum lunch at Spring Garden.   Sedap gile horror can’t wait to go again.

On Thursday I went to see Federer play against Sampras at Stadium Malawati…and I slept half way through!  What a waste!  Penat la pindah2 floor masa training ni.  Our seats dah la nun jauh di angkasa kan.  Mahathir Lokman pon nampak kurus je from our view.  The match was very entertaining while I was awake.  Sampras was so funny.  Who knew la kan.

I have two laundry baskets worth of clothes to fold.  Uggghh, benci.  Not much has changed, you see.

Finally got to meet Azar last weekend and she gave me the worst Monday blues ever!  The whole of last week I woke up with the feeling of getting an MC, but I didn’t la.  Giler takde motivation.  But now, work is truly piling up.  I have a mock unit trust product to come up with, a deed to revise, and a presentation to prepare.  So so much more entertaining than it was in Research.

Foy and I have to finish our hantaran shopping this weekend, thank God gaji dah masuk!  I better get my ass going before I lose my precious weekend to this couch I’m sitting on.  Till later!!


Sorry!!! November 17, 2007

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Cik Kinut and Sher, and siapa2 lg yg nak/dah  merajuk ngan I…SOrrryyyy!!!!

Macam mana la aku nak break the news kalau tak pernahnye kita borak kat YM/MSN tu kan Shake and Sher?  Sherot tak habis2 ngan tido dia tak pernahnya la kalau aku tegur tu berbalas.  Kau Shake, mesti tgh bercints dengan Adam.  Hehe, alasan!   Korang balik tak winter ni?  Kalau balik btahu!!!

So, let me tell u lah.  I haven’t been that busy preparing.  “Bertunang je” pon kan.  We went ring hunting two weeks back.  It started when we were at Pavillion after a brokers conference at marriott (yeay, at last dah pergi Pav!).  Tgk saja2 je.  Bila dah try satu kat tangan, mula la kan!  The ring fever went on for the whole week.  The next day we went to KLCC and then the next day, the Gardens, and then closed of the week with Bangsar Village and BSC.  Oh, we tried the brownies at Delicious.  It was divineeeee!!!  Anyhoo, in the end we found the ring that both of us like and matches Foy’s budget.

Now, all that’s left to prepare are our hantarans.  Mum already bought a nice songket for Foy at Perhimpunan haritu.  Tinggal nak beli my kain for nikah nak letak atas hantaran and a few other bits and pieces.

The ceremony will be held at my brother’s house yg terkena landslide haritu (before raya).  Omg, masa kena landslide tu mmg kecoh kejap.  Keluar buletin utama, keluar surat khabar, mmg my bro suka la all this limelight.  haha.  Habis selut semua masuk rumah masa tu.  Carpet semua habissss, but we didn’t throw them away. Gi hantar cuci, came back as if they were new!!!  Anyways, now the exterior part of the house is going through some reconstruction.  My bro is confident that the garden and pond will be ready by our day.  He is even more excited than my mum, percaya tak.  Suruh panggil Uncle Onn la apa utk buat a place for me to sit.  Ee, tak kuasa!  But seronok la tgk orang lain seronok kan.     My sisters pon “exited” like that.  The three of us had our first lunch together yesterday.  Their office is near KLCC area, so it’s quite surprising that we’ve never met up for lunch before.  After our lunch, tgk2 jap baju kat ampang park tu (Friday, so lunch hour lama sket).  K.Lin justified her impulsive purchase of a really nice baju kurung (raya dah habis kann!) by saying that it’s for my bertunang majlis.  Yo lah.

I  have a presentation to do this Monday.  Tuesday will be my group’s last day at Research.  Yeay!  After this we’ll be attached kat ASNB pulak.  After that Investment Operations, then Corporate Finance, lastly Corporate Services.  In February, big presentation in front of top management peeps.  Then we’ll be sent to our designated departments.  Everything, I believe, will fly by without me noticing because lepas tunang I can plan my dream wedding to make it a reality.  Beriya ke apa, suka hati la.  I don’t care.  I’m allowed to be.  hehe.

So, there. Jangan merajuk lagi ok.  Boleh la korang beli ticket balik winter ni.  Perasan la aku korang sanggup balik semata2 kan.  😀  Alright, have to go now.  Byee!