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Biatch April 30, 2006

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You just can't win with the British weather now, can you? It's lovely out there, but it's steaming in my room. In winter, it was freezing cold, be it indoor or outdoor. I prefer my own version of a sauna here, so I won't complain more. Sarah, how have you managed to live here all your life? @#$%^&*

You know it's spring when people start having bbq parties and they start going out wearing flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops like it's 50 degress out there. We (Sarah, Van , and I) went to one yesterday. Nic's bbq party was full with girls from her cheerleading squad. It was very entertaining to see a real-life version of 'Bring It On',to quote one of them "only we're not as pretty and as good as them, but the bithchiness of the whole thing is all the same". hahahahahha. very true indeed. funny and mean stories about a girl having the worst B.O and how they had to gag all the while she was being thrown about in the air, discussions on whether the other girl was smaller or bigger than the other girl, criticisms on the costumes of the other teams, etc, became the order of the day. And these girls are really nice people. You just have to put on some deodorant and be in the same team as they are, and you'll fit in just fine. They even demonstrated some of their routines for us, which turned out to be really funny coz the girl with the B.O wasn't there and so their hands' actions turned out to be more like they were carrying trays instead of balancing a girl on their palms. You get what I mean? Hilarious!

I returned home very full and sleepy eventhough I didn't have any of the meat at the bbq. They served soooo many meat-less food at the bbq. A very thoughtful gesture for the one Muslim and two vegetarian girls who where there. Sarah's now addicted to the vegetable fingers. Have to warn you honey, they are quite calorific for snacking. Haha, like we would care!

What else? Went to see Ice Age 2 on Friday. It was a good movie apart from the fact that we were seated in the same row with some very excited young girls who were desperately trying to impress the guys that were there with them at the cinema. They were laughing like hyenas high on glue or whatever it is that hyenas fancy. NOT a very good strategy. They had the rest of us in the cinema going "Shut up!", "SHHhhhhhh!", and "Oh my God….!", sooo many times. all of that fell on deaf ears apparently. they just didn't stop! Deafened by their own laughter I'd say. OOoooohh, I'm bithcing about now. A contagious quality eh?

There you go Square, your dose of distraction for today. Knock yourself out!


Cheapskate April 26, 2006

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Do I feel like I'm a real law student or what? And it feeeeeels good, man…

One more hurdle and I'll be free, for this week that is. My brain's in shock. It's never had to work this hard before. yes, yes, yes…my essays, all 6000 words are in the school office now. I've only got that test to take tomorrow. don't care about it. don't wanna care coz it's just a stupid test.

what's the point of having a mock exam or a test or whatever u wanna call it, when it's just 5 weeks away from the real exam anyway? if you do well, it's just gonna lull you into believing that you're all set for the exams, when in all actuality, you're not (seriously, who is when there are still 5 more weeks to go?). if you flunk it, it's just gonna further deflate your already deflated self-esteem, how is this supposed to help???. so…to hell with it.

I'm going into town after the test to scout for possible birthday presents coz Foy has already asked me like ten times about what I want for my birthday. Korang bila lagi nak tanya ni?? Haha.

And I can't believe I still haven't come up with an answer. Wow, Jid is fulfilled and satisfied with everything that she has now? Are you kidding me?? Paris Hilton lah sangat. If i told him the truth, he's gonna have to sell his arms and legs for it. PLus, I don't even have the cheek to tell him coz……coz…….coz………..

I only like gave him a Nivea(eeee, takleh ke nak kecik kan font nih?ee, malu malu!) facial wash and moisturiser set, for his birthday last year.The 'For men' range of course.

Yes, yes.. say it, just say it. -kedekut- tak sweet- buat malu je- tak yah tunggu birthday dia pon boleh bagi- "and he made a cake for your birthday?"- Nivea Je?- ya Allah, Jid engkau ni- hehehe-hohoho…- apa lagi, apa lagi? I've had all of that thrown at my face. I have learned my lesson, madams. Never to be repeated ever again!

So yes, a Chloe Paddington bag is what I want. And no, I'm not expecting it to materialise at the doorstep(don't even have one) on my birthday coz that's just plain crazy. So, i'll let u know tomorrow when I've found a cheaper substitute ok?

Just one last sleepless night to go. Yes, I can do it.

Oh, and all the best to those who are sitting for their exams. You can do it, yes you can!


What floats my boat April 20, 2006

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Tension, panic, stress. All assuaged when a fellow coursemate called to complain that she hadn't even started reading/researching for her essays. "Yeah, I'm gonna spend 3 hours tonight to finish my essay." 3000 words in 3 hours? This is not creative writing, hon. This is TORT law, we're talking about. Tort=torture!!! So many issues, so much to read, so bloody difficult to organise and write.

But whatever works for you. What is it that makes me feel so relieved, knowing that someone is in the same boat as I am? It's not as if my essay has suddenly and miraculously reached the word limit by itself after that phone call. In fact, it is still at a mere …. words. Too embarrassing to tell. So, nevermind. Trust me, I will boast of it to the whole world when everything's printed and ready to go into the School Office.

I guess it makes me feel less shitty about myself. Knowing that someone is just as shitty and lousy as I am. Hrrmmm, does that make sense? Alright, let's put it this way. If my boat were to sink, I wouldn't be swimming/drowning alone now, would I? That's what I mean. Monophobia ya know.

Huffs and puffs. Time to row my boat closer to shore now, folks. As we used to say it in OBS,"Aye, aye, sir!". That's about all I can remember. Oh, and "Hold water, hold water!". The manual break of our boat. Buat habis duit PNB hantar ke OBS. Balik dengan kulit anak nelayan je. Chettt!


Little Red dinner bag April 18, 2006

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Never give other people false hope. For example:

" Ma, you want a red dinner handbag right? I've found the nicest one here."

"Really? Very nice is it? How much?"

"Let me see…383 pounds"

The clanging of unknown things. "Where are you exactly??"

"Urmm, Ferragamo."

"No wonder. Cannot lah. Too expensive for a dinner handbag. How much is it again? Eh, cannot cannot.."

I knew I couldn't rely on that "cannot". I really wanted to get her the bag but that would mean throwing away a month's allowance for something which will only be used, say…(depending on how many UMNO events there are)…a few times a year? Hrmmm..

Got a call from her today.

"Abang brought the skirt that you chose for me. Looks like it's for winter only."

"What? No lah Ma. Skirts are for all seasons Ma."

"And that dinner bag, I asked for bright red. The one that you bought is maroon." (Not the Ferragamo)

Subtlety never fails to work. I'm haunted with guilt and remorse for not getting her the bag. Nothing can make up for what I had stupidly implanted into my mom's imagination. Not the skirt, not even the bag. And she doesn't even know what that 383-quid-bag looks like! But I had given her the hope. The hope that I would secretly call my dad and persuade him to get her the bag. That I would team up with my siblings to get her the bag. I should have bloody done so!

No one shall touch that lovely Ferragamo red bag in Bicester Village after this. For I plan to go there after exams to check it out. Please, please, mark the price down by 50%. Please!!!


Bag full of crap April 17, 2006

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Kurang asam sambal belacan. Sudah balik tidak reti mahu call cakap sudah selamat sampai ke, apa ke. Kot2 jet lag pon, takkan lah tak bangun2 langsung, ye dak? Nasib baik lah dia tinggalkan duit untuk kita. Sabar je lahh. Tahu selamat sampai pon, mama yang bagitahu. Orang call tak retinye nak angkat. Hhinnssss!

(Sarah: Basically I’m telling off my brother for not calling to let me know that they have arrived safely. I doubt that he’s reading this but who cares? I’m just venting out my emotions. emosi la sangat.)

The damned flickr only allows for a certain number of pictures to be uploaded per month. So I’ll have to wait for another month to upload more pics.

Today’s been quite productive, I suppose. My mind’s actually working. Whooot! Have decided not to go to the Fun Fair after all, coz I still have so much to do. Damn me for sticking to my old habit of leaving everything to the last minute. What Lel? We work better under pressure eh? My ass lah (for me, i know it works for you). Need to up my gear a little coz I’m going at a rate slower than Mr. Snail. This is a total waste of my time. Sorry to have wasted yours too. 😦



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ACUUUU, JANGAN BALIKK, JANGAN BALIKKK! (Sarah: Don't go!) This has been playing in my head over and over again. Please stop!

She was wailing and hugging my leg, refusing to let go. That did it for me. Like light showers during a rainy day. Vrooosssshhhh. I know that she probably hadn't meant it as much, you know how kids are. But I suck at saying goodbye BIG time, baby. So I picked her up, held her close, and cried along with her. Although my cries were more subdued than hers. "I'll see you in two-months' time okay…" Patted her head, kissed her that big aunty kiss, and put her down.

Ugghhh, those little creatures. They've left my flat so empty now. Talk about hollowness. No more cute little voices. No more cute little faces. No more cute little slippers lying around the kitchen. No more excuses to stay away from doing work!

It was a very sad journey back to good ol' Soton. Foy who knows me inside out let me cry to my heart's content without saying a word. Silence when you need it. Thank you…

Well, at least I have beautiful pictures of them to cheer me up for now.



Love em! April 15, 2006

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I'm sending them off at the airport tomorrow. You get the idea what I'm going through.

I'm going to miss her:

– ecstatic smile and joyful "Yay!" everytime I give her a lollipop. Can u imagine what a sight it was when I gave her FOUR lollipops? Yeap, at the arcade when our points won only afforded us 4 lollies and 10 chewies.

– "oooohhh, air gas!" when I buy her a bottle of Coke. This is of course after much persuading and whining on her part. (Sarah:"air" is water)

– LAUGHTER and hiccups!

– calling out for her Uncle Foy. "Uncle Foy, jangan la pergi main dengan Abang Aiman"

– KISSES!! especially her pecks on my lips. Aneesaaaaa, jangan balikkkk!!!

– comot (stained) face, with lips smothered with chocolate from my kek batik (cake with biscuits)

– and her trying to wipe the chocolate off by kissing me hard on the cheeks!

I'm going to miss his:

– animated expressions impersonationg Jose Mourinho, in his Chelsea bubble jacket. (He was VERY, VERY, spoiled at the Chelsea store. T-shirts, wallet, toys, alarm clock, etc. You name it, he's got it)

– innocent questions like, "Can I take this home with me?" Pointing to Sarah's Frank Lampard's poster on her wall. My reply? : If you want to see me alive the next time you see me, you should know better than to take that poster off her wall. Aunt Sarah will even hunt you down!

– amazement over the discovery of youtube.

– anxiousness, waiting for the cake to be ready. He checked like every 10 minutes.

– energy when it comes to football. Although, at times I could go crazy when he's super hyper. That's where Uncle Foy comes in.

OK, let's even this out and be realistic. I'm not going to miss them fighting over their toys, me, Uncle Foy, the front car seat, and the computer, am I? I'm not going to miss Aneesa's endless cries whenever she doesn't get what she wants too. Nor am I going to miss Aiman's high pitch voice when he's in that super hyper mode. Believe me, simply unbearable. Mar even tried to shut him up by playing the "Who can stay quiet for 2 minutes, wins!" game. Not even 1 minute and he's up and screaming and doing his thang. Good effort though, Mar.

So yeah, I'm good. The past 8 days were well spent with them all. Nothing went wrong and I am very grateful for that. It's definitely one of the best holidays I've had. After tomorrow, it's time to get down with my books. Dammmnnnnn.

Click on the photos.


*Sighs* This thing is so slow lah. Too tired to try uploading other photos again. Have uploaded on friendster. Pandai2 lah. The pics will be in Foy's fotopage later on anyway.